A true colloid is a mixture—two things mixed together, not one thing dissolved in another.

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That’s basically it. But why is it so important, and what does it mean to be a true colloid, and not a dissolved solution? In the world of supplements, we’re talking about a difference in safety and efficacy.

What kind of mixture is a colloid like colloidal silver? It’s solid nanoparticles suspended in a liquid, or a tiny solid and liquid “mixed” together.

Let’s look closer at colloids, and specifically, colloidal silver and colloidal gold.

What Kind of Mixture is a Colloid?

Well, a colloid is a mixture, and there are different kinds, depending on what you’re mixing together (solids, liquids, gases, or a mix).

Colloidal silver is a famous supplement because it’s a colloid of silver (a solid) and water (a liquid). Silver has a long, historic usage supporting the immune system and more, and colloidal silver is the convenient way to take it as a supplement.

What kind of mixture is colloidal silver? It’s called “sol”, which is the type of colloidal mixture where a solid is suspended in a liquid.

Examples of Other Colloids

Although most people don’t talk about colloids in day-to-day life, we use them all the time! Paint is another solid-in-liquid, or sol colloid.

Dust particles floating in the air (or smoke), milk, whipped cream, clouds, sprays, and the emulsions we make when we cook are all daily examples of colloids.

The term “colloid” doesn’t mean anything complicated or fancy. It just refers to a way we mix different things together. What kind of mixture is a colloid? It can be a lot of things, including the type colloidal silver is—a solid suspended in a liquid.

What About Ionic Solutions?

Focusing on colloidal silver, let’s look at some key differences between colloids and ionic solutions.

The suspended particles in colloidal silver are tiny (nano sized) particles of silver. That silver is neutral silver. In an ionic silver solution, the silver is ionized, or charged. While you can find both true colloidal silver and ionic silver solution supplements, colloidal silver is better.

Another colloid, colloidal gold, is only available as pure colloidal gold (not ionic). Ionic gold is toxic, which is why it’s important to know the difference between true colloids and ionic solutions.

You can identify a colloid vs. an ionic solution on sight. A true colloid will reflect and scatter light—at a glance, most colloidal supplements reflect light (color). You can also use a flashlight to see if light scatters (called the tyndall effect).

Why is Colloid vs. Ionic Important?

Once you understand what kind of mixture is a colloid and how a colloid works, you should know why it’s important.

In the case of colloidal gold, ionic gold is not a safe supplement, so it’s clear why you should choose one over the other. In the case of other colloidal supplements, reasons to stick with 

For other colloids, there are various reasons to always choose a true, pure colloid. In addition to safety, some studies show pure colloids are more effective, other times taste is a factor, etc.

Choosing true colloidal supplements is the easiest, safest choice.

Other Things to Know About Colloid Mixtures

As simple as it sounds, silver nanoparticles suspended in water isn’t simple to make! Beware complicated solutions to “what kind of mixture is a colloid”—because true colloids are harder to make, many manufacturers use additives, compounds (rather than pure silver or pure gold) and other hacks to force something like a “colloid”, or they just call an ionic solution “good enough”.

Always Choose Colloids

People tell each other to try colloidal silver for immune support and more. They aren’t recommending additives or other ingredients—it’s pure colloidal silver and colloidal gold that have made names for themselves as mind and body support!

For safety, efficacy, simplicity, and more, always choose true, pure colloids!

You can get pure colloidal gold and colloidal silver at Colloids for Life.

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Looking for true colloidal silver can be tricky. Colloidal silver is well known immune support, and silver has been used for hundreds of years to support the body inside and out—so naturally, any product with any sort of silver claims it’s “colloidal silver”—even when it isn’t.

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One easy solution is to make sure you’ve got a good source on colloidal silver, and know where to buy true colloidal silver! For true colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and more, just head on over to Colloids for Life.

What is True Colloidal Silver?

The good thing is that sorting out what is true colloidal silver and what isn’t is actually pretty simple—and then you can check where to buy true colloidal silver!

A true colloid is one thing suspended in another. Colloidal silver is pure silver suspended in water. There should be only two, pure ingredients. 

Always read the fine print and the ingredients—but you can identify a true colloidal silver by sight, because the suspended silver nanoparticles will reflect light, showing a silvery-gray-blue color.

What Isn’t True Colloidal Silver?

When you want to know where to buy true colloidal silver, you have to get good at spotting fakes!

