Man with infalmmed elbowA new study has found that carrying “bad” bacteria in your microbiome, the kind that cause inflammation, can increase your risk of picking up other infections.

It’s not just that it taxes your immune system, although of course it does: having any chronic health problem, even mild inflammation, means that your immune system is constantly working, and may not be as prepared to launch a battle on another incoming pathogen. Inflammation also makes the infected cells more susceptible to infection. Read more about bacteria and infection…


Tired Coffee ManI’m not talking about wind or solar, I’m talking about what gets you up and moving in the morning.

Caffeine is widely accepted as a way to start your day, but there are plenty of downsides. It may not go well with certain medications, or chronic conditions (like heart disease, certain hormone problems, anxiety, etc.), caffeine can mess up your sleep, is often paired with sugar, and forget about the caffeine withdrawal if you fall out of pattern.

Instead, try a different way to boost your energy. Read more about feeling more energy…


End the Discomfort

October 20, 2016

Man with Stomach Pain on BedIf you’re struggling to find food that doesn’t leave you with stomach upset—whether that’s gas/bloating, churning and cramps, or a vague, unsettled feeling—end it.

After all, it may or may not be the food you’re eating that’s the cause. There are a lot of reasons you may have an upset stomach, and you can solve many of them with the ease of a little extra support of supplements like Digest Aid and Flora MGR.

Read more about digestion…

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Dark Picture Migraine WomanIt’s turtles bacteria all the way down.

If you haven’t been following the tidal wave of research about probiotics, let me take a second to catch you up. Your body has more bacteria cells than “you” cells, and many of them are considered beneficial. In the gut, they help prevent food poisoning, help break down food, and are somehow able to influence a huge host of other bodily issues, from our weight, to our moods, to even our heart health and more. Our friendly bacteria can help protect our skin when we’re cut, and help prevent infection in other parts of the body, too (like the vagina, which hosts another major colony).

Without them, or if bad bacteria take hold, we soon see the bad effects: uncontrolled weight gain, chronic infections (or even just chronic inflammation), and an increased risk for superbugs (especially on the skin!), viruses, and even fungi/yeast.

Here’s another thing to add to the list, and it affects more than 5 million people each month: migraines. Read more about probiotics…

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Why You Need Omega-3s

October 18, 2016

Krill ShadowYou might already know that omega-3s are good for you, and that if you eat the typical American diet you probably need to balance it out with a few more omega-3s (from either a supplement or more fish, walnuts, or flaxseed in your diet). But what, specifically, do they help with?

A lot. Here are the broad strokes: it supports heart health, brain health (extending to things like memory and learning), joint health (potentially helping with pain and stiffness) and more.

In fact, getting a little more omega-3s in your diet is so effective you need to be careful about mixing them with medications you might be taking (blood thinners in particular). Read more about Omega-3s…