It’s a natural question: can you take colloidal gold and silver together? You’re probably used to commercials that offer you something to improve your health, and then rapidly spit-out a bunch of warnings, including not taking it alongside many other things—from food, to supplements or other medications.

But what about colloidal gold and colloidal silver? Can you take colloidal gold and silver together? Yes! You can take colloidal gold and silver together and get the benefits of each. Let’s look closer at colloidal gold, colloidal silver, and how you can take colloidal gold and silver together.

Taking Colloidal Gold

First, why take colloidal gold? Colloidal gold, in its purest colloidal form, is just nanosized gold particles suspended in water—no ions, no compounds, and no other additives. Gold is largely recognized as edible (obviously, you wouldn’t want to eat something rock like, however!).

But for centuries if not millenia, gold has been recognized as having potential benefits. And colloidal gold, with small, plentiful gold particles is one of the best ways to harness those benefits!

Colloidal gold is reputed to boost the brain (or mind, depending on how you want to look at it). People report improved memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy levels, and more. In addition to possible mental benefits, people take colloidal gold to support joint health, the mind-body connection, and more.

Gold’s half of answering if you can take colloidal gold and silver together is that it’s a very safe substance that shouldn’t interact with colloidal silver. 

Taking Colloidal Silver

Next, why take colloidal silver? Like colloidal gold, colloidal silver is just pure silver nanoparticles suspended in water. Silver is known to have many health benefits, and colloidal silver is a good way to generally harness those potential benefits as a daily supplement, occasional boost, or targetted support.

Colloidal silver supports the immune system, but it’s also known for supporting skin as it heals and more. There are lots of ways to use colloidal silver, and lots of reasons people take colloidal silver every day. 

You can take colloidal gold and silver together—but there’s one exception! People with a silver allergy (like people who react to jewelry made of real silver) should never drink colloidal silver. But that should be it—other than that, you can take colloidal gold and silver together.

Can You Take Colloidal Gold and Silver Together? Tips and More!

While you can take colloidal gold and silver together, it might be a good idea to not literally take them at the same time.

You can take colloidal gold and silver together, one right after the other, but the general recommendation is to take them on an empty stomach, and spreading them out just a few minutes (maybe about 15 minutes for an average size dose) will help them absorb better.

One exception you might make is whenever you suspect you have food poisoning. Then, even if your stomach is full, support your immune system with colloidal silver right away. Keep taking colloidal gold on an empty stomach (but if you don’t, it’s not a big deal).

Not a Medicine—Natural Health Support

Colloidal silver and colloidal gold aren’t medicines, they’re natural health support, supplements, and have historical uses supporting the mind and body. They’ve been used a longtime with almost no reports of negative effects—and that absence of bad reports is one answer to “can you take colloidal gold and silver together?”.

Not only can you take colloidal gold and silver together, but there should be no problem with other supplements, foods, and things you encounter. Just make sure you’re getting true, pure colloidal gold and colloidal silver! And use common sense—harsh medications, including some antibiotics, may be better taken alone (you don’t want to confuse what’s causing what if there’s a problem).

Should You Take Colloidal Gold and Silver Together? Round Out Your Support!

Colloidal gold, used as a daily supplement, may help support the mind. From people who meditate, make, or perform (in sports or in the office) colloidal gold is a natural ally to promote mental balance and wellness, including focus and memory.

Colloidal silver is mainly used as daily support for the immune system—because you just don’t know what will happen next. Everything we eat, breathe, and touch has to be looked at by the immune system—and colloidal silver is good daily support.

You can take colloidal gold and silver together, and support the mind and the body.

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Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. It’s just two things—silver and water. Because it’s simple, often considered natural, and has a long history of use, many people use colloidal silver for all sorts of things.

But they might wonder when specific, traditionally difficult problems arise, like, does colloidal silver kill fungus?

Colloidal silver has not been specifically tested on killing fungus in humans. However, silver, in general, is known for killing all sorts of pathogens, including fungus, and has limited studies showing safety in humans.

What’s important is that colloidal silver has a long and popular history as immune support, and that can include problems like a fungal infection.

Why Colloidal Silver?

Why has colloidal silver been used for as long as it has? Likely because many people believe that it works—gently, safely, and often when other options don’t work. People who’ve used colloidal silver have a lot to say about it!

Silver is known for many properties, and while (on a technicality) we can’t answer “does colloidal silver kill fungus?”, it may be pointed out that silver, in general, kills many things like fungi and even some amoebas, and that specifically nano silver does a very good job. 

