2,000 Steps Lowers Heart Risk

December 24, 2013

Walking in woodsFor people with pre-diabetes, each 2,000 steps they added to their day lowered their risk for heart disease related events (heart attack, stroke…) by 10%.

I love step counting because it’s a form of sneaky exercise—a way to work being healthy and active into your everyday life. And walking is exercise just about everyone can do!

And here’s where the study really gets great—each additional 2000 steps took 10% off the risk for cardiovascular trouble. So as you gradually augment your steps, you improve your health.

The study focused on prediabetes, but increasing your physical activity is good across the board. How do you know if you’re prediabetes? A doctor can test you—if you have a family history, are overweight, or have other risk factors for becoming diabetic, it’s worth getting checked out. Prediabetes is easy to turn around with a little elbow grease toward your health.

Where do you walk?

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