Ionic silver solutions, which usually market themselves as colloidal silver anyway, have ionic (charged) silver particles that are dissolved (and thus invisible) in water. Other products force a colloidal suspension by creating silver compounds or using additives, and are no longer true, pure colloidal silvers.

While some of these products may claim to be equal or better to colloidal silver modern studies tend to focus on true colloidal silver for a reason. And ask yourself: if some alternative is better, why are they still calling it “colloidal silver” in big letters? Because you should always choose true colloidal silver!

Where to Buy True Colloidal Silver Safely

Colloids for Life is the best answer to where to buy true colloidal silver and other high-quality health supplements. With a high-standard for ingredients, purity, and more, you can have the same confidence in our products that we do.

Where to Never Buy Colloidal Silver

Once you know the red flags about where to NEVER buy colloidal silver, you’ll start your own list about where and what to avoid! Here are some big “Watch Out!”s for you!

Big Online Retailers

It may seem convenient. You’ve already got something in your shopping cart. You’re signed in, and they’ve already got your payment info and shipping address.

But at least for now, you should never buy supplements from certain major online retailers, no matter who is listed as the seller! And certainly it’s nowhere to buy true colloidal silver!

Why? To ship products quickly and keep the prices low to lure you in, products for sale are all mixed together. Anybody can say something is one thing, and then the sale is attributed to whichever seller you select—but it’s just randomly grabbed out of some mixed bin. You might get when the seller you chose listed for sale, or you might get a fake. And when it comes to food and supplements, those fakes can be dangerous!

Until they fix this problem (which has been growing for years) don’t risk your health from major online retailers.

Sites with Big Claims

Supplements are not allowed to tell you they can “cure” or “treat” anything, even if we all have an anecdote about just such an event.

But there’s been a rise in small sellers doing exactly that—and you should pause and wonder, what other rules are they breaking? Many of these companies aren’t around for long.

Anything Changing the Definition of “Colloidal”

There’s a reason the main marketing behind many products says “colloidal silver”! Always look for where to buy true colloidal silver, and don’t be talked out of it. If their similar alternative was better, then everyone would be talking about using that to support their health and immune system instead of colloidal silver!

Stick with what’s well-known, true, and pure: colloidal silver.

Why You Should Always Buy True Colloidal Silver

A long history of use, purity, no additives, and when you buy a true, high-quality product, you get lab-tested purity—always make sure you know where to buy true colloidal silver!

You can head over to Colloids for Life to buy true colloidal silver and other pure colloids, as well as other high-quality supplements.

Start supporting your immune system, but only with pure, true colloidal silver!

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People take colloidal silver to support their immune system—as daily maintenance and support, as an occasional boost in the face of a known problem, as skin support and more. But before they start taking it, they have to figure out—what is the best strength colloidal silver to take?

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It should be straightforward, but when you start looking around, everyone is making competing claims! So here’s how and, more importantly, WHY, the best strength colloidal silver is based on 1) purity, 2) small particle size, and 3) high quantity/ppm!.

Always make sure to choose the best strength colloidal silver.

The Best Strength Colloidal Silver: TRUE Colloidal Silver

Before getting too deep into the comparative strength of something, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples! Always choose a true colloidal silver.

Some studies have shown ionic silver solutions as less effective. Other so-called colloidal products have additives or extra ingredients (because achieving a true colloid isn’t simple, and many people make a cheaper product, like ionic silver, or cheat with additives they then have to justify!).

It’s a simple, intuitive truth: avoid additives and stick to pure, clean ingredients. A true colloidal silver is just silver nanoparticles and water. Any other ingredients are negatively impacting the strength of colloidal silver.

How Colloidal Silver “Strength” Works

Most products talking about strength are about how much colloidal silver is in the bottle. And some products will try and convince you that less is somehow more.

Here’s the thing—when you have a high-quality product with a high ppm (that’s parts per million or how much silver is in it) it’s easy to take less. Most people take a tablespoon or two a day (a larger person needs more than a smaller person), and adjust based on their needs. With high ppm those adjustments are easy—if you need more support you don’t need a lot!

With a low ppm, which some argue is the best strength colloidal silver, it’s harder to get extra support. You need more bottles on hand. And it’s just not as good—many lower ppm products have other quality flaws, too (like being ionic).

Not Just Colloidal Silver Strength—Size, Too!

You already know size matters, and can intuitively tell that eating silver metal shavings isn’t going to be effective—they’ll just pass through you! It’s the small particle size of colloidal silver that makes it a good supplement. But how small is ideal for what is the best strength colloidal silver?

