5 Ways To Improve Health This Weekend

April 20, 2012

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today—especially when it comes to your health! Here are 5 easy ways to jump start your health routines this weekend:

  1. If you’ve got warm weather, use it! Find an activity that you can do outside, regularly, through fall. Go for a bike ride to a coffee shop, take a walk after dinner, teach your dog to play frisbee. Anything that gets you moving counts!
  2. Put a smile on your face! A new study shows that there’s a definite link between happy people and a lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Plus—feeling optimistic is a benefit all to itself. Fake it till you make it, or give yourself a boost with D.S.A. MGRx, a natural supplement with traditional herbs and vitamins to help you in the right, happy, direction!
  3. More fruits and veggies are in season now, so why not eat more and add variety to your diet by challenging your family to try one new fruit or vegetable per week? You can eat them washed & raw, or try cooking them (Search for it on Epicurious—they’ll even help you out with specific diets if you’re vegan, gluten free, etc.!). Search your local farmers market, as well as any ethnic markets in your area and see what you can find.
  4. Boost your dental routine. Removing plaque from your mouth keeps it from getting into your circulatory system and causing more problems. If you don’t already floss, or are a sometimes flosser, commit to starting a routine each night (when your mouth can be cleanest, longest—remember that eating then sleeping is hard on your heart). Plus it will help you have a confident smile to go with your new optimism!
  5. Finally, stock up on some MesoSilver. MesoSilver colloidal silver may help support your immune system, so if you’re not already taking some daily, make sure you have a little around for when you feel like you need a boost.

What are other easy health goals to start today?

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