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April 2018

It may seem obvious that the amount of sleep we get would impact our mental health—after all, sleep is critical for the brain!—but you may not realize how deeply and immediately a sleep affects us. According to a new study, following a poor night’s sleep the amount of suicidal thoughts increases, especially in patients who […]


Measles Outbreak Update

April 27, 2018

Mumps, measles, and other childhood diseases are making a comeback. Several states have a measles outbreaks, and with as many as two weeks between exposure and measles symptoms, more people have likely been exposed and are spreading it.

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Keep Wet Shoes Fresh

April 26, 2018

Caught in the rain, stepped in a puddle, a sweaty workout, or maybe a trip through the washing machine… a lot can make shoes wet, and the secret to helping them dry fresh is Smelly Shoe Spray.

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It doesn’t feel like spring this week as cool weather is everywhere and Colorado and the Northeast get some cold moisture… but that makes it the perfect time to cozy up with a hot cup of Jiaogulan tea. Making lemonade from lemons is for the summer, during a cold day, make it warm, cozy, and […]

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No one is trying to look older by letting their skin go—but even if you don’t want a complicated skin regime to beat back the ticking of the clock, there are simple steps you can take to help it look and stay younger with minimal time and effort, like supporting skin health with colloidal copper.

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