In the recent past, companies have even added nanosilver to food containers, sports wears, and washing machines to fight odor, germ growth, and more.

How to Use Colloidal Silver

Many people take colloidal silver, and they’ve found there’s many ways to use colloidal silver! 

Most commonly, colloidal silver is drunk as daily immune support. It’s also sprayed on skin, used in neti pots and nebulizers, or just added to a bandage to support healing.

Probably, one of the many long-term users has experience that could answer “does colloidal silver kill fungus?”, although there are many types of fungus and many ways it can cause trouble, so without broad research it’s really hard to get specific about if or how does colloidal silver kill fungus!

Does Colloidal Silver Kill Fungus?

While silver has been used to kill many things (including fungus), we can’t give a definitive answer to “does colloidal silver kill fungus”.

What’s more important to focus on is that colloidal silver is immune support that you can use daily to support your entire body.

Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was often used in a similar role, and was even applied to the eyes of newborns to prevent infection that might cause blindness. Because it has been traditionally used for support in so many ways, people continue the traditional uses, including applying colloidal silver to eyes, skin, sinuses, and more.

Can You Use Colloidal Silver On Skin?

Research, and the wide number of people currently using colloidal silver without incident, has shown that colloidal silver is generally safe. While there are some concerns, most of them stem from either homemade colloidal silver or products similar enough to colloidal silver to falsely advertise themselves, while not having the true purity of real colloidal silver!

Using colloidal silver on skin—either fresh, clean skin (like a toner) or minor wounds, scrapes, and bruns is common. You can even find products that contain silver compounds or similar at your local store—but they don’t match the strength or purity of colloidal silver.

If you’re wondering, “does colloidal silver kill fungus”, then you might also wonder if it’s safe on skin, and the answer is yes.

Other Important Steps to Kill Fungus

Suspected fungal infections, from warts to a particularly nasty sinus infection or a fungal takeover after prolonged use of antibiotics are serious business. Fungus is hard to get rid of, and every body and immune system is different.

Keeping skin clean but not over-clean may help prevent skin infection (your skin naturally has a mix of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, and balance is important—as well as encouraging the growth of beneficial pathogens through healthy habits).

Keeping your sinuses clear—especially during allergy season—is also important. Blockages allow bacteria and fungi to grow (while out of nowhere sinus infections are more likely viral).

Does colloidal silver kill fungus? Either way, it supports health and the immune system, making it an important part of your tool kit for facing fungi and more.

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver on hand to take advantage of all its uses—inside and out.

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Colloidal copper is one of our most popular health supporting products, but why? Today, let’s look at some colloidal copper testimonials to see what people have to say and why they love colloidal copper!

Copper is an essential nutrient, and like most nutrients, there’s a good chance you could use a little more—that’s why so many people are so quick to notice a difference when they try colloidal copper. Before we get to colloidal copper testimonials, let’s see what colloidal copper is and how colloidal copper is used.

All About Colloidal Copper

Copper is a nutrient. It’s also an antioxidant, and antimicrobial. That means it has some ability to fight free radicals and germs.

Colloidal copper is a type of copper supplement, it’s made of nanosized pure copper particles suspended in water—and nothing else. Since it’s pure copper, it’s an easier way to tell how much copper you are supplementing.

But why colloidal copper testimonials—why are people so excited? As an essential nutrient, copper is used throughout the body, so a little more can sometimes make a big difference.

Why Do People Take Colloidal Copper?

When we talk about why people supplement with colloidal copper (and what they write colloidal copper testimonials for), we usually focus on two big jobs copper has: helping your body use iron, and supporting firm, smooth tissue (this means tissue inside your body, like in your cardiovascular system, and tissue outside, like your skin).

Many people are advised to supplement with/eat more iron. They might look pale, feel fatigued, and have other symptoms of iron deficiency (which can be common). But it’s important to look at overall health and the whole body, iron doesn’t work alone! Your body also needs copper to use iron, and sometimes we need whole nutrition (copper and iron) to fix an issue like iron deficiency!

Secondly, most people care about how they look, and copper is essential for your skin to be able to look smooth, firm, and be healthy and supple. It’s used when your body makes elastin and collagen (which are responsible for healthy, firm, smooth skin!).

Other Colloidal Copper Uses

While supplementing with colloidal copper is common and simple, many colloidal copper testimonials come from another way to use colloidal copper: spray it directly onto skin.

