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Eager to jump outside at the first warm day? Don’t underestimate things like windburn (especially at this time of year!), sunburn (you need sunscreen year round if you’re going outside!) and hormone changes. “Hormones!?” I hear you mutter—why yes; Vitamin D, (as well as other nutrients that might be missing from a winter diet), can […]


“Christmas is here again”, as the song goes. As exciting as the holiday season is, you might also be thinking of Christmases past—-and the you of the past! If you’re feeling a little older, a little slower, or just wistful to feel a little younger, here are some tips to support a sharper mind, smoother […]


Standard treatments for chronic acne don’t work well, and are even kind of redundant, according to new research. Basically, there’s a tendency to throw antibiotics at patients regardless of the outcome. This leads to a couple of problems. First, the acne is still there! But we’ll get to alternate solutions in a minute. Second, it […]

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Don’t Just Sit Back…

September 29, 2015

…Give your skin and hair the support they need. As we age, our body doesn’t do as well at absorbing and processing the nutrients it needs to function as well as it could. It’s always good to give it extra support with a daily multivitamin, but it’s not wrong to want some support for where […]


Are You Balanced?

September 10, 2015

Like hamburgers? Chocolate? Or are you super-healthy, with an almost (or entirely) vegetarian diet? You’re probably either short on copper, or zinc, (or both!), depending. And that’s not even considering environmental factors, like what kind of pipes you have, where your food is grown, and more. What does it feel like to be short on […]