Take Care of Summer Scrapes and Sunburn

July 14, 2017

Cuts, scrapes, sunburns and more are par for the course in summer. If you live where it’s been record hot, you might even pick up a little burn on a sun heated surface (and as a side note, if you can’t walk barefoot on the sidewalk, don’t let your pets do it!).

While prevention is always ideal, if you manage to injure your skin, aftercare is critical. Keep the wound moist to help prevent scarring, keep it clean, and keep it covered. And always take serious injuries to a doctor!

To support minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, start by cleaning it. If there’s dirt, rocks, or other debris, it has to come out (even if it hurts). Once it’s clean, you can start helping to take care of it. There are lots of things you can use to support skin.

Colloidal silver has a long history of skin support. You can find inferior, more expensive forms in pharmacies and hospitals, and on special bandages, or you can just use the colloidal silver (that you’re already using as an immune supporting supplement) on your skin. After it’s clean and dry, spray colloidal silver and let air dry, or seal it in wet with vaseline and a bandage (each scratch or cut is different, you might not bandage a scraped knee, but colloidal silver still helps).

Then there’s lots of plants that can help, with aloe and coconut oil being two of the most common. You can use them to help keep things moist, aloe is great on burns (so is silver for different reasons, so pair them!).

For the easiest option, just get all the skin support together with MesoSilver topical cream.

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