Hep C Patients Need To Fight Against Bone Loss

July 22, 2014

Woman In SunlightHaving a Hep C infection increases the risk of bone loss—especially if there’s also an HIV infection. Some researchers even believe that there’s a connection between osteoporosis that occurs in old age, and the fact that the worst Hep C symptoms appear in old age (when a few decades of simmering have allowed the virus to really do some damage).

So people with Hepatitis C need to do everything they can to protect their bone health:

-Make sure you’re taking a high-quality calcium supplement. This means it has more calcium that you can actually use and won’t just pee out.
-Add to that a good Vitamin D supplement. People with Hep C have a harder time absorbing Vitamin D, so you might need a little more in your diet. You should also make sure it’s a bioavailable (easy to absorb) form.

-Get some sunshine (more Vitamin D).

-Go easy on the bubbly, which can compete with calcium.

-Exercise helps maintain the bone you already have, but there’s a caveat: it needs to be high impact (jogging, weight). While swimming is better for your joints, you need gravity to maintain bone density.

-Take Care of Your Liver
Supplement, don’t drink too much, and follow your doctor’s instructions.

Researchers have found that the better managed your Hep C was, and the better your nutrition, the lower the risk of osteoporosis. If you’re waiting for them to sort out the huge price tag on the new Hepatitis C cure, make sure you’re supporting your immune system in the meantime with a supplement like colloidal silver (of course that’s in addition to nutrition, sleep, etc.).

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