Generally, the smaller, the better—cells are small, and pathogens are smaller. You want colloidal silver to pass freely through the body and to be effective at supporting the immune system.

What is the Best Strength Colloidal Silver to Take? True Strength is All Qualities Combined

Purity, higher ppm, and small particle size—that’s how you find the best strength colloidal silver. 

A true colloidal silver will naturally have a higher ppm than other so-called “colloids”. The truth is, searching for “what is the best strength colloidal silver” should bring you to the best of all qualities. Just silver nanoparticles (the smaller, the better) and water, with a high ppm. Don’t get talked into something inferior just because a true colloidal silver is harder to make!

For a high-quality colloidal silver that is the best strength colloidal silver, choose MesoSilver.

Quantity: What is the Best Strength Colloidal Silver?

The best part about supporting your immune system with colloidal silver is that it puts you into control. Once you’ve solved “what is the best strength colloidal silver to take?”, there’s one more step, how much do you need?

When you have the best colloidal silver, you can take less. Most people, and why they take colloidal silver, choose a little more. They are shoring up their immune support as they battle chronic issues, face unknown exposures during cold and flu season, and managing their own needs as they change and evolve.

Once you’ve got an idea with how much you need, pick up the best strength colloidal silver and start supporting your immune system!

Order the best strength colloidal silver and make sure you have the support you need, with the best purity, the best ppm, and the best particle size.

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If you’re unfamiliar with colloids, you may be wondering if they’re safe to use as a supplement. It’s a good question to ask! Is colloidal copper safe to take?

Illustration <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/skin-aging-collagen-young-old-skin-skin-aging-collagen-young-old-skin-vector-image-image164981348">164981348</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/akaratphasura_info" itemprop="author">Akarat Phasura</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/illustration/aging.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

Colloidal copper is basically just another way to supplement with copper. Not only is it safe, but it may be the better way for you to make sure you get copper, an essential nutrient, in your diet!

So let’s look more closely at colloidal copper: why is colloidal copper safe to take, and why should you take colloidal copper?

Copper: An Essential Nutrient

First, let’s look at why supplementing with copper is important! Copper is an essential nutrient, and you need to be getting it in your diet each day!

Copper helps the body with iron absorption. It’s used to make collagen and elastin, which are what makes tissue smooth and supple (and while this is most famously brought up with regard to wrinkles, tissue inside you benefits too, like your arteries!). Copper is important throughout the body!

Is colloidal copper safe to take? Yes! It’s just another way to make sure you get this essential mineral.

What Is Colloidal Copper? Is It Safe to Take?

Always make sure you have a good, true, pure colloidal copper. It should be just two ingredients, pure water, and PURE copper! What makes it a colloid is the suspension of the tiny (nanosized!) copper particles suspended in water. Some products call themselves colloidal, but in the fine print they are not pure or have other additives!

Is colloidal copper safe to take? Only when it’s pure, genuine colloidal copper! And the nano-sized particles may be more easily absorbed and used.

Why Is Colloidal Copper Safe to Take

A true colloidal copper with no additives, that isn’t a copper compound, etc., is just a way to supplement a needed nutrient—copper.

Ideally, a healthy diet would provide the copper you need. Realistically, the average American diet is missing all sorts of nutrients. Even if you eat lots of natural foods, over-farming and variation between regions can mean a nutrient like copper is missing.

Not only is colloidal copper safe, adding it to your diet may help support and improve your health.

When Isn’t Colloidal Copper Safe to Take

We’ve already gone over one example of when is colloidal copper not safe—when it’s not a true colloid—but there’s one more to be aware of!

People with certain rare genetic conditions have to monitor how much copper is in their diet because their body doesn’t process it and can accumulate too much. If you’re not sure about your genetic history, make sure not to exceed the recommended amount of dietary copper.

And everyone should always use common sense! “Too much of a good thing” is a saying for a reason!

Otherwise, colloidal copper is safe to take.

More You Can Do with Colloidal Copper

Because copper is especially well-known for supporting healthier skin and hair, many people want to get more copper to support smoother skin, darker hair, and a healthier look.

In order to target the support they get from colloidal copper, rather than use it as a supplement (which sends it throughout the body), some people use it as a spray, conditioning skin with supportive copper so it has the building blocks for elastin and collagen, which make skin smooth and firm.

Is colloidal copper safe for skin? Yes, because it’s a needed element of healthy skin!

Do You Need Colloidal Copper?

