Getting Enough Sleep May Delay Alzheimer’s

July 15, 2015

Oh No My Memory WomanWorried about Alzheimer’s? Make sure you get enough sleep, it may help delay Alzheimer’s symptoms like memory loss. How does that work? A new study looked at the protein that builds up in Alzheimer’s patients, beta-amyloid, and sleep.

There’s already an established correlation between the build-up of beta-amyloid protein and cognitive decline. Alzheimer’s patients get a steady build-up of beta-amyloid as the disease progresses.

Sleep, in healthy people, naturally removes the build-up, but if you’re sleep is disrupted, it accumulates. Think of new parents and baby-brain from sleep disruption—a problem that eventually goes away. For Alzheimer’s patients, we haven’t figured out how to make beta-amyloid protein go away, and lack of sleep speeds up its accumulation.

Researchers have already found that people who get treatment for sleep apnea are able to delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s longer than those who don’t get treatment. New research suggests that treating other sleep disorders might offer similar benefits.

If you know you have sleep problems, fixing them should be a high priority. Start by checking off common causes of insomnia like too much late-night screentime, caffeine after lunch, not enough exercise, and making sure your room/bed are perfect for sleep.

Memory is consolidated and saved while you’re sleeping, it’s one of the reasons sleep is incredibly important, especially (not less) as we age. 7-9 uninterrupted hours is the ballpark for all adults (you can fake it on less, but you’ll fail a test on mental agility and memory!).

To support better sleep, try a targeted multivitamin like Nite MGR. Instead of knocking you out, it supports healthy sleep by providing the brain the minerals and more that it needs.

And support overall brain function with MesoGold!

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