When you’re sick you just want to feel better, and you don’t always have the mental or figurative energy to figure out the little details– like how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

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The nice thing about colloidal silver is that you can really do what you want with it. Use it how you want, take it how you want, and find the sweet spot that’s right for you.

But if you still want tips, if you don’t want to have to figure out how much colloidal silver to take when sick when you’re already sick… then read on, and we’ll walk you through it.

What Does Colloidal Silver Do?

Colloidal silver is immune support that you can drink. Silver has been used for thousands of years as more than a decoration, and humans have long understood that silver could help kill germs (and, importantly, that it’s safe, barring allergies).

Colloidal silver is a drinkable form of silver for supporting your immune system and more. It also has a known use for supporting skin, and people have found all sorts of other ways to use colloidal silver.

You can take colloidal silver as daily support, or you can just figure out how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take Before You’re Sick

Most people take colloidal silver as daily immune support, so they are already taking a base amount of colloidal silver before figuring out how much colloidal silver to take when sick.

As a daily supplement, the general guideline is to take about a Tablespoon a day—but a very big person will naturally need more than a very small person, and everyone has a different immune system and different health concerns!

If You Take Colloidal Silver Daily, Will You Still Get Sick?

People take colloidal silver daily because they find that it works well for them, but it’s not magic. If you’re overwhelmed with disease exposure—for example you come out of the woods covered in Lyme infected ticks, you work somewhere with sick people, or you have an event that tanks your immune system (like surgery or some chronic illnesses)—it can offer support, but those are still major events!

How Much Colloidal Silver to Take When Sick

There’s different types of being sick, so how much colloidal silver to take when sick varies (on top of it already varying based on how big or small you are, how healthy you were to start, and how many chronic health problems you may be carrying).

Sinus infections, colds, flus, and even food poisoning are some of the more common illnesses we hear about from other people taking colloidal silver. 

How much colloidal silver to take when sick is completely up to you. We’ve heard of people taking an entire bottle over a single day—but that should be the exception, not anything close to normal.

Most people just take an extra dose or two of whatever their normal dose is, but at a different time. If you’re good at feeling a cold come on, know someone sneezed in your face, or are tracking other early warning signs, take an extra dose somewhere during the day.

Other Ways to Get Colloidal Silver Support 

Colloidal silver can safely be used a number of ways, from skin support, to sinus support, and more!

When it comes to colds, sinus infections, and more, colloidal silver can safely be used in the sinuses to loosen and remove mucus while delivering direct immune support. The easiest way to do it is with our sinus flooding kit, which takes a few minutes to do but is great for relieving sinus pressure and pain caused by thick mucus.

Colloidal silver can also be used in a nebulizer for respiratory support.

Always Make Sure You Have Real, Pure Colloidal Silver

Safety first—and that means making sure you have real colloidal silver! Some brands use the trusted colloidal silver name/term on products that aren’t real or pure colloidal silver—they’re ionic silver, silver proteins, or have other additives. Sometimes the fine print will clue you in—but you can also tell by looking! True colloidal silver will reflect light, having a dark gray/blue color.

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver to meet your needs before you get sick.

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Silver has long been used to support health in many different ways, and colloidal silver, its supplement form, is the pinnacle of silver-as-immune support. While many people make sure they’re getting immune support year round with colloidal silver, not everyone is taking advantage of the second-most well-known use for colloidal silver: skin support.

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You can apply colloidal silver to your skin to support overall skin health against chronic problems like acne, or to support healing of minor wounds (especially burns). Here;s everything you need to know about how to apply colloidal silver to skin.

First: Make Sure You’ve Got True Colloidal Silver

Before doing anything with a supplement (even applying colloidal silver to skin), look closely and make sure you know what you’ve got. Especially now, there are many fakes, inferior versions, and worse circling. If you bought your colloidal silver from a reputable retailer that’s been around (like Colloids for Life) you’re good to go.

Real colloidal silver is, most importantly and somehow not obviously, a colloid. Many ionic silver products, silver proteins, and products with additives still stick “colloidal” in the brand name and the truth in the fine print.

You can identify colloidal silver by sight—it should reflect light, making the liquid a dark silver-blue color.

Can You Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin?

Yes! Not only is it safe to apply colloidal silver to skin, it’s well-known that silver helps to heal wounds better/faster. In fact, you can find products in the store that are marketed to help keep wounds infection free or aid healing that use silver as an ingredient. Choosing to apply colloidal silver to skin is choosing a more pure, higher quality product that is typically found in the bandages and creams at stores.

