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December 2010

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that your body generally builds for itself. It’s best known as a tool for body-builders and athletes, since L-Glutamine is a key component in the building and maintenance of muscle. However, the value of L-Glutamine goes far beyond its role in protein synthesis, as it is used in other key processes […]

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The first symptoms of a cold appear as minor irritations in your nose and throat. It may be a few days before more symptoms of a cold appear, and in those few days you can prepare yourself to better endure them. Taking vitamins, resting, and generally giving yourself time to fight the virus is the […]

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Product Profile: Bowel MGRx

December 1, 2010

You may already know about the benefits of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria found in fermented foods like yogurt, and they replenish your natural supply of “good” or “healthy” bacteria which exist in places like you gastrointestinal tract (GI Tract) and around your cervix (if you’re a girl). These good bacteria help you digest food, keep […]

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