Spring is in the air, so here comes spring fashions. Instead of making your skin glow with UV damage, make it firm, glowing, and clear by supporting its good health.

A healthy diet, lots of water, and plenty of beauty rest is a good start. But with day to day stress, pollution, aging, and more, it always helps to have a little skin boost, like support from colloidal copper. Read more about skin…


You may have already read about a research article or two that ties the good bacteria that live in our gut to many other health factors, from heart health, to weight, to mood. Here’s another feather in the cap: if you support your gut with prebiotics (especially through events known to diminish gut health, like stress) you can improve your quality of sleep.

The study looked at rats who had prebiotics added to their diet, and found that rats who got prebiotics had improvements in both REM and non-REM sleep.

And as important as sleep is, it’s underrated. Insomnia doesn’t just push your mental limits, sleep is about restoring your whole body; it’s important to heart health as well as brain health and for supporting your immune system when it has work to do (always try and find time to sleep if you’re tired).

Other research has found that prebiotics may boost brain function, so this just further strengthens those ties between gut health and your brain.

What are prebiotics? They’re a type of dietary fiber found in onion, garlic, leeks, and similar vegetables. Prebiotic food helps good gut bacteria to thrive, and creates byproducts that research suggests boosts brain function. In turn, having good gut bacteria may help with diabetes, stomach flu, weight, and health issues all over the body.

If you don’t want to incorporate raw garlic into your diet, or want to be sure that you start each day with some prebiotics, Spirulina is a prebiotic available in supplement form. You can also jump start your good bacteria colonies with a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR.

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It’s fairly well accepted that stress has tangible effects on the body. Most people don’t think about it too deeply, and keep it in the abstract, but there are an increasing amount of specific conditions that are tied to stress. Ulcers are pretty well known, and are often featured in dramatizations of stress. Another side-effect often portrayed when a character strains under stress? Cardiac events.

A new study highlights just how bad it can be: people with no history of heart disease can have serious heart attacks if the stress is bad enough; so take away that stress is not just a tipping point, it can cause serious problems all on its own.

That means we all need to value our mental health as much as we value our physical health. Think about the energy you put into working out, or planning a healthy meal—what sorts of activities are you putting into finding peace and happiness? Read more about stress…


It’s only March but there’s already a lot going on this year. Cold and flu season is extended and severe, bird flu is spreading again, and summer illnesses like Listeria are starting early. Make sure that you’re stocked up on immune supporting colloidal silver and ready for anything that comes next.

Cold, flu, strep, stomach flu, sinus infections and more have been circulating and hitting hard this year. Communities are issuing warnings, headlines are still full of the more severe cases, and you should be on the lookout for early symptoms. A twitch in your throat, fatigue, loss of appetite, congestion, a sudden shift in your stomach, and it’s time to head it off. Sleep a little more, make sure your next meal is healthy, and get a little immune support from colloidal silver.

With both viral and bacterial stomach flu churning through restaurants, ready made food, and people at once, you should be prepared for the possibility of a sudden gastrointestinal illness. Supporting your gut with a regular dose of probiotics is a good way to keep it strong, and offers other health benefits, too. But if you do end up thinking something’s up, head it off as soon as possible with some colloidal silver for immune support. Read more about immune system support…


Good dental hygiene goes beyond dodging cavities while freshening your breath… your mouth is the gateway to your digestive system, and anything unkempt in it is going to end up inside you. For instance, plaque on your teeth can contribute to plaque in your arteries. And your good bacteria define you, so don’t let bad bacteria fester in your mouth and spread to your guts. And let’s not even talk about the man who had strep throat spread to his stomach, because although rare, it’s traumatic to think about at a time of year where strep and other germs are everywhere.

If you’re already following ADA recommendations and brushing and flossing as recommended, you can still make improvements. Here are some little things you might be doing right… or wrong. Read more about good dental care…