Don’t Underestimate Tick Season

June 10, 2015

Tick On LeafTick season is worse than usual this year. Even in your own backyard, you should follow extra precautions, and check yourself, kids, and pets for ticks when you come inside.

But in all the media coverage and warnings, there’s some misinformation swimming around.

For instance, there are more tick borne illnesses than just Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is just the most famous! A tick bite is worth reporting even if you’re pretty sure it’s not Lyme Disease you’re dealing with—it might be something else. And if you can, bring the tick in to your doctor for testing.

Similarly, the deer tick isn’t the only tick that carries Lyme Disease, just the main one.

You should support your immune system throughout tick season. Why? Chronic Lyme Disease.

In areas with a lot of ticks and a high Lyme Disease rate, some officials are suggesting people get tested at least yearly for Lyme Disease because of the likelihood they didn’t notice catching it (either a small tick bite, or no symptoms).

Some people don’t present with Lyme Disease symptoms right away, it lies “dormant”, but is causing inflammation in joints and organs all the while. Make sure your body has the best chance at fighting it off by having daily immune support in the form of colloidal silver!

You can get Lyme Disease multiple times. Sometimes, chronic Lyme Disease is actually a second or third infection. Don’t delay treatment because you think you’ve already had it—you might be sick again!

And of course, keep pets’ immune system supported too! They can get Lyme Disease, and it’s harder for them to tell you the symptoms, so it can get bad, fast! Just add a drop or two of colloidal silver to their water bowls!

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