Our skin needs extra support, especially as we age. Spraying colloidal copper onto skin not only directly supports skin, but allows the use of a little more colloidal copper where it’s needed without overloading your diet!

Since colloidal copper uses pure nano sized copper particles, it can easily penetrate skin for support. Just spray on clean skin and let dry!

What are People Saying in Their Colloidal Copper Testimonials?

People love telling us how quickly they notice a difference with colloidal copper, that it’s made their skin smoother, or that they feel healthier. Let’s look closer at colloidal copper testimonials! (Find the whole colloidal copper testimonials on our Colloidal Copper page!).

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 1:

This is a good product

What can be better than such a simple colloidal copper testimonial? Whether or not they’ve tried other copper products—expensive creams with only a small amount, cheap masks with other additives, or have just struggled with finding any product that truly supports firm, smooth skin—this colloidal copper testimonial is a sigh of relief (and satisfaction).

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 2:

[I] have been ordering my Colloidal Copper for some time now.  The product is excellent and does wonders for my skin.

We love our long-time customers, and are glad they share their results with us in their colloidal copper testimonials! 

Finding the right product for your skin type can be challenging. There are so many factors, from age, oiliness, dryness, hormones and more! But copper is an essential nutrient (it’s for everyone!), so most people are pleased with the support it offers.

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 3:

Love this so far. Can tell a difference in my skin already.

That moment when you realize you’ve found something that works for you—it’s glorious, and one of the reasons customers are happy to leave colloidal copper testimonials! Colloidal copper often sparks amazement in those who try it. In recent years, we’ve even heard from people about how it supports their hair!

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 4:

Ok… this isn’t really a colloidal copper testimonial, so much as a confession. Like our other products, colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and our daily multivitamins, we use it too! Just like the customers who leave colloidal copper testimonials, we’ve noticed the results and we’ve become hooked on our own products!

Find out for yourself whether you need colloidal copper support and try colloidal copper for yourself. Maybe you’ll leave our next colloidal copper testimonial!

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Colloidal silver is a versatile immune supporting supplement. For hundreds of years, it’s been used not only as immune support, but as skin support, sinus support, and more.

Today colloidal silver is still used as an immune supporting supplement and more. It’s safe to use in many ways, making it a great tool to support your health and wellbeing.

If you’re wondering—does colloidal silver work for sinus infections?—Yes! That’s just one of the ways you can use colloidal silver to support your health.

Using Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for a long time as more than just a decoration. It’s health supporting form, colloidal silver, is drunk, but using silver containers, coins, and more were ways that people tried to get the benefit of silver in other ways. Modern companies have continued this trend by using nanosilver to coat everything from sports gear to food containers and washing machines, in order to prevent germ build-up.

To look closer at “does colloidal silver work for sinus infections?”—colloidal silver, true, pure colloidal silver at least, is just nanosilver particles suspended in water. This makes it safe, versatile, and easy to use in many different ways!

Does Colloidal Silver Work for Sinus Infections?

It can be as simple as taking a little colloidal silver each day to support the body as it fights off a sinus infection—but there are many ways that colloidal silver can work for sinus infection support! The best way to make colloidal silver work for sinus infections is to mix and match the ways to use it that you’re most comfortable with!

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Neti Pot

If you chronically suffer from sinus infections, you’ve probably gotten comfortable with a neti pot and doing a daily sinus rinse.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with a neti pot, it’s a little lidded, spouted jar that pours water up one nostril and out the other. It’s very important to only use clean distilled or purified water, because tap water contains amoebas, germs, and other organisms that can make things much worse!

Once you’re comfortable with a neti pot, add a drop or two of colloidal silver to your daily sinus rinse to get direct immune support deep into your sinuses.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Sinus Flood

This is the biggest, most effective way to experience how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections.

Some people have narrow, maybe even naturally blocked sinuses, or have chronic health conditions (allergies) that make sinus infections more likely. Sometimes things happen so that you end up with a raging sinus infection with severe congestion.

A sinus flood puts colloidal silver in your sinuses while you hang your head upside down—this lets it go deep (your sinuses have cavities branching out up to your eyebrows), sinking past mucus, getting it softer and looser so that when the sinus flood is over you can expel it. 

Using colloidal silver for a sinus flood gets direct support to crowded, infected sinus cavities.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Prevent, Support, Prevent

If you’re prone to sinus infections, don’t wait until you have one to find out how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections! Use colloidal silver as daily immune support, or in a neti pot, or in a regular sinus flood, and keep your sinuses clear and supported.

