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November 2015

Why Am I Still Tired?!

November 30, 2015

At this time of year, you might be asking yourself “Why am I sleeping so much, and still tired?”. There are a lot of possibilities—and no reason not to tackle them so you can have more energy and time to enjoy the holidays! Sleep is critical to our health, mood, energy level—everything. But because it’s […]

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Research is getting thorough when it comes to addressing the obesity epidemic. Why is it getting worse when there are dozens of tips, on which foods to eat, which types of exercise, and how to integrate them all into your diet? When our schools are getting more proactive with the lunches and classes they provide? […]

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Don’t Get Sick Now

November 26, 2015

Having a good Thanksgiving weekend? Here’s to a happy time all throughout December and into the New Year! But it might take a little effort. There’s always that relative that picked up a bug on the airplane. Or the one who seems sick every year. Or maybe with the long day of parades, football, and […]

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This time of year, pet illnesses spike—it’s not some sort of doggy flu or cat cold, it’s owners sharing the delights of the season. This Thanksgiving, don’t give your dogs or cats table scraps, whether you want to share the excitement the day of, or throw them a treat as you enjoy leftovers. If you […]

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Flu Shot Flop

November 24, 2015

Even the best made flu shot is middling in terms of efficacy. Unfortunately, this year’s doesn’t even hit that—it’s only 18% effective against the current dominant flu strain. That is, less than 1 in 5 people will get immunity from the flu shot, and generally, those will be people with already healthy and strong immune […]

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