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January 2016

February is just a weekend away, and so begins heart health month. Hopefully, you’re still following your New Year’s Resolution (it’s only been a month!) because most typical resolutions support heart health, whether it’s directly through nutrition and exercise, or indirectly through finding more time to relax and find hobbies or nurture friendships. If you […]

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If you’re intrigued by krill oil and thinking of making the switch from fish oil, let me go a little deeper into some of the differences, and how krill oil is better. Krill oil is more bioavailable than fish oil. Bioavailability refers to the form nutrients are in, so that the same nutrients are more […]

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When It Comes From All Sides

January 27, 2016

If you’re following the headlines, you may notice that there are health problems from every angle; ticks that spread Lyme Disease are in half of US counties, and still spreading. Mosquitoes are spreading some pretty serious viruses, two of them are already in the US: Chik-V and Dengue Fever, and both are pretty painful. Health […]

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As the Lead Scandal Broadens

January 26, 2016

You’re probably following everything going on in Flint, Michigan, if only by the headlines—in a nutshell, they started using a river as a water source to save money without properly treating the water, leading to corrosion of the pipes it was carried in and lead contamination of the water. Lead isn’t safe for consumption—especially at […]

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Leaving Concrete Behind?

January 25, 2016

Spring and summer will be here before you know it, and so will tick season. The thing to note is that more and more counties are testing positive for ticks, and the diseases they carry (including Lyme Disease) each summer. East coast, west coast, and stretching into the midwest, blacklegged ticks (and Western black-legged ticks) […]

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