Ease Head and Shoulder Strain

December 10, 2019

Right now, you’re reading this on some sort of screen. How’s your posture? Phones are really hard on how we use our back and neck—we lean over and into the screen as we read, watch, share, and chat. And with tablets and laptops more heavily used than desktops, proper computer posture has fallen by the wayside as well. To ease the muscle strain and pain this causes, make sure to use Dakota Muscle Relief.

Roll your neck, relax your shoulders and straighten your spine so each vertebrae naturally rests on the one below it. Keep your back straight when you bend, lift with your legs. There are a lot of habits that can make or break how comfortable our neck and back are. Even what shoes we wear, how we walk, and how we sit impact the muscles—creating knots and tension or relaxation and comfort.

If you’re not getting every little thing right, ease your pain naturally with Dakota Muscle Relief. With a pleasant minty odor (none of the old school medicinal smell) and a hot/cold sensation from a short list of ingredients (not a long list of chemicals like other brands!) you get fast, natural pain relief for aching muscles.

Dakota Muscle Relief is great any time with it’s non-offensive odor, and can help you reach a comfortable place for sleep–easing restless legs and other discomforts as well as neck and back aches. It also works well after other natural muscle support like stretching, baths, and massage.

Pick up a bottle of Dakota Muscle Relief and ease the modern strain that screens create. Soothe sore backs, muscles, and more.

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Better memory. Better focus. Better mood. And a better impact over the mind-body connection. It’s not hippy woo-woo. Your brain needs support, exercise, and attention just like your bones, muscles, skin and other organs. To boost your brain power, start giving your “you” organ daily support with colloidal gold and these best practices!

Why colloidal gold? Colloidal gold is reported to help boost memory, function, mood, hand-eye coordination, and more. Non-ionic gold (like the nanoparticles in colloidal gold) is safe, edible, and may have an overlooked supporting function for our health. Humans have been obsessed with gold for millennia, behaviors like eating off it and wearing it on our skin may have had a silent beneficial effect that fueled our love for it. Today nano gold is a growing part of medicine, although uses are still being researched.

As a daily supplement colloidal gold may help support brain acuity, or it can be used for an occasional boost.

In addition to colloidal gold, study after study that just a little meditation can have a big impact on how well our brain works. Mindfulness meditation, the practice of watching thoughts and letting them go without reacting has (again) been shown to boost learning and memory—with only 10 minutes of meditation!

And don’t forget exercise. Even a short, gentle walk can boost brain activity, creativity, and more.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to help your brain so you can form stronger memories, perform better at work, sports, school, or at your hobbies. Colloidal gold mind support takes seconds, and honing your brain with a mindfulness practice only a few minutes (or incorporate it as a walking practice and use exercise to get even more benefit).

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Ever heard the famous quote about how getting hit by a bus is comedy, but a paper-cut is a tragedy? No matter how small an injury is, it shouldn’t be ignored. It hurts. It’s a source of inflammation. And any cut or scrape could become infected if not properly cared for. To help your small cuts, scrapes, and other skin injuries heal faster, try these tricks!

Are you remembering to use colloidal silver to the max? Not only can colloidal silver be used as a daily immune supporting supplement, it’s got a long and continuing history supporting Burns and other skin injuries. Spray colloidal silver on skin and let dry, or wet the pad of a bandage before applying.

Are you preventing scaring? Moisture helps wounds heal neater, so use a sterile ointment before sticking bandaging. Vaseline is the age-old option, but for more advanced support try MesoSilver Topical Cream. It combines the skin healing support of colloidal silver with other skin supporting oils and nutrients to help small injuries heal better.

How are you putting on a band-aid? If you need it to stay on all day, try this “hack“: 

  1. Cut each sticky strip in half toward the cotton pad
  2. Center the cotton pad on the wound
  3. Criss-cross the strips you made in a double x pattern around your finger.

This will keep the band-aid on a little longer. To avoid cutting off circulation (no matter how you wrap it) just gently press the sticky part down, don’t pull tight.

Are you maintaining wound care? Don’t just stop the bleeding, keep using whatever tricks work best for you until your skin is at the soft pink stage of healing. To prevent scaring and infections, don’t forget about the little wounds! Keep using bandages, colloidal silver, and regular wound cleaning.

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Dry weather, allergies, cold and flu… there are many causes of congestion this time of year. If you’re sniffling, snoring, mouth breathing or otherwise gasping for breath get relief from a sinus flood. A sinus flood is gentler than blowing, more thorough than using a neti pot, and can help relieve thick, deep, stuck mucus.

Congestion is a problem at all times of day. Even if you’re not sick, struggling to breath really zaps your energy. It takes time and focus away from working. And it makes sleep so much harder… making it more likely that you do end up sick! For a safe, natural, and gentler way to get the mucus out, try a sinus flood. 

A sinus flood involves hanging your head upside down, and using colloidal silver to fill the sinuses. This gives you direct immune support to the problem area while giving the liquid time to sink in deep and loosen thick, dry, or just runny mucus throughout the sinus cavity. And you do it twice within an hour to really get the mucus loosened and rinsed out.

It’s less difficult than it sounds, especially if you get a little help. Afterward, most people experience decreased sinus pain and pressure and longer relief than other mucus removal methods (and without the burst capillaries, sore skin, and other side-effects). If you need to make it through the work day, get a good night’s sleep, or just get a break from being congested, a sinus flood is the most efficient and thorough way to get sinus congestion relief.

To get instruction and the tools you need, pick up a Sinus Flooding Kit or a refill for everyone in your household. You’ll have relief ready to go for the rest of cold and flu season.


Flu Activity High and Rising

December 4, 2019

If you’re making any decisions based on avoiding the flu: beware that flu activity is high and climbing. Some areas are experiencing record high flu activity over the last ten years—and still reporting weekly increases. Be aware of your local flu report and stay on top of immune system support with colloidal silver.

Last year was a unique (still unexplained) double flu season with a different strain showing up after the new year. Now, experts are watching flu trends closely to help keep people informed and out of the hospital. Australia’s flu season—which happens during our summer and predicts our own—was bad, so analysts are already on high alert.

Holiday travel often helps spread flu, and so far this year is no different. Usually flu will peak in January, so plan to make immune support part of your New Year’s Resolution!

To help avoid catching the flu, be sure to follow these tips:

Your Surroundings:

-Use warm days for fresh air, especially at work

-Have a thorough cleaning routine

-Run a humidifier to reduce flu transmission

Your Habits:

-Wash hands frequently

-Avoid touching your face

-Sneeze and cough into your elbow

Your Health:

-Stay on top of sleep, nutrition, and exercise for a healthy immune system

-Stay home at the first sign of illness

-Get an immune boost from colloidal silver

Your Knowledge:

-Flu is airborne and a sick person will fill a room with flu germs within a couple of hours

-Don’t let your guard down! You can get the flu more than once

-Staying on top of your health can help you beat the flu faster with fewer symptoms, or even avoid getting sick

-Airplanes are a common source of respiratory illnesses like the flu, so give yourself extra immune support when you travel

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