Finding the right skin care routine can be next to impossible. 

First, you have to figure out what kind of skin you have, and it’s not uncommon to have more than one skin type! Then you have to look at your diet, routine, etc., and consider what you’re doing to your face versus what’s maybe genetic. Then you have to choose the right products—but cheap ones may do more harm than good, and expensive ones are tiny, and often target a very specific skin type.

What should you do? Go basic. The benefits of a colloidal silver and colloidal copper combo are using simple but effective ingredients that work for many skin types!

What is Colloidal Silver?

Never put anything on your skin without checking out the ingredients for allergens, chemicals, preservatives, etc. While your skin is a very good barrier, it does still absorb a lot, and whatever it absorbs will have to get processed by the body (another reason to avoid cheap or chemical rich skin care routines).

So before we go into the benefits of a colloidal silver and colloidal copper combo, let’s look at the ingredients!

Colloidal silver is just two things, pure silver nanoparticles and water. The “colloidal” part refers to those particles suspension in the water, creating a gray-blue liquid (ionic silver dissolves in water, creating a clear solution).

A small number of people are allergic to silver, and should avoid use.

What is Colloidal Copper?

Just like colloidal silver, colloidal copper is just two things—pure copper nanoparticles suspended in water.

The copper particles will reflect light creating a light reddish-orange color.

Copper is an essential nutrient, but some people have a rare genetic condition that stops their bodies from appropriately processing copper and should minimize their exposure to extra copper.

Now that we know about colloidal silver and colloidal copper, let’s look at the benefits of a colloidal silver and copper combo!

Benefits of Colloidal Silver for Skin

Although not the main use of colloidal silver, it has long been used to support skin, either to help keep skin clear and healthy, or to support wound healing. 

In fact, you can even find bandages and creams that contain a form of silver and are marketed to promote better healing, but it’s both easier, cheaper, and keeping the ingredient list shorter to use colloidal silver at home to support healing instead! Plus, at home it’s easier to make a colloidal silver and copper combo!

Colloidal silver is often used to support skin healing from burns, minor cuts and scratches, as well as common complaints like acne.

Benefits of Colloidal Copper for Skin

Copper is an essential nutrient used by skin and tissue throughout the body. It’s needed to make elastin and collagen, the parts of skin that make it smooth, firm, and younger looking. (This same process also supports the walls of the cardiovascular system).

Colloidal copper allows you to control and customize how you use copper to support the skin. Spray it right on target areas in addition to balancing your diet with enough copper.

Benefits of a Colloidal Silver and Colloidal Copper Combo

Most people have multiple skin issues going on, which is why they could benefit from a colloidal silver and copper combo.

Colloidal silver supports clean, healthy skin as it heals from breaks, injuries, or just common bouts of acne, which people can get even as they age (hormone related acne can recur at different times in life, sunscreen can cause blockages, etc.).

Colloidal copper supports firmer, smoother skin by making sure it has the essential mineral it needs–copper. Copper may also function as an antioxidant.

By using a colloidal silver and copper combo, you get the best of both worlds—support for problems associated with both youth and aging.

How to Get the Benefits of a Colloidal Silver and Copper Combo

It’s easy to get the benefits of a colloidal silver and colloidal copper combo. If you already have colloidal silver and colloidal copper, just add a sprayer to each bottle.

Then, spray clean, dry skin with either colloidal silver, colloidal copper, or both as needed. Let dry (similar to using a toner). Then you can apply lotion, sunscreen, or whatever you normally would.

The Dietary Support Benefits of a Colloidal Silver and Copper Combo

While a colloidal silver and copper combo is great skin support, the main value of both is as a dietary supplement! 

Copper is an essential nutrient used throughout the body, and colloidal silver has long been used to support the immune system. Use them inside and out for support however you need it, when you need it!

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If you’ve read about colloidal silver, you’ve probably seen that it’s been used both historically, and today, to support skin. So you may be wondering, where can you buy colloidal silver spray?

MesoSilver® with Sprayer

While colloidal silver offers inside and out immune support as a daily supplement, it’s also commonly used to target specific concerns, like supporting healthy skin. An easy way to do that is with colloidal silver spray. And the answer to “where to buy colloidal silver spray”? Colloids for Life!

What is Colloidal Silver?

It’s always important to start with the touchstone, what is colloidal silver? After all, silver, and nanosilver in particular, is so useful that many products are using nanosilver or other (impure) forms of silver—especially products that support skin!

