Is there a “best way” when discussing how to take colloidal gold?

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Although all true colloids are similar—a pure, non-ionic mineral suspended in pure water, why and how people use them varies. Are there wrong ways to take colloidal gold? Is there a best way to take colloidal gold? How do people take colloidal gold?

Let’s look at how colloidal gold is used and how to take colloidal gold.

What Does Colloidal Gold Support?

Colloidal silver is used to support the immune system, the skin, and even used for targeted respiratory support. Colloidal copper is an essential dietary mineral, and is also used to boost skin health (and even hair appearance!). Both of these colloids are taken as supplements, but people also use both colloids by applying them directly to skin.

Colloidal gold is a little different. When discussing how to take colloidal gold, very few people are using it on skin (and those that do usually do so as part of a more grandiose skin care regiment).

What colloidal gold is best known for is supporting the mind, so the majority of people take colloidal gold as a dietary supplement. It may also support joint and prostate health, and the best way to reach those potential benefits is also to take colloidal gold as a dietary supplement.

How to Take Colloidal Gold for Direct Support (Like Other Colloids)

Just like when you use other colloids as dietary support, how to take colloidal gold is pretty much the same. Measure out how much colloidal gold you are going to take, and drink up. Ideally, keep your colloidal gold bottle sealed and clean (possibly by pouring it into a glass before drinking).

Although not strictly necessary, taking colloidal gold on an empty stomach may make absorption easier. Having food in your stomach won’t cause a problem, there’s just more going on. Fifteen minutes before you eat is a good time to take colloidal gold (many people take colloidal gold when they wake up).

How to Take Colloidal Gold the Best Way

While each individual should experiment to figure out how to take colloidal gold in the best way to suit themselves, there is a bit of consensus on what the best way to take colloidal gold is!

Because colloidal gold supports mood, energy, focus, memory, concentration, hand-eye coordination and more, many agree that a little each day is the best way to get results from colloidal gold. Colloidal gold isn’t the quick boost that caffeine is, it works better as steady support over a few weeks and as ongoing support.

Other Ways to Take Colloidal Gold

You may decide that the way to take colloidal gold for you is not every day, and that’s ok! Some people decide that colloidal gold will work for them if they take more as an occasional boost, when they know they need more focus and a steadier hand to get through a project, tournament, or presentation. 

How will you decide how to take colloidal gold?

Deciding When to Take Colloidal Gold

Because everyone is different, experiment a little with how to take colloidal gold. Bigger people need more in their daily dose, for example. Or you may know yourself already—and you know you need persistent support for your memory, focus, and more.

Since you kind of know where you are now, deciding how to take colloidal gold will likely only need tweaking the first month or two—but usually we say observe for at least a month, since other events may make it hard to tell.

How to Take Colloidal Gold Alongside Other Colloids

Don’t worry about the technicalities of how to take colloidal gold! You can take colloidal gold alongside other colloids, health supplements, food, and more.

Gold (aside from its rocky form) is considered safe to eat and often garnishes high-end dishes. Colloidal gold, as long as it’s pure, true colloidal gold, is no different.

Always avoid inferior “colloids”, or ionic products that call themselves or compare themselves to colloids. Ionic gold is not inert, and is actually dangerous! It’s important to only take true, pure colloids.

How Do You Take Colloidal Gold?

If you have a method of how to take colloidal gold that’s a little different, let us know! Someone else may like your idea for how to take colloidal gold and benefit, too!

And of course, you can’t get started with how to take colloidal gold unless you have some on hand, so pick up some true, pure colloidal gold first!

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Copper is an essential nutrient available in different kinds of supplements. While your body needs it and may not be getting enough, that doesn’t mean you can take an unlimited amount of copper! It’s essential to find an answer to “how much colloidal copper should I take?” that’s right for you!

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So let’s look at copper and the different things going into answering the question “how much colloidal copper should I take?”.

Copper, An Essential Nutrient

Copper is a mineral used throughout your body. Copper helps the body with oxygen, it supports firm tissue (from your skin to your arteries), and having enough may even support signs of beauty, like hair color and firm skin.

While you should get copper from your diet, not everyone’s diet is healthy, and even healthy diets can be lacking. Shellfish, nuts, seeds, and organ meat are good sources of copper—but these aren’t daily staples for everyone. Sometimes poor environmental conditions or raising animals poorly can impact the nutrients we get, too!

One answer to getting more copper is colloidal copper. It’s just pure copper nanoparticles suspended in water—perfect for adding and measuring the amount of copper in your diet.

