Stress Causes Colds, Flu

April 10, 2012

It’s not a new that there’s a connection between stress and a weakened immune system, but a new study looks at the mechanism that leads to an increase in colds, flu, and other diseases.

It turns out, when the body is under stress it can no longer control inflammation, leading to an increased chance of catching whatever diseases you’re exposed to.

Normally, a controlled amount of inflammation is helpful to the immune system. It gets rid of damaged or dead cells, causes sneezing or coughing that expels germs, and helps fight against the invading pathogens.

Too much inflammation, which is indirectly caused by the high cortisol levels associated with stress (and the individual’s sensitivity to them), and the immune system stops being helpful. Participants in the study who were stressed when exposed to the rhinovirus were twice as likely to develop a cold.

You can help fight inflammation in the body by eating healthy, sleeping enough, and getting a regular dose of moderate exercise. MeosSilver colloidal silver can help support the immune system…

…but don’t just fight inflammation, fight the source. Identify stressors and work to be at peace with them: either make a plan of attack or realise that they’re out of your control. Meditation/yoga, pets, or a hobby like evening walks, crafting, fishing, or charity work can all be ways to help lower your stress levels on a regular basis. If you’re looking to help yourself focus on these activities, consider MesoGold which is reported to enhance mental acuity.

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