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Although headlines about lead and Zika virus have taken over, you may have noticed there’s a campaign about prediabetes going on. As American health continues to plummet (while our medical care improves), a campaign is trying to get ahead of some of those numbers by getting people aware about prediabetes. The video seeks to diagnose […]


Spirulina For Your Heart

February 2, 2016

Exercise is the best thing you can do for your heart—but you can’t exercise all day long (and really, probably shouldn’t for more than an hour or two). During the rest of the day, it’s important to support your heart and body with good habits—calm breaks, a good night’s rest, good nutrition. And next to […]


If you’re following the headlines, you may notice that there are health problems from every angle; ticks that spread Lyme Disease are in half of US counties, and still spreading. Mosquitoes are spreading some pretty serious viruses, two of them are already in the US: Chik-V and Dengue Fever, and both are pretty painful. Health […]


Picking a Good Tea

January 20, 2016

Good health is in the little things. The bigs things are healthy meals, exercise, enough sleep—but if you’re messing up the little things, you won’t get the results you’re working so hard for. For instance, you probably know that sugary drinks will sabotage any weight loss plans you have. Did you know that there are […]


Focus On Spring

January 14, 2016

Whether spring means exams, golf, hiking, or deep cleaning and organizing, gather your focus and get ready. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your ability to focus: it’s not all brain training! So get out from under the clouds of winter, and shine yourself up for spring: -Meditation. I’ll start here, because […]