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February 2017

Take Action Against Depression

February 28, 2017

Researchers have found that most everyone will go through some period of mental illness, and depression is one common form. Here’s something that could help: some evidence suggests that depression might be a symptom of your brain wanting you to take action to solve a problem (or let it go). It pairs well with other research […]

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Whether you just want a tune up to feel like you’re running more optimally, or you want some support during this epidemic level flu season, try Immune System Regenerator to get things going. What is Immune System Regenerator? The main ingredient is Humic and Fulvic acid. Formed from the remains of ancient plants, Humic and […]

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Give Mental Health a Boost

February 24, 2017

According to researchers, long lasting mental health isn’t usual. Just like our bodies get sick, our minds do, too. And just like our bodies, our minds tend to heal and return to normal after time. That means that many of the things we do for our bodies, we should be adapting for our minds. We […]

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Jump Into Spring

February 23, 2017

A few warm days and many are ready to be more active. Getting outside into some warm weather is more than just an opportunity for exercise, it’s an opportunity to help clear out some of the cold and flu that’s going around, boost vitamin D levels (helping your immune system), and help improve mood. Ready […]

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It’s the toward the end of February, and flu levels are at “epidemic levels”, according to the CDC (plus there are colds and other viruses going around!). And this year, they’re rating the flu shot as only 48% effective. That’s actually not bad for the flu shot, which just doesn’t perform as well as other […]

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