senior-man-back-painIf you live where there’s snow fall, there’s a good chance you’re in charge of shoveling away at least some of it. If you’re not, you may still find yourself slogging your way through it since many places won’t bother to begin snow removal until the snow stops.

Want to have fewer aches and pains? Stay smart in the snow. If you’re the one shoveling, dress in layers you can strip to avoid overheating, and shovel periodically throughout the storm to keep it easy, rather than letting it build up to a heavier load.

Keep some ice salt near your door so you don’t have to navigate ice to get out and start shoveling.

Once you get back in, soothe muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief. It’s natural, fast-acting pain relief and doesn’t have the medicinal smell you may associate with muscle rubs. Working out in the cold (even just a walk) can make muscles tense and cramped, and Dakota Muscle Relief brings a hot then cold sensation to help trigger them to loosen up.

If you get too cold, a warm bath is the traditional remedy to safely warm yourself back up. (You can also warm yourself from the inside out with a warm cup of tea). Read more about muscle pain relief…


A Cup of Tea for Health

December 8, 2016

tea-break-businesswomanA cup of tea is filled with cultural significance, from formal occasions to a warm “cuppa” in your hands for heavier moments—it’s known as a source of comfort, a way to de-stress and even a way to calm insomnia.

But a cup of tea can also mean deeper health benefits than just the mental ones we attribute to it. Jiaogulan Tea has many associations with various aspects of health, and is even known as the “Tea of Life” in the region it’s grown.

Originally described as a treatment for ulcers, Jiaogulan is now exalted for its heart supporting benefits. It’s full of flavonoids, antioxidants, and other health supporting compounds. In fact, it’s not just a regular cup of tea to help you de-stress, it’s actually been associated with helping you to resist stress.

What other health benefits have become associated with Jiaogulan over the centuries?

-In Chinese medicine, Jiaogulan is associated with better respiratory health. Make sure to have a pot ready when the cold and flu hit this year! Read more about Jiaogulan Tea…


Fresh Squeezed OrangesIt’s not news that dieting is “out”. What’s “in” is adopting a healthy lifestyle so that change lasts past the weight loss.

But some still get caught up in “yo-yo” dieting, and it’s not their fault! Smaller portions are most of the battle, but once the weight is off, it can take up to a year for it to stick (that’s the time it takes for your microbiome, the good bacteria on your skin and in your stomach, to adjust to the changes).

Yo-Yo dieting is the worst thing for you. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the work to make changes, though. To make the “post” success part of it easier, studies suggest that gut bacteria need more flavonoids. Flavonoids are found in fruits, vegetables, and even tea.

If you’ve shifted to a healthier diet, that’s taken care of naturally. Grapefruit, celery, salads, berries, and other foods you already think of as healthy will give you flavonoids. If you are ready to go back to smaller portions of your favorite recipes, make sure you sneak extra flavonoids into your diet with supplements, or a cup of tea (like our herbal tea Jiaogulan).

One supplement that adds more health supporting flavonoids is Green PWRx—it’s 30 green ingredients combined into a supplement to supply a daily dose of flavonoids, phytonutrients, and an array of nutrients. Since there are lots of different types of flavonoids, Green PWRx helps provide variety and offers a wider net of support.

You can also go the route of reinforcing your gut bacteria by eating plenty of probiotic foods (just avoid yogurts with sugar added), or taking a probiotic supplement, like Flora MGR.

Share your best meal and diet tips in the comments:

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Woman Skin in MirrorAge spots, dark shadows, and aging before our time (thanks to stress, pollution, or sometimes just genes working against us) are skin problems we can fight against.

While there’s colloidal silver, to help support skin with small wounds like acne, or colloidal copper to replenish your skin so it can become more firm and smooth, there’s also Humic and Fulvic minerals, which help fight against free radicals, and deliver skin complex nutrients. The Humic and Fulvic minerals in Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator supports skin against aging and imperfections. Read more about skin and Humic and Fulvic Minerals…


Cracked Skin RemovedOne of the most common uses for colloidal silver over the millennia is in wound healing, and it’s still a common (mainstream, even!) usage of silver today. From cuts and scrapes to maybe the most common type of skin wound—acne—colloidal silver can help support healing so you can have clear, healthy skin.

You can use colloidal silver proactively, spraying it on clean skin, or use it selectively, targeting blemishes, moistening bandages, or helping burns. While colloidal copper and colloidal silica support skin by replenishing needed nutrients, colloidal silver supports and protects skin as it heals.

Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of colloidal silver: Read more about supporting skin with silver…