Colloidal silver is a pure, straightforward way to use nanosilver, inside or out. The only ingredients are silver and water. And it’s economical—you get more pure silver (not ionic silver, not a silver compound or protein), and higher particle density. You know what you’re using, how much, and can better control how you use it. Just make sure you identify colloidal silver products by looking for how the suspended particles reflect silver in a gray blue color!

If you’re still confused, just remember where you can buy colloidal silver spray:

What is Colloidal Silver Spray?

Pure and versatile in so many ways, there’s lots you can do with colloidal silver, including spray it.

While colloidal silver is most often used as a daily immune supporting supplement, it’s long history of use supporting skin as it heals from burns, cuts scratches, and other minor injuries is almost as popular! And a convenient way to get it on skin is with a spray.

Colloidal silver spray is just colloidal silver in a clean spray bottle, or in its original bottle with a new sprayer in place of the original lid.

You can turn your colloidal silver bottle into colloidal silver spray pretty easily, just replace it as needed since it will slowly accumulate silver particles. Where to buy colloidal silver spray OR a sprayer to convert a bottle of colloidal silver? The answer to both is still Colloids for Life!

Why Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Years of evidence and use suggest that colloidal silver supports skin as it heals. While it might seem obvious that bigger injuries should be supported, every tear in your skin is vulnerable, and deserves a little TLC!

Colloidal silver spray is a very easy way to support even small cuts and scrapes, to help support your healing skin so that wounds stay small until they heal.

Our skin is an important part of our immune system, a barrier that keeps germs out. When there’s a break, even a small one, we’re vulnerable to infection, long healing time, and more. It’s worth the extra support, every time, because you don’t know what your skin may be carrying, or what you’ll be exposed to next. 

Colloids for Life is where to buy colloidal silver spray, making it easy to support your skin.

How Can You Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Once you’ve settled where to buy colloidal silver spray, the easiest way to use colloidal silver spray is to clean and dry skin, then spray colloidal silver spray (like a toner). Air dry your skin, then you can apply lotion, sunscreen, a bandage, or nothing at all.

If you are trying to keep a wound covered/moist, you can spray colloidal silver onto the pad of your bandage. This is the cheaper, more convenient (better quality) DIY version of store brand silver bandages.

Use colloidal silver spray as often as you like, or even alongside other colloids like colloidal copper (which support firm, healthy skin).

Who All Can Use Colloidal Silver Spray?

Colloidal silver spray is safe for anyone without a silver allergy (which is rare). If you are unsure about your allergies (most people will experience a silver allergy from wearing jewelry), just spray colloidal silver on a small patch of healthy skin, and wait a few hours.

Colloidal silver isn’t just for humans! When researching where to buy colloidal silver spray, you may have noticed that vets sometimes sell colloidal silver spray as well! Dogs and cats have skin that needs supported, too. Outside pets can get scratches, bites, and more that cause skin problems. Stay on top of supporting your pets with colloidal silver spray.

Now that you know all about colloidal silver spray, make sure to check out where to buy colloidal silver spray at Colloids for Life.

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It’s simple to take colloidal silver orally, the only thing you need is a bottle of colloidal silver! A cup is optional, and the cap makes measuring easy. Of course, you can always add little variations to make sure it’s convenient for you!

If you don’t know where to get started, here’s a handy step-by-step guide for taking colloidal silver, that should answer every question for how to take colloidal silver orally!

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 1

Check that your colloidal silver is in good condition—colloidal silver should be a gray/blue color, never clear. If it’s clear or if the suspension of silver nanoparticles has broken (fallen to the bottom, or suspended in clumps), or you don’t have colloidal silver, you have ionic silver.

Freezing colloidal silver will cause the silver particles to fall out of suspension, and it will no longer be a colloid, and should no longer be taken.

Once you have verified you have true colloidal silver in good condition, proceed to step 2 of how to take colloidal silver orally.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 2

If it’s a new bottle of colloidal silver, you will need to remove the protective seal after unscrewing the cap.

Try to remove the protective sticker completely, pulling away from the opening so none falls in. If you can’t completely remove it, that’s ok—just clear the opening, and don’t worry about bits stuck around the rim.

Once your bottle of colloidal silver is open, proceed to step 3 of how to take colloidal silver orally.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 3

Now you have a choice to make. How precise do you want to be? For step 3 of how to take colloidal silver orally, we’re measuring out how much that will be.

A capful of colloidal silver is about half a Tablespoon, but if you want to be precise use a real measuring spoon. 