So let’s look more at “how much colloidal copper should I take?”.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take with MY Genes?

A key consideration when deciding how much colloidal copper should I take is your genes.

For most people, if they eat a little extra copper, their body will expel it in bile. A small number of people have a genetic difference that makes them hold onto copper and have trouble getting rid of it, and they should not seek out any extra copper. People with a family history of any sort of copper disorder should decide “how much colloidal copper should I take?” with a doctor.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take in General?

For most people who have no specific copper related disorders, there’s a decent safety range answering the question “How much colloidal copper should I take?”. Adults need at least 900 μg (.9 mg) of copper a day, but can take up to 10 mg. Pregnant or nursing women need a bit more than the minimum.

Now that there’s a range, how much colloidal copper should I take? That depends on how you feel. Often, when we have low energy and other vague feelings of fatigue we talk about iron levels, but your copper levels are important for energy too! 

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take with My Diet?

If your diet includes lots of copper-rich foods like shellfish, nuts and seeds, or organ meat, you likely need to supplement less.

Someone who needs to take more colloidal copper even with a healthy diet may not eat copper-rich foods everyday, may have trouble with nutrient absorption in general, or may be working to improve a known deficiency.

Ultimately, answering “how much colloidal copper should I take?” will be personal, based on your hisotry, your diet, and how you feel.

How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take Alongside Other Supplements?

There should not be a problem taking colloidal copper with other supplements.

If you are taking other supplements containing copper, the labels should tell you how much colloidal copper you are taking. If it’s a high quality supplement, you can even trust the label to be accurate (low-quality supplements are more filler than nutrients and often fail third party tests checking the label and actual contents).

An Alternative to “How Much Colloidal Copper Should I Take?”

If you want the benefits of copper for your skin, consider a colloidal copper spray.

Many people have said that copper is the secret to supporting skin as it ages so that it can defy wrinkling, sagging, and more for a little bit longer.

A colloidal copper spray is direct support for your skin without the work of figuring out the dietary aspect and wonder “how much colloidal copper should I take?”. Still, copper (and anything in creams, lotions, and even perfumes) get absorbed through your skin, so always use common sense and monitor how you’re feeling.

Now that you have a sense of “how much colloidal copper should I take?”, you can support your health with colloidal copper or colloidal copper spray.

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Are you new to alternative and complementary health? It may be a little overwhelming—when it comes to supporting your health, there’s lots of options and they come with lots of information and strong opinions. And then someone recommends something like colloidal silver. What is colloidal silver? Can you take colloidal silver orally? What does colloidal silver do?

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Let’s look at some introductory questions about colloidal silver!

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—Yes!

Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. Supplement generally refers to something taken orally, so yes, you can take colloidal silver orally.

In addition to that, we know you can take colloidal silver orally because it been used for hundreds of years as immune support—it’s not a new age or made-up thing, it’s what people did before modern antibiotics (if they had money and access, at least!).

Like gold, humans have been interacting with silver for far longer—thousands of years! Humans have been wearing it, eating off it, and surrounding themselves with it, and at some point they discovered they could get health supporting benefits from it!

Why Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally?

Colloidal silver is just nanosilver particles and water, so if you’re wondering why can you take colloidal silver orally, it’s because it’s just two simple, pretty well understood ingredients.

Why did humans start taking colloidal silver orally? Some say it’s because they correlated better health with eating off of and wearing silver—but let’s be honest, humans are pretty curious, they may have just been experimenting, looking for medicine or magic.

What matters is it stuck—humans found value in continuing to take colloidal silver orally for hundreds of years. Up into the last century modern medicine was still using it to prevent infection!

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—If It’s Pure!

There are many forms of silver—silver jewelry, silver mixed with other metals or minerals, silver coated plastic, paints, and clothes.

When it comes to making sure if you can take colloidal silver orally, make sure it’s true colloidal silver.

Sometimes products are labelled as colloidal silver or compared to colloidal silver when they’re just a cheaper form of silver! Ionic silver, silver proteins, and mixed products containing silver are not the same as colloidal silver, and some of those should not be taken orally.

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—Sometimes No!

Are there any exceptions to if you can take colloidal silver orally? Just one! If you have an allergy to silver, do not take colloidal silver orally.

Most people discover they’re allergic to silver when they wear pure silver jewelry and still have a reaction. If you aren’t sure, you can get an allergy test or put silver to skin to see if there’s a reaction, then start small/slow if you take colloidal silver orally.

Most people don’t have an allergy or other problems.

Why Do You Take Colloidal Silver Orally?

