There’s A New Way To Diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease

March 10, 2011

Adult Female TickWhile some scientists debate the existence of chronic fatigue syndrome, others have found protein markers specific to people suffering from chronic lyme disease symptoms.

One of the problems with diagnosing chronic lyme disease is that the symptoms (fever, fatigue, muscle and head aches) are similar to the symptoms of other diseases, such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Without any way to concretely diagnose the disease, some scientists and medical professionals have denied the existence of chronic fatigue syndrome, creating problems with treatment of lyme disease, medicating lyme disease, and insurance claims.
By comparing spinal fluid of people who failed to recover from lyme disease, who have chronic fatigue syndrome, and who were healthy, researchers have been able to identify different protein markers for each disease.

Not only does this confirm the existence of lyme disease (and lead to insight into how it might be different from chronic fatigue syndrome), it gives researchers a good starting point for future research into treatment of chronic lyme disease.

Lyme disease is caused by tick bites. Signs of lyme disease include redness around the center of the tick bite, headaches, fever, and aches/soreness. If you are in an area with ticks, check for tick bites as you won’t feel them.

Do you have experience dealing with chronic lyme disease and doctors/the medical system? