Is Colloidal Silver Gaining Acceptance?

October 4, 2011

Dental Products Review has a new product listed…an antibacterial power toothbrush. The antibacterial part of the brush is, of course, made from nano silver particles, which the company (Mouth Watchers LLC) promises will remove 99.9% of toothbrush germs. You can even forgo toothpaste! Or, as in their ad for their non-motorized toothbrush, the nano silver particles will “enhance and compliment the benefits of toothpaste”.

Nano silver is the ingredient of the best quality colloidal silvers. It’s also not an official treatment of anything, although it’s now included as a natural antibacterial agent in everything from running shoes and socks to new laundry machines/detergents to food storage containers.

With all these new products emerging, scientists, often backed by the EPA, have been investigating nano silver’s impact on the environment (it kills the smallest organisms but can be removed with algae) as well as trying to prove that it has a negative health impact (no study so far has done so).

These new products are forcing research on colloidal silver, as well as a discussion that may be of increasing importance as antibiotic resistance rises.

And by the way, it’s probably best to keep using toothpaste. It does more for teeth than kill germs (if you want to keep your toothbrush fresh, spray it with colloidal silver. One problem with these nano silver infused products is that the silver washes away with use).

Do you have any nano silver infused products in your home? (Anything smell-resistant is a good candidate, since odors are often caused by bacteria).


Emma Spera October 20, 2011 at 12:22 pm

I’m glad you can use it to help both yourself and some cute critters!

Did you see our post about about a customer who used Colloidal Silver while rescuing a litter of kittens?

Haze October 18, 2011 at 6:36 am

I live in Spain. I have 4 cats of my own and have three times that number outside who turn up to be fed regularly. The ferals, in particular, have challenging problems probably due to inbreeding. I use colloidal silver all the time on these animals – for wounds, for mouth infections and in their drinking water to help their compromised immune systems. I wouldn’t be without it. It can take longer to work than antibiotics (2 weeks rather than the standard 5-7 days) but its effects are long-lasting and do not upset their stomachs. I also use it on myself of course!

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