Easily Care for Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns

March 29, 2019

From preventing scaring to infection, it’s important to care for even small cuts, scrapes, and burns. Quick, efficient healing of even a papercut has benefits for the whole body, as small injuries contribute to overall inflammation. One fast, easy way to support wound healing is with a quick spray of colloidal silver.

For small cuts, scrapes, and other shallow wounds, rinse (or wash if appropriate, scrubbing out dirt and other foreign bodies) before stopping the bleeding (remember that bleeding is also doing this job, pushing out foreign bodies). Stop bleeding with a clean material, ideally sterile gauze stocked in a first aid kit for this purpose. Once things settle a bit (providing it isn’t severe enough to be seen by a doctor), spray with colloidal silver and bandage.

To help prevent scarring, keep wounds moist. Colloidal silver can be a part of your routine to keep cuts, burns, and scrapes clean and moist: remove old bandaging (1-2 times a day depending on severity), clean wound, spray with colloidal silver, cover with oil (Vaseline is most often recommended, some people like coconut or olive for minor abrasions), and rebandage.

Silver is known to be beneficial for wound healing, and cheaper forms can often be found in bandages, ointments, and ERs. With colloidal silver, you can get more, better quality silver to help support wound healing.

Be prepared for outdoor adventures and common household injuries by making sure you have colloidal silver and a sprayer on hand. And remember colloidal silver is also a great immune supporting supplement.

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