How can you tell if you need more copper in your diet and should supplement with colloidal copper? Some people find out they were short on copper by taking a little colloidal copper and feeling and seeing the effects (on health, energy, skin, and hair—for some people, a little extra copper is enough to darken graying hair!).

If you’re not sure, consider the symptoms of iron deficiency—tiredness, weakness, lightheadedness—while people can be quick to add iron to their diet, people forget that more iron won’t work if you don’t have enough copper! If you’re trying to problem solve symptoms of iron deficiency, remember that they overlap heavily with symptoms of copper deficiency, and consider using colloidal copper to support your health!

Is colloidal copper safe? Yes, and needed! Copper is an essential nutrient, and colloidal copper can help make sure you’re getting enough for your optimal health.

If you think you could use more copper, try adding copper to your diet with colloidal copper!

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What Does Colloidal Gold Do?

September 8, 2020

The antimicrobial effects of silver—that it kills germs from bacteria and viruses to fungi and some amoebas, is both well-known and well-studied. It’s easy to see why and how people decided to start taking colloidal silver as a supplement. But what about colloidal gold? What does colloidal gold do?

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-memory-five-keys-tied-to-six-tags-allegory-oblivion-image53332562">53332562</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/absente_info" itemprop="author">Absente</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/memory.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

Gold, by itself, is considered food safe. High-end restaurants have famously topped everything from cakes to hamburgers with gold leaf. Gold has some antimicrobial properties (like silver)—but that’s not what’s led to its medicinal uses over the past thousands of years.

The big use for body support is to support the health of rheumatic joints. People also use colloidal gold as mental support. Let’s look at what else does colloidal gold do.

Colloidal Gold: What Is It, What Does Colloidal Gold Do?

Colloidal gold is just pure nanogold particles suspended in water (the term “colloidal” refers to this suspension, products with additives to force a suspension or with dissolved ionic gold are not true colloidal golds). It’s the supplement form of gold.

People have been using gold medicinally for a long time, whether using gold jewelry and cups lead them to notice some benefit, or whether it was self-experimentation.

Today, gold is still used experimentally. Gold compounds are studied as possible medicines for arthritis, prostate health, and even cancer.

What Does Colloidal Gold Do for the Mind?

When people take colloidal gold as a supplement, most are seeking the reported mental benefits. Colloidal gold is probably most used as mind support.

Mind support? What does colloidal gold do for the mind? It’s thought that colloidal gold supports thinking, and reported benefits include improved memory, focus, concentration, mood, energy, and more.

Some people use colloidal gold as daily mind support. For those looking for overall effects, two to four weeks of regular colloidal gold usage is where to start.

Others use colloidal gold to push themselves—naturally, safely—toward a goal. To stay sharp and quick during a presentation, performance, or review, to help support mental agility and hand-eye coordination at sports (especially golf, soccer, and tennis). 

Still others use colloidal gold as a tool to support themselves and work through stress, anxiety, and depression (sometimes along other supplements).

What Does Colloidal Gold Do for the Body? 

While colloidal gold is reported to support hand-eye coordination and possibly reflexes (as part of hand-eye coordination), many wonder what does colloidal gold do for the body?

Most people focusing on gold for body support (rather than mind support) are supporting their arthritic joints. A few use it as a men’s health aid, supporting their prostate.

Colloidal gold is a passive, gentle approach and is generally safe to use as complimentary support to other things.

What Else Does Colloidal Gold Do?

While we’ve looked at the main answers to “what does colloidal gold do”, there may be a few more!

Mind support and arthritis support are the most reported uses of colloidal gold, but some people have tried it in support of other concerns. People working to manage ADHD, autism, and addiction have used colloidal gold for support.

What Does Colloidal Gold Do Wrong?

There are no reported ill-effects from gold/colloidal gold. It’s why gold leaf is used so confidently throughout the restaurant industry.

The biggest thing you should worry about is making sure you have true colloidal gold. Many labels say “colloidal gold” in big print or in their advertising, but right under that they’re product has some additive or compound labeled. 

You don’t have to worry about “what does colloidal gold do” as long as you read the label carefully and always ensure you have true, pure colloidal gold. Sometimes the imposters are cheaper, sometimes they charge a premium for their additives!

Find Out For Yourself—What Does Colloidal Gold Do?

Mood, energy, focus, concentration, mind-body support and arthritis support—all reported answers to “what does colloidal gold do?”. Ultimately, you have to try colloidal gold to see for yourself—will you find your focus? Sharpen your memory? Shave points off your golf game?

Your needs and experiences are uniquely your own. Support them with colloidal gold.

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