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April 2013

We are only a few years away from having to fight several serious diseases without much help from modern medicine. Unless there’s a breakthrough, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, and other life-threatening illnesses will be bigger than ever be before. Just take a weakened immune system, and add: -A bigger global population, with many choosing to live […]

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Last year was one of the biggest years of West Nile Virus symptoms ever, and this year is expected to be near as bad. Among mosquitoes, West Nile virus is already an epidemic, so it’s falling to city officials to help control mosquito populations, get the public informed, and make sure the epidemic doesn’t spread […]

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Spring Depression?

April 26, 2013

Winter’s over, but you might still feel like you have the blahs. Depression symptoms include being excessively worried, sad, overly anxious, and lifeless. Many people feel some symptoms during winter months, but now that spring is here, if you still feel them, you may have depression. Many people want to start with natural treatments for […]

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…And So It Begins

April 25, 2013

Only two days ago I wrote that there were two steps to watch out for for a possible avian flu pandemic. That is the bird flu outbreak would spread beyond China, and that it becomes confirmed it can spread between humans. Two days. And here it is in the news: bird flu symptoms of the […]

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Colloidal Silver For Acne

April 24, 2013

From the occasional blemish to full on breakouts, you should try colloidal silver for acne. Although there are different triggers for acne (oil, dead skin, make-up), it’s ultimately caused by bacteria and inflammation—two things colloidal silver is good at fighting. Now MesoSilver, the leading brand of colloidal silver (for it’s purity and hard to achieve […]

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