Prevent Ear Infections this Summer

May 17, 2018

Swimming, traveling, or just fighting allergies, ear infections crop up more during summer months. With a pain that’s hard to ignore, war infections may be small but can still knock you out.

One way to help prevent ear infections and other ailments this summer is with the general immune support of colloidal silver. Then, take steps against the specific activities that raise your risk of an ear infection.

Water sports are a popular summer pastime, from your nearest swimming pool to lakes, rivers, and beaches. Any water can lead to bacterial growth in the ear canal (and an outer ear infection) but dirty water (which could just mean some specific warm temperatures that bacteria like) raise that risk.

Ear plugs are not a good idea. They don’t keep water out 100%, and that little bit that gets through gets trapped, creating a perfect breeding ground for infection. If you want to waterproof your ears, some think a drop of olive oil does the trick better.

Showering/cleaning after a swim (removing sunscreen and other junk) should also help prevent ear infections.

Traveling? As many as 1 in 3 people who get on an airplane will develop some sort of respiratory illness the week following! That could mean a sinus infection, cold, flu, or even a related ear infection. Keep your nose clear before getting on the plane (try our Sinus Flooding Kit earlier in the day) so your inner ear tube (the eustachian tube) can be open and clear.

Finally, allergies are almost unavoidable this year. If you’re constantly swimming in mucus, keep it cleared out with our Sinus Flooding Kit. Then eliminate allergens by keeping filters clean, getting those hard to reach dust bunnies, and wearing layers so you can remove one and shuck off outside allergens.

Don’t get struck by an ear infection this summer. Use colloidal silver as support inside and out.

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