Colloidal silver has long been used to support the immune system. It’s known to support skin to heal better/faster (which is why bandages and creams often contain silver as an ingredient), and has even been used in other ways (beyond health support) like keeping food fresh, fighting odor off gym clothes, etc.

People today who take colloidal silver orally are continuing to use it to support their immune system. Some people take it daily as support or prevention, others take it only when they need a boost. Since colloidal silver isn’t known to have interactions, it should be okay to take colloidal silver orally alongside other health support.

You Can Take Colloidal Silver Orally—And Other Ways!

Not only can you take colloidal silver orally, but silver has been used for so long people have discovered other ways to use it!

We’ve already mentioned that colloidal silver is well known for supporting skin. People apply it to skin before adding a bandage, or just generally apply to skin like a toner.

People also use colloidal silver as sinus support—either adding it to the water in their neti pot, or doing a whole sinus flood.

And colloidal silver can even be used in a nebulizer! People use it to support their lungs when they know they need a little boost.

Now you know if you can take colloidal silver orally—all that’s left is to try it out and see if colloidal silver is right for you.

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Colloidal silver is a versatile immune supporting supplement; a nebulizer is a way to breathe in respiratory support; and you can combine the two!

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You may have a nebulizer that was prescribed to you for a past health event—but you don’t have to have a prescription to use a nebulizer! You only need a prescription for the drugs often prescribed for a nebulizer (often steroids)—but there are other ways to use a nebulizer!

Some people buy special, sterile bags of saline for their nebulizer and use it to support healthier lungs.

You can also put the colloidal silver you may already have in your nebulizer!

Why People Nebulize Colloidal Silver

Before antibiotics, some people had access to and were able to use colloidal silver to support their health. Colloidal silver has been used to support the entire immune system, skin health, and more.

People who use colloidal silver swear by it—so it’s no wonder someone discovered it can be used for respiratory support when you nebulize colloidal silver.

Who Can’t Nebulize Colloidal Silver

Always use common sense, and consider any conditions that may be unique to you before you nebulize colloidal silver. For example, people with a silver allergy shouldn’t use colloidal silver. Although rare, people usually identify a silver allergy when their skin reacts to contact with pure silver jewelry.

Before You Nebulize: Colloidal Silver Check

Only nebulize true, pure colloidal silver.

A real colloidal silver is made of pure silver particles (not ionic, not silver protein) suspended in pure water. Purity and quality is of highest importance if you’re going to nebulize colloidal silver!

You can identify true colloidal silver in a couple of ways: look past the name on the label. The only ingredients should be silver nanoparticles and water. 

A colloid is a suspension, and you can see it: the colloidal silver particles will reflect light giving off a blue-gray color.

A colloid is stable, and doesn’t require anything fussy like a glass container. While some people prefer glass to plastic, it’s not a sign of quality and colloidal silver won’t interact with plastic.

Setting Up Your Nebulizer

Get familiar with how your nebulizer works before you need to use it (whether you nebulize colloidal silver or something else). It’s usually a pretty simple setup—plug it in, connect the pipes, and go. You may need to adjust the mask fit to make it snug.

If Your Nebulizer is New

If you’re new to owning a nebulizer, start by cleaning the parts per the directions it came with.

Set Up a Comfortable Spot

Before you nebulize colloidal silver, pick a good spot! This will take a few minutes and you need to be able to sit up comfortably. You also need to be able to plug the nebulizer in, and set the nebulizer somewhere you can reach.

Good Activities While You Nebulize

Depending on how you feel while you nebulize colloidal silver, you may want to be entertained while you’re nebulizing, which can take up to about half an hour (depending on how much colloidal silver you nebulize). Some nebulizers are louder than others, so music or television may not be a good option. Reading and even napping can be good options!

Decide How Much Before You Nebulize Colloidal Silver

Once you get the nebulizer set up, you need to add colloidal silver, which means deciding how much colloidal silver you will nebulize. Colloidal silver, when taken orally, is often adjusted to the size of the person taking it. You can use a similar guideline when you nebulize colloidal silver, as well as considering why you’re nebulizing colloidal silver (preventative support? Support for a chronic condition? Support when you’re ill?).

Decide How Often Before You Nebulize Colloidal Silver

If you’re going to nebulize colloidal silver for prevention support, you may only need to do it a few times in response to a momentary concern. If you have a chronic cognition or concern, you may decide to nebulize colloidal silver weekly or daily.

If you are nebulizing colloidal silver to support a sick respiratory system, you may want to break up your nebulizing over the course of a day—a little in the morning, a little before bed.

Then, Nebulize Colloidal Silver!

