Researchers are attempting to quantify how much time spent in nature (not just outside) leads to better health and mental well-being. While it may seem like common sense that connecting with nature has benefits, putting a minimum time limit on it is helpful for guiding who need to schedule it into their work week.

Across all types of people, 2 hours was the magic number—but it could be broken up throughout the week. While other studies have found that living in a neighborhood with more greenery is beneficial, for the benefits in the study your yard or a park aren’t enough. By nature the researchers were looking at openspaces and other untamed land.

You can multitask: read a book, do some exercise, or bring a project to help make the time to connect with nature. You don’t have to be meditating, performing yoga on a cliff, or climbing trees. All it takes is a walk with a friend, some time in a national park, or making a trip through your local openspace while you’re out running errands.

If you do get your feet sweaty on your outing  (or even if you just step in a puddle) you can get your shoes back to fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly Shoe Spray uses simple ingredients to fight odor. With peppermint for a quick cover up and colloidal silver to kill the germs that cause odor, Smelly Shoe Spray can keep your shoes, and your feet, fresh.

Get back to nature this summer, and keep things fresh with Smelly Shoe Spray.

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Otitis Media

Ear infections aren’t just for kids–there are multiple ways you might pick up an ear infection this summer, and once you do, it can be hard to clear. Naturally prevent and care for ear infections of all types with colloidal silver. Here are some of the increasingly common ways to get an ear infection, and how to prevent them:

Root out tough mucus (and the pollen triggering it) with a sinus flooding kit. A sinus flooding kit is a deep, thorough way to clear mucus out of your sinus cavity so you can breathe, stop germs from festering, and deliver direct immune support with colloidal silver.

Water. Warmer weather means more lakes and rivers are the perfect temperature for growing bacteria, amoebas, and more. A dip in your local water hole is now something you need to be extra cautious about. Some swimmers “Waterproof” there ears with a drop of oil. You can also spray a little colloidal silver in once they dry up to help support ear health.

Ear infection symptoms include pain, redness, pus/fluid, a change in how you hear, or a feeling of pressure. You can check for an outer ear infection by gently tugging your ear lobe—if the ear canal is inflamed or infected, it will be stiff and sore and moving it will hurt.

If you have an ear infection, keep the area clean. You can use colloidal silver as direct immune support or as a supplement to support the immune system. Use heat to ease symptoms of pain and pressure. If it doesn’t clear up in about a week or gets worse, see a doctor.

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We know the bacteria in your gut, on your skin, and throughout your body impacts your health. As research reveals how much the bacteria shapes not just our health but who we are, they’re also seeking answers about cultivating good bacteria—and it turns out it’s not straightforward.

One of the ways to support having “good” or the right sort of gut bacteria is with prebiotics. Prebiotics are the foods that feed the good bacteria and help them multiply. Vegetables and other health foods, unsurprisingly, are what encourages the growth of healthy bacteria.

But there’s a twist—in a study that looked at how diet impacted gut bacteria (as well as other aspects of digestion), it didn’t create linear results. Vegetables with similar nutrients produced different results on the gut.

While researchers tried to make sense of their data, there are other variables to supporting gut health: exercise, mood, and more. It’s a feedback loop, good habits support good bacteria, and vice versa.

If you’re trying to get your mind and body on track with good bacteria, diet and good habits are a start. You can get more predictable extra help from a high-quality probiotic like Flora MGR. With a wide variety of probiotics known to be healthy, you can easily “reseed” and support your gut, skin, and beyond.

Your bacteria are important, they define your health, mood, and more. Make sure you’re taking at least one step a day to encourage good, healthy bacteria. One easy step is including Flora MGR in your day.

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In the animal kingdom, mosquitoes pose the biggest threat to humans. Even in America mosquitoes can carry several diseases that if not deadly still have severe side-effects. With flooding increasing the mosquito population in several parts of the country, here’s how you can beat mosquitoes naturally—first with prevention, and second by supporting yourself with colloidal silver.

The first step is to protect your home—make your yard and home inhospitable to mosquitoes.

There are two types of mosquito to watch out for—one that is carrying West Nile Virus and ranges further north into older climates (all the way to Canada, actually) and one that carries a slew of tropical diseases (like Zika and Dengue Fever) and could show up in warmer climates like Hawaii, the American south, and part of Texas through Southern California.

To put a stop to the mosquitoes that could be carrying West Nile Virus, keep still water out of your yard. Change water bowls for pets at least daily, or dump them out. Keep that fountain or pond moving, or chlorinate it. And look around your yard after a rainfall for any areas that may collect water. By doing this, your stopping mosquitoes from laying eggs in your yard (although a neighborhood effort is most effective).

Tropical mosquitoes like to go inside. Keep your home cool to discourage them. If air conditioning is unreasonable, check your local home or garden store for natural products that won’t harm pets or humans but deter mosquitoes; specifically ones that go on walls and under beds.

Mosquitoes (and other pests) dislike smells that humans like, so consider a small indoor herb  garden (basil, rosemary, sage, garlic) or planting peppermint, lavender, citronella, and marigolds outside. These are also a great foundation for natural bug repellent.

If you notice you’re getting bit this summer, make sure to support your immune system (sleep, colloidal silver, lots of healthy food). The viruses mosquitoes carry, like all viruses, require rest and immune support to get over.

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Get Ticks Checked

June 17, 2019

Hopefully, you’re already doing a tick check after you spend time outdoors. What happens if you find a tick bite? You should send it in, and if you live in Pennsylvania (which has the highest number of Lyme Disease cases nationally) you can get it tested for free.

If you find a tick bite, your vet or doctor may know a cheap lab you can send the tick into (or one that works with your insurance). If you live in Pennsylvania, getting a tick checked for disease is free from Pennsylvania Tick Research Lab at East Stroudsburg University ($50-$200 for everyone else). With a 3 day turnaround, you can find out if you may be infected before symptoms appear, potentially averting some of the worst long-term effects of diseases like Lyme Disease.

Do tick checks to avert tick bites (they may be crawling on your skin or clothes) and to discover them. Tick bites don’t automatically hurt or itch, and even if they carry a disease like Lyme Disease they may not indicate any signs of infection (most Lyme Disease cases won’t get the tell-tale bullseye rash).

In addition to testing, get a jump on any potential tick borne illnesses (which also include babesiosis, and rarer, worse ones like Powassan virus which has popped up in New Jersey this year), make sure you’re supporting your immune system with colloidal silver).

Tick bites can happen in your own yard, and ticks can even be brought in by pets. Although it’s most talked about on the East coast, ticks and their diseases are a problem coast to coast.

Be prepared during tick season with colloidal silver.

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