Vitamin B12 is already known to be an essential nutrient, but with at least 10% of the population coming up deficient on Vitamin B12… what’s the exact impact it’s having on their health?

Researchers have pulled apart Vitamin B12 deficiency, eliminating other mechanisms for health problems in their test worms. The results? Being short on Vitamin B12 damages mitochondrial health, and makes the risk of infection for a couple of specific bacteria higher. The research is significant enough that it could change controls for lab—test worms diet (not having enough B12) could be causing other problems, changing results. The research may also end up improving outcomes for hospital patients, helping to reduce some hospital acquired infections through dietary changes.

You can put this information to use in your own life; after all, we all benefit from a healthy diet, and this just illustrates some of the why and how.

A daily multivitamin provides a safety net for all the nutritional basics, making sure you start each day with a nutritional boost that will support your body regardless of your diet the rest of the day. Everyone benefits from a multivitamin, it helps prevent common deficiencies like Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and more.

While everyone could use a little boost, some may need a little more. Those suffering from gut health issues (like Crohn’s) or who limit their diets, and all of us as we get older may experience some decline in our guts ability to absorb nutrients.

Taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to support our overall wellbeing, helping us as we age, supporting the immune system, and making that feeling of wellness easier to reach.

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Make the most of the unexpected. The next time bad weather keeps you home, or there’s a road closure, turn it into a mental vacation. (If nothing serendipitous happens, consider scheduling one). Taking a day off to blow off steam has been shown to increase productivity at work, boost mental health, and decrease your number of actual sick days. Between mental health days, be sure to give yourself the daily support you need with D.S.A. MGRx and colloidal gold.

How do you know when it’s time for a 1 day staycation? Mental signs you need a break include being sick of everyone around you for no reason—including yourself. When you’re giving yourself a pep talk to get through the basics, it’s time to pull back for a break.

If your emotions are out-of-whack and your focus isn’t there, you might need a change of pace. While a mental health day might be enough, you can also ask to change up your responsibilities to help freshen your outlook and renew your creativity for whatever you do.

Physical signs include fatigue and poor sleep. Whether a poor mental state is keeping you up or you are starting your day with dread that’s fatiguing, you might need day without scheduled activities to rest and reset. Sometimes, getting sick frequently can be a sign we need to stop and check in, too. The mind body connection is real, but we often dismiss the problems we can’t see. When we reach the point we’re getting sick more, it’s time to stop and rest.

Put the joy back in your day to day life. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and one day can change the world.

When you’re back in your routine, give yourself daily support. D.S.A. MGRx may help stress, anxiety, and depression using traditional herbs. Colloidal gold may help with focus, memory, mood, energy, and more.

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Flu Still Ramping Up

March 14, 2019

It’s March, but there’s no end in sight to flu season. Experts are predicting that we haven’t seen the peak yet as flu continues to ramp up week after week. Some cities are just now getting their seasonal flu outbreaks and seeing patients swarm into clinics. Keep up on immune support and flu prevention for the next few months with colloidal silver.

While you can’t guarantee that you’ll avoid the flu, prevention is in your hands, literally. Hand washing is super effective at reducing flu exposure. Avoiding sick people is the next step, although harder. Even if you cover your mouth, germs can spread and fill a room anyway, so being around a sneezing or coughing person can still spread illness.

To reduce airborne transmission, keep humidity up. Humidity decreased flu transmission. Then layer in some immune support—at the first sign of flu symptoms, get more immune support from colloidal silver (pair it with a nebulizer for direct support).

Flu symptoms come on fast and hard, but check the list of most respiratory viral illnesses (but are more severe): fever, aches, congestion, coughing, chest pain, and overwhelming malaise. If flu comes to your city, be prepared with protein rich snacks, water bottles, heating pads, and anything else that comforts you. And don’t forget to make sure you’re stocked up on immune supporting colloidal silver.

With colloidal silver, a nebulizer, and a sinus flooding kit, you can support your body against pathogens like the flu, and help reduce symptoms. Make sure you have enough or your whole household, and take some with you when you travel.

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You do brain exercises, aim for 30 minutes a day of activity, and make time to relax—in heat, with sleep, or just decompressing. But are you neglecting your joints? Do we need to be exercising them too?

Maybe, according to some studies. Joint problems are more common than diabetes and other conditions—and everyone is at risk of some loss of mobility with age. There’s a school of thought that we should be taking care of our joints to encourage and maintain mobility, and to ease the tensions of age, arthritis, and other diseases.

Talk to a health care provider about what’s safe for you—besides conditions related to chronic inflammation, some people may find they have undiagnosed hypermobility and other uncommon issues lying undiscovered.

There’s lots of joint care exercise programs, and one could be right for you. You could go traditional, and use yoga to aid range of balance, or you could try something new, like kinstretch. When it comes to joints, don’t jump in with both feet. Start small, and listen to your body. Drink water and plan for lots of rest (and if you’re doing some new stretches, don’t go right into other workouts).

Support your joints with colloidal gold as a daily supplement. It’s reported to help with arthritis and support joint health. Soothe aching joints with Dakota Muscle Relief to get natural, fast relief. And make sure to have plenty of antioxidants in  your diet to support joint health (or choose and antioxidant rich supplement).

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Ease the ache of cramps, sprains, arthritis, headaches and more with Dakota Muscle Relief. Help your muscles relax so you can sleep, soothe pain so you can get through the day, and relieve tension, headaches, and migraines with a rub or a spritz of Dakota Muscle Relief.

With a hot/cold sensation to release pain and tension, Dakota Muscle Relief is a natural way to support the aches and pains we all get. With a short ingredient list you can understand and a more pleasant smell than the more famous alternatives, you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin when you naturally easy pain with Dakota Muscle Relief.

Sometimes aches are from something good, like vigorous exercise, finishing your outdoor chores, or starting a new hobby that uses different muscles. Sometimes aches and pains are just a part of getting old, a creak in your back, growing arthritis, unexplained fibromyalgia, or an old injury that still aches from time to time. Dakota Muscle Relief is a fast, natural way to soothe minor aches and pains.

Dakota Muscle Relief even works on headaches and migraines. For migraines, rub it on your shoulders, up your neck, and possibly jaw/temples, depending on what kind of migraine you get. Since headaches can hit different parts of your head, use Dakota Muscle Relief wherever you think it will help. For tension headaches, start with your back and shoulders. Drink lots of water, and if you can, have a short rest to let your mind and body relax.

Should you get the Dakota Muscle Relief Rub, or Dakota Muscle Relief Spray? If you have an extra set of hands around, Dakota Muscle Relief Rub provides some extra benefit as you can rub hard over knots at application, while Dakota Muscle Spray is easier to do yourself and easier to apply to joints. (For best comfort, avoid putting Dakota Muscle Relief over broken skin).

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