We Need to Support and Rely on Our Own Immune Systems

October 27, 2017

Researchers want patients and doctors to rely more on the immune system, on supporting it, and letting it fight the illnesses that catch us now and then. Antibiotics are overused, and usually, that refers to how antibiotics are used preventatively in livestock, and prescribed for illnesses they can’t treat (things caused by viruses, like sinus infections, colds, etc.). But new research points out that antibiotics are overprescribed even for things they can treat.

Coughing, bronchitis, ear infections, and other common bacterial infections could be treated by antibiotics, but not so quickly or well. Bronchitis (for example) takes about 3 weeks for the immune system to beat, with antibiotics, only about two days are knocked off. That’s not very much, and then you have the side effects of antibiotics, like stomach aches and killing off your good gut bacteria.

Using antibiotics too much (instead of letting the immune system do its job) has another potential pitfall: you’re bringing antibiotic resistance to yourself. That means that you could become a carrier of superbugs like MRSA, which are a danger if you ever face surgery, or which could develop into a serious, untreatable infection.

So the next time you’re coughing, all you need from your doctor is a list of serious symptoms/complications that would trigger a call in. Most of the time, things won’t get that far and you can support your immune system with rest, water, and good nutrition. You can also give it an extra boost with colloidal silver.

Believe in your immune system and rest, and if you need a little back up to help, make sure you pull out that colloidal silver.

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