Light Activity Good for Mind and Body

April 22, 2019

Spring Cleaning

While it’s great to hit the gym and tone your muscles, from your heart to your arms, legs, stomach, and back, any amount of exercise is good for you. Getting up and getting moving can improve health and extend life, even if it’s for a short time and even if it’s something easy. In fact, moderate exercise may be important, too, because it’s been shown to increase brain volume. Some research has correlated an easy walk and other simple movement with increased creativity, too.

It could be as easy as doing your chores. Housework is the right amount of activity to be considered “light exercise” and to offer health benefits while feeding the brain. A short walk, or other simple activities like errands could also offer the same benefits. Seeing the benefits of light to moderate exercise in this research really colors in what people are getting when they talk about things like “getting their steps in”!

While more serious exercise is important too and this doesn’t replace it, it’s a good start to just get up and get moving. Each half hour you spend on your feet doing something benefits your heart and mind and could contribute to a longer life.

For other ways to support your mind (in addition to health basics), try meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting—you can make it your time for light exercise and to a mindfulness walk, yoga, or other focused activity. Reading, puzzles, and other activities that require mental presence can also help (use it or lose it, after all). For a mental boost, be sure to support your mind with colloidal gold.

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