How much colloidal silver should you take orally? Most people take a Tablespoon a day. Using the cap method, it’s easy to spread that out to morning and evening. Some people have reasons to take more than a Tablespoon a day. Spreading out when you take it is still helpful.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 4—Cup or Cap?

Are you feeling spry, or do you want to be more graceful about how to take colloidal silver orally? For those in a rush, many not only use the colloidal silver cap to measure colloidal silver, they use the cap to take colloidal silver (throwing it in their mouth without touching their lips to it).

If you want to be more graceful about it (and not throw your head and neck back) just use a cup. A cup is also easier if you’re measuring out a higher or lower amount.

Then just drink normally. Some people can taste colloidal silver, some can’t. It shouldn’t have much taste either way. 

At this point, we’ve succeeded in taking colloidal silver, but there’s still one more step to how to take colloidal silver orally.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally: Step 5

Don’t forget to reseal your colloidal silver when done, and if you touched the inside of the cap to your mouth, maybe clean it first.

Colloidal silver is very shelf stable, just don’t freeze it. While the silver generally doesn’t “go bad”, if it’s going to sit for months or years, it’s still important to keep the cap and bottle clean. Make sure you don’t leave germs on the cap, where there isn’t silver, that may grow over a long period of time. Seal it tightly so it doesn’t spill, and you’re set.

How to Take Colloidal Silver Orally If You’re a Dog or Cat (An Extra Half Step)

It’s not just for humans, colloidal silver can be given to pets to help support their immune systems, too!

Follow the rest of the steps for how to take colloidal silver orally, but then just add a little colloidal silver to your dog or cat’s water bowl before putting it away. You don’t need to make them drink it directly. 

Especially during the summer, it helps in a couple ways: outside pets are coming into contact with their own world of illness, and a little colloidal silver in their water bowl will help to keep it fresh (make sure the water bowl won’t freeze). Dogs and cats should only need a drop or two, but it depends on size. 

Now that you know how to take colloidal silver orally, make sure that you have enough to support your immune system. Many people use about 2 bottles a month, sometimes a little more depending on personal need.

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Asking “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” is a good question, but it might be missing the point a little bit. Sometimes heath is about wellness, not survival. There’s good enough to subsist, and then there’s living life well. 

Enter colloidal gold: colloidal gold is known for supporting the mind and possibly enhancing several mental faculties. When people ask “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold?”, they might have heard about some of the ways nanogold/colloidal gold are being used in modern medicine, or they might have heard about how colloidal gold may benefit the mind.

In either case, here’s an exploration of “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold?”.

What is Colloidal Gold?

You can’t address a question like “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” without making sure we’re all on the same page as to what colloidal gold is. After all, not all products labelled “colloidal gold” are pure or genuine!

A colloid refers to something being suspended in something else. Colloidal gold is a suspension of pure gold nanoparticles in water. It’s got a red-gold color caused by light bouncing off the suspended gold particles—something you won’t see in other products!

Purity and authenticity are important when it comes to health products and their safety and efficacy, so starting with a definition is always important!

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold for the Mind?

Here’s the big one: what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for the mind? It’s the most common use for colloidal gold, and people report quite a few benefits!

Memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy, and more are some of the listed ways colloidal gold may support the mind. It’s thought that colloidal gold somehow enhances mental activity, making it quicker, clearer, or just better.

That quick-connection idea partly comes from those who take colloidal gold because it may enhance the mind-body connection.

Colloidal Gold and the Mind-Body Connection

Reflexes. Reactions. Observations. The mind-body connection is more than how our thoughts affect our health, it’s the overall process of our mind and body working together.

Some people use colloidal gold to support or enhance their mind-body connection, so that they can keep improving their golf, tennis, or soccer skills. How they use colloidal gold differs, some take it daily as part of ongoing work on sharpening their mind and body, others take it in bursts to support big events in their lives.

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold for the Body?

Gold star mind support, but what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for the body? Colloidal gold (sometimes just nanogold, or else pure gold along with other things) is still being explored for its medicinal benefits. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t work in a super transparent way, but gold has been explored for both joint and prostate health, among other things.

Joint support has long been a use of colloidal gold (maybe because of gold’s anti-inflammatory properties), so it’s no wonder that it would be more “officially” explored!

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold as Believed in Other Times & Places

Gold has a long, ongoing history where it’s used to benefit both the mind and body.