Using colloidal silver to help small wounds like cuts, scratches, and burns heal is well-known and usually freely acknowledged as helpful. The one exception: a small number of people may be allergic to silver, and should make sure they don’t have a reaction before using a lot of silver.

When to Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin

If you’re using colloidal silver for ongoing skin support, a great time to spray it on skin is after you’ve cleaned it and before you use lotions, sunscreens, or make-up, similar to how people use toner. Just spray, let dry for a minute or two, and keep going.

If you’re supporting a wound, there’s no wrong time. Some dermatologists recommend keeping wounds covered and moist to prevent scarring, and silver can be a part of that. Or you can simply spray and air dry, depending on how you’ve decided to care for it while it heals, where it is, etc.

How to Apply Colloidal Silver to Skin:

There’s really no rules about how to apply colloidal silver to skin, but there are two easy ways to get the job done!

First, you can apply colloidal silver to skin by using a spray on your bottle of colloidal silver. Spray anywhere and everywhere!

Or you can splash, spill, or rub it on. Or make your own silver-coated bandages at home by adding a small amount of silver to the sterile bandage pad.

For multiple ways to support skin, try MesoSilver Topical Cream which includes other skin supporting ingredients like aloe and grape seed oil.

There are so many ways to use colloidal silver, the best answer to “how to apply colloidal silver to skin” is the one that works best for you!

How Else Can You Use Colloidal Silver?

Don’t forget that in addition to knowing how to apply colloidal silver to skin, there are many great uses of colloidal silver to learn about.

Colloidal silver is most often used as a daily oral supplement to support the immune system. People also spray it up sinuses, use it on eyes, add it to their neti pot/or do a Sinus Flood, and colloidal silver can even be safely used in a humidifier.

Make sure you have the support and versatility of colloidal silver to customize how you support your health to fit your unique needs.

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You’re not the first person to think of the question “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier?”. In fact, I’ve actually tried it! So here’s what to know if you’re thinking about putting colloidal silver in your humidifier, are ready to try putting colloidal silver in your humidifier, or want to improve your plan to put colloidal silver in your humidifier.

Can I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier?

The Short Answer: Yes! The answer to “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier?” is, basically, yes.

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/working-air-humidifier-home-woman-relaxing-couch-home-working-air-humidifier-foreground-concept-home-image174855611">174855611</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/rosshelen_info" itemprop="author">Rosshelen</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/humidifier.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

But, we’ll get into the thing you should consider before adding colloidal silver to your humidifier in a second, so don’t run and dump it in yet!

In general, you’re not going to hurt yourself and *probably* won’t hurt your humidifier if you decide to try adding a little colloidal silver. As part of the longer answer, though—there may be a better way to achieve your goal than adding colloidal silver to your humidifier.

What Happens When I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier?

Now that we know that you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier, let’s look at what happens next.

When I added colloidal silver to my humidifier, a good portion ended up coating the inside. I can’t really say if any actually ended up elsewhere (like in the humidity it put out), but I was wiping silver particles off the inside of the reservoir for a long time.

Meanwhile, the humidifier stopped having any sort of things (like pink slime) grow in it. So while I don’t think it did much for health support, it did seem to help keep the humidifier cleaner. It didn’t break the motor, but I didn’t add a lot or do it over a long period of time. My humidifier has been near-constantly running for 8 years this October, with no sign of trouble.

Why Should I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier

So, to say it’s worth it if I can put colloidal silver in  my humidifier—that depends. What’s your goal? There’s two main reasons I can think of to put colloidal silver in your humidifier—to make your immune support airborne (especially during cold and flu season) and/or to keep the gross stuff that ends up growing in humidifiers at bay.

To Keep My Humidifier Clean

If your only goal is to keep your humidifier clean, start by checking the manual. My humidifier recommended a weekly cleaning with vinegar, which I do passively after shaking it around the inside of the reservoir a bit then letting everything sit in pure vinegar. Then I dump, refill, and carry on—but it doesn’t 100% stop pink slime and other build-up between cleanings, and a tiny amount of colloidal silver may help with that.

Whenever people use colloidal silver for its germ-fighting properties to clean, we recommend Hot Tub Silver. It’s a lower-grade colloidal silver that’s perfect for cleaning, and, as it’s named, is used by others to keep hot tubs clean. It would probably make a good fit for humidifiers, too. 

