Make Sure Your Skin Has The Essentials!

August 20, 2015

Cucumber MaskWhat’s the biggest mark of aging? Skin! While most people are concerned with wrinkles—it goes so much deeper than that. Look at celebrities—with tons of money to blow on hiding the signs of aging, even the most face-lifted older actress looks like her skin is “missing” something.

As we age, we don’t absorb nutrients as well as we used to. Supporting digestion as you age is one of the best things you can do for your health: whether with a probiotic, a daily multivitamin, or both! But not everyone makes the connection between nutrition and skin. While there are other factors to skin care and aging, providing all the essential building blocks of healthy skin sure is a big one! And if your skin is missing them, it’s easy to tell! (And just think, how many people also struggle with dieting/weight loss as they age? That’s a great way to miss nutrients!).

So offer you skin nutritional support, inside and out! Start with MesoCopper. Why a colloidal copper? It’s pure copper, as an easy to absorb nano-sized particle. It’s super easy to add to your morning supplement routine, or spray right on your skin!

Copper is essential to skin—it supports thicker more elastic skin, including supporting a better fat-layer under the skin (5 extra pounds can take years off, but what if the fat you already have was working better with your skin?). Studies have found copper can help your skin hold water (making it look younger), and of course, copper supports elastin and collagen production.

Not just skin. Copper supports healthy hair. Products that support hair regrowth often contain copper for that reason, and it can even lead to restoring color to white hair! (This still shocks me!)

It’s not just looks: copper is essential to your health, and supports bones, your stomach lining, and more!

One important caveat: don’t overdo it. Slow and steady is the way to go, natural results rarely work overnight and you can overdose on too much copper. Try and replace what’s missing, not paste over all your problems with a huge amount. It should always come back to supporting your health—in this instance, a corner of your health that may also help with looks!

Have you seen the difference MesoCopper can make?

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