Good News, Coffee Drinkers

January 15, 2014

Coffee Break WomanWeather you need a morning pick-me-up or just hate the taste of water (but don’t want the calories of juice or artificial flavor), two new studies have reinforced the benefits of drinking coffee (and tea).

First, caffeine improves your long term memory. This isn’t the first study to make the finding, but it does reinforce it (a single study doesn’t carry much weight).

That means a cup of coffee while you stay up late to finish a project may do more than keep you awake, it may help you focus and remember!

The second new caffeine/coffee study looked at dehydration. Coffee is diuretic—meaning it makes you pee. Because of this, it’s long been held that drinking too much caffeine will dehydrate you. Now a study has debunked that assumption. Measuring water input and output as well as weight has concluded that coffee won’t dehydrate you—in fact, it counts toward your daily water consumption!

This adds on to a growing list of good news about coffee—it protects the liver, slows mental decline, and even lowers your cancer risk—but it’s still important to drink In moderation. Too much caffeine will not only strain your cardiovascular system, it could contribute to glaucoma.

One cup a day will give you it’s benefits, and up to three is safe.

Want a mental push sans caffeine? Try MesoGold, which is reported to increase alertness and boost focus and memory!

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