Gamma Linolenic Acid Benefits

September 13, 2019

What is gamma linolenic acid and do you need it? This plant derived nutrient may have multiple benefits. Found in Evening Primrose Oil and other plants, gamma linolenic acid benefits may include the balance you need.

This Omega-6 fatty acid helps provide dietary balance, fight antioxidants, and more. Most of the omega-6 in your diet probably comes from less than healthy sources like fried foods. Gamma linolenic acid comes from plants like Evening Primrose Oil and instead of causing inflammation helps to fight it. You need both Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids—make sure you’re getting them from the right source. 

Gamma linolenic acid benefits range from supporting skin health (eczema), to heart health (blood pressure), digestion, and arthritis. Studies even support that gamma linolenic acid may be helpful as nerve support (especially with both type-1 and 2 diabetes). Usually, benefits are reported to studies over a year, and, studies note, gamma linolenic acid is most useful as part of other healthy habits (for example keeping blood sugar levels steady if you have diabetes).

While studies are new and offer insufficient data, gamma linolenic acid benefits have been renowned for centuries. Native Americans used it for swelling, and it quickly gained popularity in Europe for helping with various illnesses (it was used on everything).

More than just health support, gamma linolenic acid helps with hair and skin growth, brain function, and more. Many believe that Evening Primrose Oil is beneficial for women’s health, supporting balance during both menopause and PMS.

Find out if you need gamma linolenic acid’s benefits with Evening Primrose Oil.

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Jiaogulan tea is an herbal tea from a plant traditionally grown in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Jiaoglan’s health benefits, it’s grown in popularity in the west. But what are the benefits of Jiaogulan tea?

In Southeast Asia, Jiaogulan is known as the tea of life. There, it’s been used for centuries to ease stomach upset and improve digestion, support cardiovascular health, aid endurance, and more. Modern studies are exploring and verifying some of the claims about Jiaogulan’s benefits. For instance, it looks like it might support blood pressure in addition to heart health. Because of the complexity of plants (as opposed to extracts), you get more benefits from the whole plant (like drinking tea).

One of those benefits are all the adaptogens that plants like Jiaogulan have. Adaptogen basically just means things that help the body support itself by encouraging balance, or in other words self-regulation to reach a better state.

Jiaogulan’s health benefits go beyond traditional wisdom and what’s being verified by studies. Just the act of sitting down with a cup of tea can calm, the ritual of making one pre-emptively soothing. A few minutes to drink a cup of tea can help erode stress, disrupting the rhythm of the day in a positive way, allowing the brain to do something different, breathe, and then resume with more focus and calm. Choosing a healthier beverage like Jiaogulan tea enhances that experience, supporting the body just as the break supports the mind!

Enjoy a cup of Jiaogulan tea, and start reaping all the potential health benefits.

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It may seem like an obvious truism, but do you live it? Taking cues from your body may help you catch diseases early, heal yourself, and live longer. Take the results of some new research: in settling whether naps are beneficial or not, research has revealed that a couple of naps a week may support heart health, as study respondents who napped once or twice per week were able to cut their risk of cardiovascular events (like stroke or heart attack) nearly in half.

What’s at play: people who nap a lot (everyday, for example) tend to have other health issues going on. It’s good that they’re getting the sleep they need, but there’s more affecting their health that they may need to look at. People who never nap are likely pushing through being tired, and not getting the rest they need.

Then there’s the sweet spot: people taking one or two naps a week are likely reacting to their body’s needs, allowing their heart and brain to rest, lowering their stress and anxiety (which ramps up faster when you’re ignoring physical cues and needs), and improving their overall health (and according to other research, productivity).

Here are other ways to take that lesson to heart and listen to your body:

At the first sign of being sick, increase your immune support. That unexplained fatigue, that tickle in your throat, that poor night’s sleep—whatever the first sign is, take action. Rest, eat healthy, and increase your immune support with colloidal silver. Shorten those symptoms or even nip it in the bud by getting in front of it!

Maybe you don’t need a nap, but could still use a break. Consider sitting down with a cup of our Jiaogulan tea to relax while putting something healthy in your body.

Don’t let aching muscles nag at you, protect your comfort and sleep by soothing headaches, tension, knots, and more with Dakota Muscle Relief.


Focus, memory, concentration, and energy levels have their ups and downs—whether it’s on the scale of your daily circadian rhythm, a yearly cycle where you react to the weather, or one where the ups and downs go along with other external factors. And it’s all connected, when our energy is better, our focus and concentration often is, too, resulting in stronger memories. But what if we have more downs than ups? What if the highs are actually pretty low? We may need help boosting our overall energy, focus, concentration, and memory abilities with supplements for focus and concentration like colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold is reported not just to help with focus, concentration, memory, and energy, but with hand-eye coordination and other “brain skills”. It works naturally, supporting connections throughout the body. With daily support or an occasional boost, people use colloidal gold to help hone their skills at golf and soccer, prepare for big projects and presentations, and to create a stronger mental presence in their daily lives.

While many will plaster their love for coffee over every t-shirt, decal, and mug, it’s not for everyone, and colloidal gold is something different. Don’t change your ground state with the high and crash that caffeine offers, instead support and enhance it. The energy boost that colloidal gold supports isn’t the same as a caffeine rush, it’s much more gradual, and tied to focus and concentration (rather than how coffee can make some people erratic or off).

Unlike other supposed supplements for focus and concentration, colloidal gold is safe, and naturally supportive. It’s not doping you herbs (many foreign products are often outed as cheating—using unlabelled illegal/dangerous substances to get the desired effect). With colloidal gold, you see what you’re getting—nanogold particles suspended in water, giving a dark reddish orange color off (any clear product is a solution, meaning it uses ionic gold and isn’t safe).

Reach for a stronger mental presence in your day to day activities with supplements for focus and concentration like colloidal gold.

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Cold season has begun and an earlier flu season is predicted. That means more sinus infection symptoms: pain, congestion, runny nose, fatigue, sinus pressure, and more. The best way to relieve them isn’t a pill, it’s manually. No, not by blowing and damaging your sinuses. It’s time to again become familiar with using a Sinus Flooding Kit

Sinus flooding is gentler than blowing and more thorough than rinsing with a neti pot, and it’s a better way to relieve sinus pressure. You actually hold colloidal silver in your sinus cavity, supporting it against infection and loosening up the thickest gunk.

Here’s how to do it: pick a comfy place like your bed. Grab a few tissues and put a towel on the floor—you’re going to hang your head upside down over the towel. Using the sinus bulb in the sinus flooding kit, load your sinuses up one nostril at a time with a mixture of colloidal silver and xylitol, then just hang out. Everyone has a different size sinus, so you know you’ve put enough in when you can taste it in your throat.

As you sit, your nose might bubble as mucus loosens. Perfectly normal! After a few minutes you’ll carefully roll over (trying to not tilt your head) so that the colloidal silver can reach and sit in the front of your sinus cavity, too. A few more minutes and you’re done, use the towel and tissues to drain your sinuses. Then, do the whole thing again in 45 minutes. The first flood will tackle a lot of the mucus, sinus pressure, and pain, but the second helps the results last longer. With mucus cleared out of the way, immune supporting colloidal silver can really help your body fight sinus infection symptoms and to relieve sinus pressure.

Don’t wait for sinus infection symptoms to hit. Protect your sleep, work better, and be comfortable with help from a Sinus Flooding Kit

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