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September 2015

Are Your Pets Ready For Fall?

September 30, 2015

Each season brings special considerations for pets. During fall, everything from special exercise and nutrition, to watching out for chemicals are a key to keeping pets safe and happy. It’s great enjoying cool autumn weather with pets, especially after a hot summer. But before you really get rolling with hikes through the changing foliage, the […]

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Don’t Just Sit Back…

September 29, 2015

…Give your skin and hair the support they need. As we age, our body doesn’t do as well at absorbing and processing the nutrients it needs to function as well as it could. It’s always good to give it extra support with a daily multivitamin, but it’s not wrong to want some support for where […]

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The Leaves Are Piling Up

September 28, 2015

Trees are now shot with yellow, and what was a gradual build-up of leaves is quickly becoming a pile worthy of a cannon-ball. If you have allergies, you can probably feel (in your sinuses) every leaf as it falls, crunches, and rots, releasing allergens into the air. You feel it as you sniffle it back, […]

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And more importantly, your health comes down to the little things. For most people, getting started is the hardest part. But you can do it without even leaving your chair. Just fidget more. Hop your feet, twist, stretch, readjust. People who fidget are more likely to be thin, and according to a new study, fidgeting […]

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Don’t Let Your Vitamin D Drop

September 24, 2015

As winter comes, everyone is going to naturally spend more time inside, and Vitamin D levels will drop. Do you know what else drops during the winter? Bone density. What most people don’t know (because the medical profession takes a very lazy approach to it) is that your bone density fluctuates all the time: time […]

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