Ancient Ayurveda medicine included gold in balancing the mind and body. It’s no wonder when asking themselves “what are the health benefits of colloidal gold” they answered that gold helps calm and focus the mind. Gold was used as part of treatments for a large number of bodily ailments, as well.

Other cultures have also assigned gold calming properties, and many people have claimed to experience positive mental benefits from either gold or colloidal gold.

What are the Health Benefits of Colloidal Gold? It’s All About Wellness

Health is about more than being good enough—it’s about feeling mentally clear, sharp, and engaged. It’s about supporting our mind, our wellness, our creativity and more. We have goals that go beyond just subsisting. Getting better at something like golf, being inspired for our art, bringing our best focus for a big project or presentation.

What are the health benefits of colloidal gold? Different people report different things depending on what they’ve been lacking. Whether they’re supporting memory as they age, naturally supporting focus, or taking a broad, gentle, and natural approach to mood and energy, many report that colloidal gold elevates their mind.

Support your mind with colloidal gold, and see what are the health benefits of colloidal gold for yourself.

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Colloidal silver is one of the most versatile health supporting supplements that you can keep stocked in your home. Used for centuries before antibiotics to support the immune system, silver was also sometimes used to extend the shelf-life of food, as well as support skin healing and more. 

What is colloidal silver good for? Many things! Besides using colloidal silver as a daily supplement, you can support skin, more safely support your respiratory system, and even support pet health.

What Is Colloidal Silver?

Before answering “what is colloidal silver good for” we need to cross “what is colloidal silver” off the list. Unfortunately, some things claim to be colloidal silver that are actually ionic silver products or silver proteins, which are not as safe or useful as pure colloidal silver.

True, pure colloidal silver has only two ingredients: silver and water. The “colloidal” part of the name refers to the silver being suspended in water, not dissolved or fixed with another ingredient. You can tell the difference on site—true colloidal silver will reflect light off the suspended particles, and have a gray/blue (never clear) color.

Historically, What Was Colloidal Silver Good For?

Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was a catch-all immune supporting tool—at least for those who had access to it. When antibiotics were discovered they were cheaper, and generally easy to make accessible to all—so they became more popular than colloidal silver.

But up to that point, colloidal silver had many of the jobs that antibiotics now have, like supporting skin as it heals, protecting newborn’s eyes, and supporting healing in many other ways.

Many would have answered “what is colloidal silver good for” with a long list of uses!

What Is Colloidal Silver Good For Today?

Although less well-known and popular than it once was, many still know what is colloidal silver good for, and are taking advantage of its immune support, helping to heal their skin, and more.

High-quality colloidal silver is made of nanosilver suspended in water. Nanosilver, in fact, is used in many places today, from food storage containers to sports gear (often marketed as “germ resistant” or “odor resistant”). You can even find silver—at least a cheap form of it—in topical creams, made to aid burn healing, as well as some medications.

At home, what is colloidal silver good for is much simpler—you can spray or dab it directly onto skin to support healing, you can take it to support your immune system, or you can substitute it in self-maintenance devices like your neti pot (add a few drops to purified water) or a nebulizer (you only need the colloidal silver).

What Animals Is Colloidal Silver Good For?

If you have pets, you can support their immune systems with colloidal silver, too. What animals is colloidal silver good for? People have shared many stories about using colloidal silver to support their dogs and cats.

A small amount of colloidal silver can help support outdoor pets, or pets who share a household with a sick pet (which sometimes happens with cats). Just add a drop or two to their water bowl.

Rescues, especially, may benefit from the extra support of colloidal silver. They often have health issues on the inside and the outside—with skin problems, eye problems, sinus problems, unhealthy teeth, and more. Colloidal silver is a support tool as you help pets get and stay healthy.

What Else Is Colloidal Silver Good For?

If you’re new to colloidal silver, you may still be trying to figure out what else colloidal silver is good for. Many people take a small amount of colloidal silver each day for ongoing support. Others take a larger amount of colloidal silver as needed—when they suspect they’re about to get sick, have eaten something bad, or were otherwise exposed.

Some use colloidal silver to support clearer, healthy skin, or on bandages, or they add a little to their daily neti pot rinse. You can use colloidal silver in a nebulizer to get support to your entire respiratory system. Or, for a deep clean of the sinuses, you can flood them with colloidal silver and soak out deep, hard to tackle mucus (it’s call a Sinus Flood, and there’s a kit for that).

What is colloidal silver good for? So many things! It’s a versatile, easy to use, shelf-stable, high-quality immune supporting supplement. Make sure you have enough on hand for everyone in your household.

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