Sleep is meant to be restful, restorative. If you’re waking up feeling sore, something’s gone wrong! Back pain and neck pain are both common problems, but you shouldn’t be waking up the worse for wear! Reduce neck and back pain by making sure you’re setting yourself up for a better tomorrow, and don’t wake-up sore.

The first question asked when someone says they wake-up sore is about what position they slept in. The worst one for neck pain? Sleeping on your stomach. Stomach sleeping twists and crains the neck and back worse than back or side-sleeping.

Another common cause of neck pain? The wrong pillow! Your pillow should be able to support your sleeping position without a bunch of fuss, like scrunching, flipping, and smushing. A pillow upgrade can be worth the back pain it saves you! And PSA: most pillows are meant to be laundered every few months. Many are even designed to dry in the dryer—check your tag for care instructions, and you might reduce a source of allergies, acne, and more.

Not everyone realizes it, but back and neck pain can be triggered by how well you sleep, not just the position you do it in. A good night’s sleep without tossing and turning, where you fully relax and restore your heart, mind, and body can impact many areas of health. Make enough time for sleep, and if you’re having insomnia, check out our sleep tips.

Don’t forget to start the night off right. If you are dehydrated, you’ll feel it in your muscles. If you’re stressed, you’ll be clenched. Relax, drink some water, and consider stretching, massaging, and other ways to give your muscles a little TLC before sleeping. For help getting muscles to relax, try Dakota Muscle Relief. With a pleasant smell and a hot/cold sensation, it can help ease tension, relieve back pain and neck pain, and even reduce headaches and migraines. Available as a spray, you can even get relief to places hard to reach on your own.

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What’s hygge? It’s a Danish concept that’s being welcomed in America with open arms: “hygge” (pronounced  HOO-gə) is a word summoning up the concepts of coziness, comfort, and contentment. It’s not just a mood, it’s a practice—creating spots in your home, daily rituals, and social practices to elicit hygge in one’s life for increased wellness and peace. Here’s one step to adding a little hygge to your life: cozy up with your favorite blanket and a cup of our organic Jiaogulan tea!

Americans know Hygge in the phrases “curling up with a good book” and “settle into a warm bath”.

A cup of tea in and of itself can be a good source of hygge: it’s warm, familiar, and comforting on a cold day. Jiaogulan takes it a step further: it’s got an earthy flavor that pairs perfectly with watching the leaves fall, with listening to rain pitter-patter, or just for bringing those feelings to your desk in the afternoon. With no caffeine, it won’t cause overstimulation or disrupt later sleep (in fact, it can help summon some pre-bed hygge for a better night’s rest).

Hygge is a cat lounging in the sun, or a dog in it’s favorite spot when everyone is home.

And Jiaogulan supports health and wellness. Where it’s from in Southeast Asia it’s known as the “Tea of Life” because drinkers are known to live longer. Jiaogulan may support cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, and more—so you can physically support your wellness while practicing it with a calm cup of tea.

What’s Hygge? It’s sharing a cup of tea with a friend.

Jiaogulan tea goes perfectly with your softest sweater, a cozy afternoon, and your favorite chair. If you’re ready to embrace “hygge” and add a little peace, tranquility, and coziness to your life—center it with a warm cup of Jiaogulan tea.

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There aren’t many diseases that both humans and their pets can get, but there are some—and more people, living closer together, means that there are increasing numbers of cases. You already know that ticks and fleas can be introduced to your home by pets, but what other diseases do we share? Here’s why it’s just as important to support the immune systems of dogs and cats!

You won’t get West Nile Virus from your dog, but it’s a disease that can impact both humans and pets. What could happen is that once your dog carries it, they become a “reservoir” for the disease, so that mosquitoes visiting your yard also carry West Nile Virus, even in years where it’s not otherwise wide spread. Plus, it’s a hard disease to have, causing lethargy and other symptoms for pups. Vets can treat West Nile Virus, and you can support your dog’s immune system with a drop or two of colloidal silver in their water bowl.

