Keep Colloidal Silver Close by This Summer

June 26, 2018

How do you get sick during the summer? Travel is one way. Even though it’s not cold and flu season, getting on a plane still gives about a 1 in 4 risk of coming down with a respiratory illness the week after. Food Poisoning is another way. Whether you’re at a neighborhood picnic or trying cuisine in a new location, warm summer temps increase the risk that somewhere along the line, bacteria has taken a foothold. Exploring the great outdoors is yet another way to get sick. Whether you’re swimming (pool rashes and other bacterial problems increasingly common), hiking (ticks and mosquitoes transmit diseases coast to coast) or just sitting at home gunked up with allergies (which can lead to ear and sinus infections), bacterial illness is everywhere during the warm summer months.

So make sure you’ve got colloidal silver close at hand! Stay ahead of ticks, mosquitoes, and random pool pathogens by keeping your immune system supported with daily colloidal silver. And if you get particularly eaten up by mosquitoes, are questioning how fresh Aunt Madge’s picnic salad was, or listened to someone hack up a lung your whole flight, give yourself an extra boost with a little more colloidal silver.

There’s so much to do this summer, don’t be slowed down by infection, inside or out. Start by taking precautions: always follow food safety guidelines, and keep in mind that precut food from the grocery store (whether it’s deli meat or fruit) is a roll of the dice on getting sick; make sure to rinse off after swimming, whether it’s in a pool or floating down a river; and anticipate local diseases when you travel, even if it’s within the mainland US.

For everything you can’t prepare for, get a little extra protection from immune supporting colloidal silver. You can’t always predict where you’ll pick up a bug, so be sure to have enough colloidal silver on hand for all your summer fun and adventures!

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