Vaccine for Travelers’ Diarrhea on the Horizon

October 23, 2018

Researchers have found a vaccine that is successful against three pathogens that cause travelers’ diarrhea in mice models. The vaccine yokes together E. coli with Shigella and Campylobacter jejuni. It will still be years while the vaccine completes the rest of the required steps for approval, so in the meantime here are some ways to prevent gastrointestinal issues, like supporting your immune system with colloidal silver and your gut with Flora MGR.

You don’t actually have to travel to get “travelers’ diarrhea”, it’s just more common when traveling because you’re more likely to be exposed to a new-to-you gut upsetting bacteria (whereas the locals have already had their bout and are used to it). You can pick up E. coli or Shigella from your favorite neighborhood restaurant on a bad day or with a little bit of bad luck, too. Or from other pre-prepped food.

To help prevent getting vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, or other stomach discomforts, be aware and be prepared. Watch for recalls, or local outbreaks. When traveling, research your destination and take appropriate precautions with food and water.

Support your immune system with colloidal silver. As a daily supplement, colloidal silver helps support your immune system against the unexpected. And (not at the same time) support your gut with Flora MGR. Flora MGR is a high quality probiotic with a wide variety of beneficial bacteria to help crowd out and fight off invading pathogens hitching a ride in your food or water.

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