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January 2015

Hep C Is Easy To Share

January 30, 2015

Recently, people questioned recommendations that are meant to help people at a greater risk for Hepatitis C get tested, and get treated while still in the early stages. To emphasize why encouraging people to find out if they have Hepatitis C is so important, here are some notes about Hepatitis C transmission: Hepatitis C survives […]

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The Flu Is Still Raging

January 29, 2015

Whether it’s the lackluster flu shot this year, or it was just time for a bad season (every two to three years is a bad flu season), influenza has barely peaked this year. Don’t think that warm weather excuses you, either: in the middle of January, 46 states had widespread flu activity. This year, it’s […]

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In Washington, 32 people have been identified as having received a MRSA infection through contaminated medical scopes. The scopes had been cleaned according to manufacturer directions and federal standards—as I’m sure many are in hospitals across the country. In response to the outbreak, Virginia Mason Medical Center is now cleaning scopes more rigorously. They’re not […]

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While there are lots of ways to support good digestion and metabolism, there’s probably one obvious thing you’re missing: liver support. If you don’t have a chronic illness like hepatitis, you probably think of your liver as that thing that processes alcohol, because alcohol gets a lot of attention. But your liver’s other jobs deserve […]

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Is IBD A Viral Infection?

January 26, 2015

New research may change how we think about, and doctors treat, Irritable Bowel Disease (which includes Crohn’s Disease and other types of colitis). Currently, IBD is regarded as an autoimmune disorder, and treatment can vary from strict dietary changes to removing part of the bowel. But if this new research shows IBD to be viral, […]

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