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March 2016

Sharpen Up Your Studies

March 31, 2016

Most students are just past spring break—and that means the home stretch until the end of the school year, and the finals that come with it. Time to stay focused, work hard, and finish big, and you can give them the support to do it (and help them avoid less savory “support” that often circulates […]

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Getting Zika Straight

March 30, 2016

A survey has revealed that a concerning number of Americans don’t know the fundamental basics about the Zika virus—spring is warming the ground, and mosquitoes are becoming awake and active up and across the US. So read up about the fundamentals of Zika virus. Then share this article with a friend. How do you get […]

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Bulbs are peeking out. Leaves are starting to grow, although trees are mostly bare. Spring is here, but it’s still a few weeks before pollen and grass clippings are blowing in the breeze. Take an active approach to fighting allergies, and get your home ready now (and make sure you have a few Sinus Flooding […]

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CDC: TB Rates Rising

March 28, 2016

Over the last two years, there’s been a small, but significant turnaround in the fight against tuberculosis: instead of a decline in cases, they held steady. It may seem insignificant. For most people, tuberculosis, or the wasting disease, is just something from period romances. Until, that is, you go to the doctor with symptoms of […]

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Supporting the Basics

March 25, 2016

It may seem redundant to say that the basics of a healthy immune system are eating right, exercise, enough sleep, etc., etc…. But LESS THAN 3% of Americans are meeting those very basic body-care needs. The study looked for four factors: eating ok, moderate exercise, weight control, and not smoking. It wasn’t looking for specimens […]

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