Keep Lost Weight From Coming Back

October 12, 2011

Weight lost can too easily be found again. Engaging in a specific diet or exercise program for weight loss often becomes a temporary solution, and any lost weight returns when normal habits resume.

But new research gives insight that could help people change habits, and keep lost weight away!

Don’t Use Up Willpower

Some people have more willpower than others, but everyone has only so much to spend, getting work and chores done, getting to the gym before work, and avoiding a large dessert.

It’s better to create a regular program that doesn’t rely on willpower: no one is surprised that “fun” exercise is more successful than the average workout.

It turns out, when you eat at home (in a “cozy” setting), you crave less fat and sugar. It seems that eating at home provides a psychological element that gets filled by comfort food when eating out. (Eating at home also helps you remember to take your vitamins).

To keep lost weight away, minimize temptation by limiting the number of times you eat out each week.

Trick Yourself

When you have a set plan, it’s easier to execute than when you have to decide what to have for lunch when you’re already hungry. Packing a lunch is an old trick (and not shopping hungry!), since you can ensure a healthy meal in balanced portions, but here are a few more:

  • Pair small portions with appropriate sized plates, rather than mostly empty plates.
  • Plan meals, which means reading nutrition labels on any prepackaged foods (statistically you’ll eat less fat)
  • Eat small meals throughout the day, including something crunchy like nuts. Crunchy foods have been found to be more satisfying.

Watch for breaks in your pattern: do you eat more with your family? More when you eat in front of the TV? More around your skinny friends? If you’re like most people, this holds true and can destroy diets.

What other tips help people keep lost weight away? Share below:

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