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September 2016

Upgrade Your Multivitamin

September 30, 2016

If you haven’t already upgraded your daily multivitamin to a high-quality supplement like Vita One, now’s the time. What differentiates a high-quality supplement from the cheap stuff you can pick up at any mega-store? If you follow the headlines, you’ve probably noticed that regulators are having a tough time with many big-name and cheap brands. […]

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Stock Up to Clear Your Sinuses

September 29, 2016

For some, it’s the breakdown of all the fallen leaves, and a bit of mold and mildew in the air. For others, it could be from a cold passed from a coworker, a school kid, or a fast food worker. For others, it might just be those in-between days—air conditioning during the day and suddenly […]

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A Fun Natural Treatment?

September 28, 2016

Or scariest, depending on your phobias. If you suffer from frequent kidney stones, here’s a revelation for you: the cure might be a few trips on a rollercoaster! When a urological surgeon noticed anecdotes piling up about patients who passed small kidney stones after a visit to Disneyworld, he dug a little deeper. Most stories […]

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Take Advantage of Fall Changes

September 27, 2016

The leaves are changing, and your home probably is, too. Warm weather shoes and clothes get put away and out come fall staples. Decorations get rotated too; bright and cheery gets switched for gourds, earth tones, and eventually, snow and holly. Take advantage of this rotation to get rid of odors that might be festering […]

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It’s a good thing pets can bring such joy—and that past studies have found that owning one may reduce stress and boost the immune system. Because new research is shedding light into the germs that pets bring into our home: specifically, cats and chickens (so all pet owners should support their immune systems!).

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