Although it wasn’t what they were looking for, the findings aren’t surprising: stress and bacteria types can cause tumors in the colon. Researchers were looking to see how bacteria in the intestines might contribute to (or outright cause) inflammation. Instead they discovered that stress-activated genes plus the right sort of bacteria can cause colon cancer, and skip over inflammation to do it!

Stress (and mental state) has pretty much always been known to have an impact on the body and overall well-being. And while this bumps the importance of gastrointestinal bacteria up a peg, study after study has already been showing that our natural bacterial colonies are critical to our health.

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ID 50441759 © Crystaleyestudio | Dreamstime.comWhile the US usually enjoys a lower rate of disease than the rest of the world, there are starting to be holes in the dike, so to speak. With travel being easy and affordable, exposure to what were once rare diseases is a lot easier. Then, multiply that exposure by communities where people are missing vaccinations, and you have an outbreak, or multiple outbreaks. Now more than ever it’s important to have daily immune support from colloidal silver.

Measles is surging in the other parts of the world right now, where vaccination was never as complete as it was in the US. Travelers are now bringing measles home, and it’s spreading in communities.

While measles vaccination is 97% effective… there are some caveats. Young children who haven’t had all the recommended doses are still at risk for measles (and this exact scenario is the source of one outbreak). Also at risk are people with weakened immune systems.

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Health studies aren’t fact. So many factors can sway them, including other lifestyle choices, environmental factors, and family history. But when study after study performed in different countries comes to the same conclusion… we should probablylisten, and take action.

Another study has found that Vitamin D level is tied to breast cancer risk, especially as women come out of menopause. Lower Vitamin D levels meant an increased risk for breast cancer, and vice versa. Researchers suspect that Vitamin D offers cells some protection against cancer.

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Food is a big part of health, and it goes beyond eating enough nutrients and avoiding sugar. Humans have been influencing plants for tens of thousands of years, and sometimes, plants have influenced us. Many cultures even use food to maintain and modify health, creating diets for certain health types and choosing foods that help the body with certain conditions.

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No Injury Too Small

September 17, 2018

A bright red hangnail, a deep scratch, a red spot in a weird place—no injury is small enough to ignore. Even a small injury can turn serious if not cared for, so make sure you know the signs of inflammation, signs of infection, and how to reduce your risk. With more viruses in circulation and more bacteria strains becoming antibiotic resistant, it’s worth watching even a small cut or scratch.

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