Note: there’s no reason colloidal silver could or would stop calcium deposits from forming, so if that’s the problem you’re having try a water softener instead.

To Put Colloidal Silver in The Air 

If you’re trying to smartly bulk-up your immune support by getting colloidal silver into the air you breathe, it’s not a bad idea! But there’s a better way!

While yes, you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier, if you’re trying to get that immune support directly into your respiratory system, your eyes, sinuses, throat, lungs, and more—you’ll have much better success using a nebulizer.

Nebulizers don’t require prescriptions—people who have prescriptions are taking medicine (usually steroids) through a nebulizer, and that’s what the prescription is for. But there are other things you can put in nebulizers that don’t require prescriptions, like colloidal silver.

If your goal is breathing in immune supporting colloidal silver, use a nebulizer instead. 

What You Should Know If You Put Colloidal Silver In Your Humidifier

This article is in no way intended to assure you that colloidal silver in your humidifier won’t clog, destroy the motor, or cause other problems. Do so at your own risk, and check through the manual. Every humidifier is different.

Moreso, this was meant to look at the many ways you can use colloidal silver (rather than ways you can modify your humidifier). From the perspective of colloidal silver, yes, you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier—but do so at your own (/the humidifiers) risk.

The Many Ways to Use Colloidal Silver

If you were wondering “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier” you should know that there are actually lots of ways to use colloidal silver around your house!

Try Smelly Shoe Spray to kill odors in shoes, clothes, and more, or find your own ways to make colloidal silver work for you.

Colloidal silver is very versatile—make sure you have some in your home!

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A true colloid is a mixture—two things mixed together, not one thing dissolved in another.

Illustration <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-illustration-vector-illustration-tyndall-effect-image81958281">81958281</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/corbacserdar_info" itemprop="author">Serdar Corbacı</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/colloid.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

That’s basically it. But why is it so important, and what does it mean to be a true colloid, and not a dissolved solution? In the world of supplements, we’re talking about a difference in safety and efficacy.

What kind of mixture is a colloid like colloidal silver? It’s solid nanoparticles suspended in a liquid, or a tiny solid and liquid “mixed” together.

Let’s look closer at colloids, and specifically, colloidal silver and colloidal gold.

What Kind of Mixture is a Colloid?

Well, a colloid is a mixture, and there are different kinds, depending on what you’re mixing together (solids, liquids, gases, or a mix).

Colloidal silver is a famous supplement because it’s a colloid of silver (a solid) and water (a liquid). Silver has a long, historic usage supporting the immune system and more, and colloidal silver is the convenient way to take it as a supplement.

What kind of mixture is colloidal silver? It’s called “sol”, which is the type of colloidal mixture where a solid is suspended in a liquid.

Examples of Other Colloids

Although most people don’t talk about colloids in day-to-day life, we use them all the time! Paint is another solid-in-liquid, or sol colloid.

Dust particles floating in the air (or smoke), milk, whipped cream, clouds, sprays, and the emulsions we make when we cook are all daily examples of colloids.

The term “colloid” doesn’t mean anything complicated or fancy. It just refers to a way we mix different things together. What kind of mixture is a colloid? It can be a lot of things, including the type colloidal silver is—a solid suspended in a liquid.

What About Ionic Solutions?

Focusing on colloidal silver, let’s look at some key differences between colloids and ionic solutions.

The suspended particles in colloidal silver are tiny (nano sized) particles of silver. That silver is neutral silver. In an ionic silver solution, the silver is ionized, or charged. While you can find both true colloidal silver and ionic silver solution supplements, colloidal silver is better.

Another colloid, colloidal gold, is only available as pure colloidal gold (not ionic). Ionic gold is toxic, which is why it’s important to know the difference between true colloids and ionic solutions.

You can identify a colloid vs. an ionic solution on sight. A true colloid will reflect and scatter light—at a glance, most colloidal supplements reflect light (color). You can also use a flashlight to see if light scatters (called the tyndall effect).

Why is Colloid vs. Ionic Important?

Once you understand what kind of mixture is a colloid and how a colloid works, you should know why it’s important.

In the case of colloidal gold, ionic gold is not a safe supplement, so it’s clear why you should choose one over the other. In the case of other colloidal supplements, reasons to stick with 

For other colloids, there are various reasons to always choose a true, pure colloid. In addition to safety, some studies show pure colloids are more effective, other times taste is a factor, etc.

Choosing true colloidal supplements is the easiest, safest choice.

