Enhance Your Sinus Care

June 27, 2019

Breathing is important, we do it without even thinking about it—until something goes wrong, then the constant task of sucking in oxygen becomes a constant nagging thought as we struggle to get a clear breath. Sinuses can require surgery if uncared for. People have written books dedicated entirely to properly caring for your sinuses to ensure their best health. But taking care of them doesn’t have to be hard, it can be small, simple routines added to your day, and occasional bigger cleanouts like Sinus Floods.

Blowing your nose is an iconic image of cold and flu season, allergy season, and overwrought crying—but many believe it’s not good for your sinuses. You can opt for a gentler clean out by using a neti pot for a quick daily rinse. Actors, singers, people with chronic sinus issues, severe allergies, or who live in areas with weather that impacts the sinuses swear by neti pots. Just follow the rule of never using tap water unless it’s been boiled and cooled. For an added benefit, add a little colloidal silver to your neti pot water.

If you can’t imagine using a neti pot, cheat a little. With a sprayer, you can quickly get colloidal silver into your nose for direct immune support. Head off the sniffles, fight back against recurring issues, and support healthier sinus tissue with an occasional (or as needed) spritz of colloidal silver.

When facing severe congestion, the gentlest AND most effective way to remove mucus from the sinuses is a sinus flood. A sinus flood involves hanging your head upside down and soaking the sinuses with colloidal silver. It reaches all parts of the sinus cavity to loosen and remove mucus while simultaneously delivering immune support. Even when infection isn’t the cause of congestion, it can be a side-effect as stuffy sinuses are the perfect breeding ground for all kinds of things!

Make sure you have the right tools to gently and effectively care for your sinuses with colloidal silver and a Sinus Flooding Kit.

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