Get Active

January 15, 2019

Physical health doesn’t have to be intense or dramatic. According to a new study, older adults (45 and over) may live longer by just getting up and moving. Ease your muscles back into action with Dakota Muscle Relief.

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As Ebola cases in the Congo pass 600, more complications are prolonging the outbreak. Aid workers have been hampered by conflict in the region, and recent political drama has caused another wave of drama and conflict, as well as an attack on a hospital. With Ebola now in major cities/urban areas, there’s an increasing chance that it will spread to nearby countries (and possibly further).

A few international travelers have already had to be tested for Ebola, but so far it hasn’t hopped on a plane yet. Unfortunately, as the outbreak continues to grow, the risk of it spreading internationally goes up.

Ebola symptoms go well beyond the standard flu-like symptoms that most viruses have, and include red eyes and vomiting blood. Ebola has a high mortality rate (partially because it sends the immune system into overdrive). Ebola is also highly contagious. During the outbreak a few years ago, 1 sick person yielded 2 or more new sick people—often including the treating physicians, even with precautions.

Ebola shouldn’t stress your day to day life, but the outbreak is something to watch, especially if you have any international travel planned or live in a major city.

If you’re traveling, beware the variety of diseases outside the US and be sure to have immune support like colloidal silver. Any travel can stress your immune system and lead to respiratory disease, add in the new pathogens you’re exposed to in new areas and you may really end up with a streak of bad luck.

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Measles Outbreak Growing

January 11, 2019

Across the country several measles outbreaks are continuing to grow, some of which are now the largest in modern history. Measles is back, and here’s what you need to know.

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Flu Still Spreading

January 10, 2019

The number of flu cases is still going up—so it’s expected that we still have several more weeks of influenza to get through. Make sure you’re keeping up best practices to avoid the flu and supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

There’s good news and bad news to go with it; the bad news is that if you’re young, this year’s flu strain is hitting harder. Young adults and children are getting knocked out harder by the flu strain in circulation. That means the good news is that the elderly (those most likely to be hospitalized by the flu) are doing better this year—but they should still be vigilant, as flu can easily cause secondary infections for them and may require more intense care and a longer recovery. This year, those who need to be the most on guard are younger with weakened immune systems.

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Nutrition for Your Gut

January 9, 2019

There are so many discoveries about how important our gut bacteria are, they’re hard to miss. The composition of our gut may be responsible for how long we stay young, if we’re thin, if we’re happy, or even if we struggle with chronic health conditions. The list is going on and on, and as it grows, researchers are taking the next step to figure out how to best support healthy bacteria. Here’s one piece of the puzzle they’ve discovered: Vitamin A. Having enough Vitamin A in your diet can be ensured with a supplement like Deep Ocean Krill or Cardio CVS.

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