More Ways to Boost Memory

June 17, 2016

Woman Exercising on BikeMemory is fascinating to research, because there are so many ways to build and maintain it that are easy to do and measure.

A new study has found that exercising is key to forming memories. Not just regular exercise, but cardio that takes place about 4 hours after the new information is taken in (this is best only compared to not exercising, or exercising immediately after).

Why? Theory goes that it has to do with exercise releasing neurotransmitters that then boost brain function.

It ties in nicely with another recent study that showed moderate exercise boosts creativity (if you’re blocked, try a walk!).

If you’re looking for more ways to boost memory, try stimulating your senses while taking in new information. Listen to classical music, use a scent, and then replay that music/pull out that scent when you want to help yourself recall the info.

Keep in mind that diet may also impact memory. We all know that sluggish feeling from eating a heavy meal high in sugars and fats. When you switch to more fruits and vegetables, that sluggishness goes away, and the extra nutrients (and antioxidants in particular) have been shown specifically to boost brain matter and function!

And of course, don’t forget to keep some colloidal gold in your daily routine for extra mental function. It’s been reported not just to boost memory, but mood, hand-eye coordination, focus, and more.

Memory, and mental function overall, is very much in your power. Even degenerative diseases can be significantly slowed by good habits and mental exercise (as well as physical!). If you don’t feel sharp as a tack, take some time to turn things around—there are a ton of ways you can start boosting your brainpower!

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