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November 2013

Stopping Cholesterol Cancer

November 29, 2013

Not really what you want to hear the day after a big Thanksgiving meal. But scientists have found the mechanism tying cholesterol to increased breast cancer rates. Cholesterol is broken down into 27HC, which can mimic estrogen and encourage the growth of breast cancer. In mice, the presence of 27HC causes rapid growth of tumors. […]

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De-Stink Your Shoes

November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving weekend is a popular time to ski, hike, and get outdoors (depending on your local weather). But there’s an important side effect to all this activity we need to discuss. Stinky shoes. Ski boots, hiking shoes, ice skates… A good outing will leave any well laced shoe moist and smelly. But there’s a solution! […]

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Have A Healthy Turkey Day

November 27, 2013

Try these traditions to encourage a healthy feast this year: -Make real cranberry sauce. It’s super easy. The first year I got my mother to do it, she still insisted on setting out the canned kind, thinking people would balk at real cranberries. At the end of the meal, there was an untouched cylinder of […]

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Winter Immune System Pitfalls

November 26, 2013

Cold and flu season is supposed to be mild this year, and that’s good news for all. Just don’t fall into these other winter pitfalls that could get you sick: Peak hour holiday shopping. Don’t let the lure of a good deal get you into the crowd. You’re upping your exposure to illness by at […]

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Fad: The Cotton Ball Diet

November 25, 2013

As one diet expert warns: the holidays are a time when people get desperate to lose weight, or at least not gain any back. And fads appear. All over YouTube right now is a new, dangerous fad: eating cotton balls. Usually they are soaked in juice or a smoothie or something first, then a few […]

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