Here’s a less known disease currently on the rise: Leptospirosis. The main symptoms for dogs is drinking a lot of water, which causes increased urination (and sometimes accidents)—and is also how the disease is spread (through urine). And yep, humans can get it too: it causes stomach pain, high fever/chills, headache, muscle ache, and jaundice. Both humans and dogs can be treated with antibiotics (cats can’t get it). Although still “rare”, a recent jump in the number of cases has vets on the lookout. Make sure to watch for symptoms, and to support your dog’s immune system with colloidal silver.

Skin diseases can sometimes have a pathogen as their cause, especially in animals. Even in humans, research is just starting to scratch the surface on how face mites, good/bad bacteria, and other microbes may trigger eczema, rashes, and more. Pets can introduce some of these, so it’s important to stay on top of skin changes.

Pets can influence the health of an entire household, lowering blood pressure and lengthening lifespan. Make sure they’re a positive health benefit for your family by supporting their health daily with a little colloidal silver.

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Get Your Immune System Going

October 15, 2019

The warnings are up: it’s time to be on the defense against not just cold and flu, but RSV, Norovirus, and dozens of other viruses that cause similar symptoms. Get natural immune support that goes beyond boosting your Vitamin C intake with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract.

Food based, natural, and well-known in Eastern Medicine—Maitake Beta Glucan Extract uses the power of mushrooms to boost the immune system.

There are numerous health benefits that mushrooms are thought to offer, some of which have been demonstrated in modern studies. And each mushroom is a little different. Mushrooms have been used to help balance the immune system, not just power it up, and may support the body against allergies. Some mushrooms have been shown to increase immune activity, helping the body raise its natural defenses to support our health, or to enhance immune activity, helping the body to be more efficient.

It’s support at a cellular level. With research supporting the effects of mushrooms (effects known through thousands of years of experience), don’t go without this immune-boosting support.

Some mushrooms are rare and hard to come by, and picking them up at your local natural grocer may not be easy, and likely isn’t something you could do regularly. Maitake Beta Glucan Extract takes some of the most well known, well studied beneficial mushrooms and makes it easy to get the immune boosting support they offer every day.

Support your immune system with the natural power of mushrooms, and get an immune boost every day with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. Power up your body with extra immune support through cold and flu season and beyond.

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Support Yourself This Season

October 14, 2019

Whether you think the holidays are a corporate sham or your house is decorated to the hilt for the theme of each month as we head toward the end of the year, you’re probably facing some stress as end of year work, clustered celebrations, social expectation, and flu season all collide in on one another. Take back some control and support any feelings of stress, anxiety, or depression you face this season with natural supplements for anxiety and stress like D.S.A. MGRx.

You may find fall weather dreary, not cozy, or you may be overwhelmed by the ads, cheeriness, and nostalgia being blasted everywhere—or you may have no reason at all for feeling a bit down. It doesn’t matter. Come out of the fog by making sure you’re taking care of yourself with some of these tips:

-Make sure you’re meeting your basic needs, like sleeping and drinking water. If pumpkin spiced lattes have replaced some of your normal drinking, you might have too much caffeine and sugar flowing through your veins and not enough basic water. (And if you have no explanation for feeling down, like too many coffee shop trips, focusing on basic needs is a good first step).

-The days are shorter and darker, so rule out Vitamin D deficiency with a good multivitamin like Cardio CVS Complete. Sometimes the best supplement for anxiety and stress is just making sure your basic needs are met each day!

-Exercise helps create physical change in the body, and if you do it outside, sunlight is helping, too. With end of year commitments piled up (complicated by work and school events), it may be hard to make time, and motivation can wane. Take small steps to move around outside for a natural mood perk.

-If all else fails, get support with natural supplements for anxiety, stress, and depression—like D.S.A. MGRx. With known herbs and nutrients that support mood, it lets you control when you need extra support. Take it everyday, or just as needed as another step to a better mood.

Don’t get the winter blues, stay on top of depression, stress, and anxiety this fall.

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