Can Colloidal Silver Be Used in Eyes?

October 22, 2020

Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. It’s so great that after using it for a while, people start to wonder how else they can use it, like, can colloidal silver be used in eyes? 

As always, there’s a short answer and a long answer, and the short answer is yes—not only can colloidal silver be used in eyes, that’s one of the more well-known ways it was used before the advent of antibiotics replaced colloidal silver.

How can colloidal silver be used in eyes, and when shouldn’t it be? For more details, keep reading.

Can Colloidal Silver Be Used in Eyes? — It Was a Traditional Use

When babies are born, there’s a risk of eye infection (mainly from an untreated STI) which can cause blindness. Silver (usually in the form silver nitrate) was put on eyes at birth to reduce the risk of infection—that’s been replaced by a goopy antibiotic ointment.

Why was silver used? Silver is a known antimicrobial, meaning it’s antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal, and, with the exception of a rare allergy, it’s safe for humans. Can colloidal silver be used in eyes? Yes, it’s actually more pure than silver nitrate, since it’s just silver nanoparticles and water.

Why did they stop using silver in eyes? It didn’t happen all at once, but antibiotics quickly became a cheaper option, and antibiotic resistance wasn’t a huge issue at first.

Why Can Colloidal Silver Be Used in Eyes?

Silver is generally considered safe for humans. Silver jewelry is worn not just because it’s pretty, but because it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction the way some other metals do. Silver has long been associated with health, and even has some modern medical uses. For pure silver nanoparticles, there isn’t really a fear of harm, although studies have gone looking.

Why can colloidal silver be used in eyes? Because it’s got evidence of safety from traditional use in eyes, because very few people are allergic, and because it’s generally considered safe.

Who Still Can Use Colloidal Silver in Eyes?

Even though colloidal silver isn’t the go-to for preventing eye infections, plenty of people still can use colloidal silver in eyes, as long as they’re sure they don’t have an allergy to pure silver.

Some people use colloidal silver in eyes as part of their immune support, because the eyes can be a pathway to infection and a place where viruses are harbored. Others use colloidal silver as eye immune support because they’ve got colloidal silver around, and know that it has a multitude of uses.

How Can Colloidal Silver Be Used in Eyes?

If you’ve decided colloidal silver can be used in eyes, your next question is probably “how can colloidal silver be used in eyes?”.

Really, there’s no rule if you aren’t allergic, but eyes are sensitive, so you may want to be gentle.

If you have a spray on your colloidal silver for supporting your skin, it may seem like an option, but it’s not the most comfortable one. The benefits of using the sprayer are quick, all over coverage if you’re jittery about your eyes. The downside it a pretty hard, prickly sensation. If you use the sprayer, be sure to hold it a ways back from your face.

Another options is to spray and let colloidal silver drip into your eye, or to just drop a little in the corner of your eye and then blink (all while holding your head back).

The best way to get colloidal silver into your eyes depends on your goal, your comfort level, and how often you’ll be doing it (a nebulizer may be a good way to reach the eyes, but may not be as practical for frequent use).

Other Colloidal Silver Uses

Don’t forget that colloidal silver can be used in lots of ways. It’s well known for supporting skin healing (and if you’re using it like a toner on your face, you’re likely using colloidal silver in your eyes somewhat already).

People use colloidal silver in their neti pots and nebulizers, which also cover the eyes somewhat. Taking colloidal silver as a daily immune support supplement gives all over support.

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver to support all your needs and take advantage of its many uses.

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