If you think you’re getting a sinus infection, or have a different problem that’s increasing your risk of a sinus infection, increase support! 

And most importantly, keep support going after a sinus infection. Many people end up with what’s actually the same sinus infection growing back month after month—root it out with a sinus flood and colloidal silver.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Targeting Causes of Sinus Infections

Allergies, colds, dusty, dirty jobs, and certain sinus/nasal shapes may make clogging up and growing bacteria or fungus a stronger possibility, alternately, certain jobs may make you more likely to be exposed to a sinus infection causing virus (viruses are the most likely culprit!).

If you know what causes a sinus infection, you can use your knowledge of how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections! For example, target the accumulation of dust from a dirty, smoky jobsite with a neti pot rinse. If you’re regularly exposed to the ill, treat your sinuses to a deep flood at the start of the week-end.

Or just cover your bases and use colloidal silver as daily immune support!

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver on hand so you can find out how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections.

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Copper is an essential nutrient that you may or may not be getting enough of from your diet. One of the roles of copper in the body is supporting firm, healthy skin (and other tissue). There are a lot of reasons to supplement with copper—to improve energy levels and correct a minor deficiency is a big one, but many people supplement with colloidal copper to support firmer, more supple skin.

And one way people are supporting their skin with copper is with colloidal copper spray. It’s direct, going straight on the skin; you can be less worried about how much copper you need; and it’s cheaper and more effective than other copper skin products like creams.

Let’s look deeper about supporting skin with colloidal copper spray!

All About Colloidal Copper

Some foods contain copper, but as with many nutrients and minerals in particular, soil is everything! Food won’t magically contain nutrients if the soil didn’t provide a good foundation for absorbing or making them (and copper falls under being absorbed, not made like some vitamins). Even well maintained soil varies a lot region by region, and so different foods, or the same food at different times of the year, etc., will actually have slightly different nutritional content. 

One way to add missing minerals back into your body is with colloids. Colloids are a suspension of that mineral in water. Colloidal copper has nanosized copper particles suspended in water—that’s it. You know exactly what and how much you’re getting in an easy to digest format.

What is Colloidal Copper Spray?

Colloidal copper spray is the same colloidal copper but with a sprayer. You are still spraying a colloid, although over time the colloidal copper spray top will need to be replaced as a small amount of copper may linger, dry out, and get stuck.

Colloidal copper spray has the same purity, small particle size, and everything else as colloidal copper.

How Does Colloidal Copper Spray Work?

Colloidal copper is easily digested because of it’s small particle size, it’s purity, and the high quantity of copper nanoparticles. For those same reasons, skin can easily absorb colloidal copper particles from colloidal copper spray.

Copper is a necessary nutrient, a building block. Your skin (and and cardiovascular system) use copper in the formation of elastin and collagen, which are what makes tissue supple, firm, and strong—on a face, we’re talking about fine lines and wrinkles and general appearance. Colloidal copper spray delivers that nutrient right to where you may want it—supporting firm, healthy skin!

Why Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

Copper is really important, there are certainly many products that contain copper. But how much copper? In what quality? Many skin products purchased at your local store get very poorly reviewed in skin care forums—usually the biggest complaint is how they all have additives and toxins that undermine your effort for better skin! But another is that the key ingredients, like copper, are in smaller quantities and of a lower quality.

Colloidal copper spray is pure, it’s just copper, so you know what you’re getting (small particle high quality copper), and you can more easily tell how much copper you’re getting—it’s not hidden in cream or being blocked by oils.

How Do You Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

Use colloidal copper spray like a toner—spray clean skin with colloidal copper. Always remember the important beauty tip to include your upper chest, too (necklines can be low!), and if you’re really trying to maintain a look of healthy skin, the beauty experts from the last century always made a point to include hands and elbows!

Once the colloidal copper has dried on, follow up with moisturizer and any other skin care routine you have.

When to Use Colloidal Copper Spray?

You’re never too young to support healthy skin! Whenever you feel like you need something more to support firm, supple, healthy looking skin, it’s time to consider colloidal copper spray! 

Colloidal copper spray is a great addition to any natural skin care routine, and benefits all skin types.

Can You Use Colloidal Copper Spray with Other Products?

You can use colloidal copper spray with whatever other skin care products you like, including colloidal silver, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.!

Just spray colloidal copper after your normal cleaning routine, before using lotion.

Thinks it’s time for you to start getting direct skin support from colloidal copper? Try colloidal copper spray

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