Help Cuts, Burns, Scratches, and More Heal Faster

March 23, 2018

Even the mildest sunburn and the wimpiest cuts should be treated with TLC. Every sunburn can increase the risk of skin cancer, and every break in the skin is an entry point for superbugs like MRSA–even if the odds are low, it’s easy enough to use a little prevention! And everyone takes a hit to the immune system from the inflammation that comes with healing, so support to keep wounds clean and help them heal quicker can actually have a big effect on health!

Most minor abrasions can be treated with soap, water, and a clean bandage. But you can take things a step further by spraying a little colloidal silver, too (either onto the cut and letting it dry before bandaging, or a little onto the bandage). Colloidal silver has been known for centuries to help skin heal. It’s especially helpful with burns, and silver is still added to burn ointments specialty bandages (although in a cheaper, inferior form).

For burns, you can apply colloidal silver first to the wound, let it dry (about 1-2 minutes) then apply your favorite salve. You can use colloidal silver to make your own salve by adding it to aloe, coconut oil, and other favorites, or you can just buy a salve that already features colloidal silver, aloe and other beneficial ingredients that works on minor injuries, like MesoSilver Topical Cream.

Taking a few seconds to attend to minor injuries with colloidal silver and other basic care can help prevent further problems down the line. Make sure to add colloidal silver to your first aid kit!

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