Once you’re all set, just sit back and breathe as deeply as you can. When you wear a face mask to nebulize colloidal silver (some types also have a pipe like plastic piece you hold to your mouth) you can sit back and relax—the mask also helps get colloidal silver through your sinuses and your eyes, other areas that often are impacted alongside the lower respiratory tract.

After You Nebulize Colloidal Silver

Each time you nebulize colloidal silver, evaluate how you feel. Did you pick the right amount? Was the set up comfortable? Then you’ll have even better success next time!

If you haven’t already, make sure you have a nebulizer so you can make the most of colloidal silver.

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Colloidal Silver has been used for centuries to support the immune system and more… because there’s so many uses! Today, colloidal silver is a top-selling health supplement, and colloidal silver/nano silver are researched around the world with amazing results.

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If you’re not already, use colloidal silver at home to support your health and wellness. As long as you’re not allergic to silver (most people discover through contact with pure silver jewelry; luckily a silver allergy is rare!) there are many possible benefits with almost no downside.

The Basics: How to Drink Colloidal Silver

If you’re new to colloidal silver, don’t worry too much about how to drink colloidal silver, it’s not really different than drinking water.

First, make sure you have a true, pure colloidal silver. It should have a dark silvery color (that’s the silver particles reflecting light because they are suspended in a colloid) and it should not be labelled “ionic” or “silver protein”. The only ingredients should be silver and water, and it should not be clear.

Then, measure out how much you’re going to take. When deciding how to drink colloidal silver, most people take a tablespoon a day—but depending on your size and other health concerns, you should personalize the amount. A small person will need less, a larger person a little more.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Sick

The most common reason people start taking colloidal silver is for extra support when they’re sick—it’s especially popular among people who are battling chronic illnesses.

If you’re used to taking colloidal silver as immune support, there’s just two changes to how to drink colloidal silver if you’re sick.

First, most people change their dose and take a little more.

Second, make sure to drink the colloidal silver out of a cup. While some people go through colloidal silver fast enough to feel ok drinking out of the cap (which is about a tablespoon) it’s good practice to avoid this if you get sick and not leave germs for future you.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver as Immune Support

Ideally, when discussing how to drink colloidal silver as immune support we’re talking about taking colloidal silver daily, but many people become relaxed about daily habits from time to time—so don’t feel bad!

The easiest way to remember to drink colloidal silver each day is to start your day with it on an empty stomach. You don’t have to take it on an empty stomach, but it may absorb more quickly/easily if you do.

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Just Eaten Something Questionable

It’s summer, so it’s the season of picnic salads, pot lucks, and dining outdoors. If something sits out too long, or isn’t made safely to begin with (which can happen with grilling—always clean everything raw meat touches, and a big area around it!), it might grow bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Sometimes you just know it’s coming, too. Your stomach sends flairs to your brain and you know what’s coming soon.

Don’t wait. We’ve heard many relieved reports from people who immediately supported their guts with colloidal silver (the gastrointestinal tract is a front line for the immune system!) and felt they mitigated what they felt brewing.

The only difference with how to drink colloidal silver after you’ve eaten something weird— is to do it fast!

How to Drink Colloidal Silver When You’re Traveling

Unfortunately, a vacation doesn’t mean time off from getting sick, it often means an increased risk—so don’t forget to pack colloidal silver!

Put a couple of bagged, sealed bottles in a checked bag, or place an order for delivery to your destination. Then take colloidal silver as usual—and remember the steps in how to take colloidal silver when you eat something iffy—that’s a common vacation ruiner!

How to Drink Colloidal Silver with Other Colloids and Supplements

This is almost a trick category—there’s nothing really different about how to drink colloidal silver with other things! It doesn’t have any interactions!

There is a just in case. If you are taking a probiotic or eating fermented foods to support your colonies of microflora that are found in your get and on your skin, consider taking colloidal silver at a different time (even just fifteen minutes beforehand) to avoid canceling out your efforts.

There’s More Than How to Drink Colloidal Silver…

Colloidal silver is so safe and versatile, it’s often used in these other ways:

Skin Support

Silver is known to support skin as it heals from cuts, burns, scrapes, and more—you can even find silver products like bandages.

Colloidal silver is pure nanosilver, and can be applied to skin or a bandage.

Sinus Support

Once you know how to drink colloidal silver you’ve got general immune support, but you can also support yourself more specifically by adding colloidal silver to your sinus care routine (like a neti pot) or performing a sinus flood if things get out of hand.

Respiratory Support

You can also use colloidal silver in a nebulizer.

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