Peak West Nile

August 26, 2016

MosquitosWest Nile Virus has had all summer to spread (going between birds and mosquitoes then to humans), and people who may have caught it earlier in summer have had time to incubate it and get diagnosed, raising awareness about the disease. That’s all leading into late-August/September, AKA peak West Nile season. Read more about West Nile Virus…



August 25, 2016

Apple a day ManA multivitamin is a little bit of everything-in-one—that means a little bit of support for everything, and a wide-safety net for your diet. While most people have less than ideal eating habits, even those who try to focus on eating a good variety of everything each day might be missing out if their food wasn’t grown in rich soil (and what nutrients you’re getting even varies a bit by region it’s grown in!).

But it’s key to choose a high-quality multivitamin. Studies have shown you get what you pay for—or less, if you’re buying popular brands from the grocery store, which have been caught with missing ingredients by independent researchers. Instead, opt for something like Vita One, which has only high-quality ingredients that are bioavailable (easy for the body to absorb and ready for the body to use) and no fillers, preservatives, or other additives. Read more about Vita One…


Slightly Pink EyeYour eyes are irreplaceable. And if you don’t take care of them, things can get hard to fix (with lots of inconvenience in the meantime). If eyes are so important, why do an estimated 98% of contact lens wearers fail to take care of things properly? From cleaning to safe use, most people are missing one or more steps for safe usage and eye care, which lands them at the doctor with irritation, scratches, and infections. Read more about eye infection…


Business Woman Getting OrganizedChange is here. Kids are back in school, the very hot summer we have is easing up, and some stores are already transitioning to holiday merchandise. While change can be good, it can knock us off focus. With Back-To-School sales going, it’s a good time to stock up on organizational supplies to help you focus and meet your goals.

But don’t just look outward, look inward, too. Improving focus, memory, and buckling down to meet your goals requires more than just outward organization and tools, it requires some inward “organization”, too! A good place to start is the support of colloidal gold, which does even more than support memory and focus, but also mood, hand-eye coordination, and more. Read more about improving focus…


Freshen Up Your Skin

August 22, 2016

Skin Care MicroscopeAfter a few months of sun, sunscreen, pool chemicals, allergy swelling/irritation, but bites, and more, it’s time to freshen up your skin with a little extra support.

There’s lots of little things you can do to support your skin right now: drink a little more water (and less sugar and alcohol), get a light daily sunscreen, avoid bug bites (with long garments or sprays), and just keep an eye on it.

If you want to think a little bigger, consider giving your skin care a make-over. Things have moved pretty far past the 90s’ and early aughts’ spectrum of either super astringent cheap products that suck up every last drop of oil, or expensive “high-end” products with only a few drops of something good. Instead, there are plenty of natural, more gentle, and more effective products to choose from.

Skin type is still something to consider—not everyone’s skin likes coconut oil, for instance. In general though, most modern skin products are gentle enough to work for most skin types, like Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator. Read more about skin care…