Other Things to Know About Colloid Mixtures

As simple as it sounds, silver nanoparticles suspended in water isn’t simple to make! Beware complicated solutions to “what kind of mixture is a colloid”—because true colloids are harder to make, many manufacturers use additives, compounds (rather than pure silver or pure gold) and other hacks to force something like a “colloid”, or they just call an ionic solution “good enough”.

Always Choose Colloids

People tell each other to try colloidal silver for immune support and more. They aren’t recommending additives or other ingredients—it’s pure colloidal silver and colloidal gold that have made names for themselves as mind and body support!

For safety, efficacy, simplicity, and more, always choose true, pure colloids!

You can get pure colloidal gold and colloidal silver at Colloids for Life.

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Looking for true colloidal silver can be tricky. Colloidal silver is well known immune support, and silver has been used for hundreds of years to support the body inside and out—so naturally, any product with any sort of silver claims it’s “colloidal silver”—even when it isn’t.

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-hiker-searching-direction-compass-forest-view-hands-point-view-shot-space-text-right-left-image-image87458045">87458045</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/besttime_info" itemprop="author">Sirinarth Mekvorawuth</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/searching.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

One easy solution is to make sure you’ve got a good source on colloidal silver, and know where to buy true colloidal silver! For true colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and more, just head on over to Colloids for Life.

What is True Colloidal Silver?

The good thing is that sorting out what is true colloidal silver and what isn’t is actually pretty simple—and then you can check where to buy true colloidal silver!

A true colloid is one thing suspended in another. Colloidal silver is pure silver suspended in water. There should be only two, pure ingredients. 

Always read the fine print and the ingredients—but you can identify a true colloidal silver by sight, because the suspended silver nanoparticles will reflect light, showing a silvery-gray-blue color.

What Isn’t True Colloidal Silver?

When you want to know where to buy true colloidal silver, you have to get good at spotting fakes!

Ionic silver solutions, which usually market themselves as colloidal silver anyway, have ionic (charged) silver particles that are dissolved (and thus invisible) in water. Other products force a colloidal suspension by creating silver compounds or using additives, and are no longer true, pure colloidal silvers.

While some of these products may claim to be equal or better to colloidal silver modern studies tend to focus on true colloidal silver for a reason. And ask yourself: if some alternative is better, why are they still calling it “colloidal silver” in big letters? Because you should always choose true colloidal silver!

Where to Buy True Colloidal Silver Safely

Colloids for Life is the best answer to where to buy true colloidal silver and other high-quality health supplements. With a high-standard for ingredients, purity, and more, you can have the same confidence in our products that we do.

Where to Never Buy Colloidal Silver

Once you know the red flags about where to NEVER buy colloidal silver, you’ll start your own list about where and what to avoid! Here are some big “Watch Out!”s for you!

Big Online Retailers

It may seem convenient. You’ve already got something in your shopping cart. You’re signed in, and they’ve already got your payment info and shipping address.

But at least for now, you should never buy supplements from certain major online retailers, no matter who is listed as the seller! And certainly it’s nowhere to buy true colloidal silver!

Why? To ship products quickly and keep the prices low to lure you in, products for sale are all mixed together. Anybody can say something is one thing, and then the sale is attributed to whichever seller you select—but it’s just randomly grabbed out of some mixed bin. You might get when the seller you chose listed for sale, or you might get a fake. And when it comes to food and supplements, those fakes can be dangerous!

Until they fix this problem (which has been growing for years) don’t risk your health from major online retailers.

Sites with Big Claims

Supplements are not allowed to tell you they can “cure” or “treat” anything, even if we all have an anecdote about just such an event.

But there’s been a rise in small sellers doing exactly that—and you should pause and wonder, what other rules are they breaking? Many of these companies aren’t around for long.

Anything Changing the Definition of “Colloidal”

There’s a reason the main marketing behind many products says “colloidal silver”! Always look for where to buy true colloidal silver, and don’t be talked out of it. If their similar alternative was better, then everyone would be talking about using that to support their health and immune system instead of colloidal silver!

Stick with what’s well-known, true, and pure: colloidal silver.

Why You Should Always Buy True Colloidal Silver

A long history of use, purity, no additives, and when you buy a true, high-quality product, you get lab-tested purity—always make sure you know where to buy true colloidal silver!

You can head over to Colloids for Life to buy true colloidal silver and other pure colloids, as well as other high-quality supplements.

Start supporting your immune system, but only with pure, true colloidal silver!

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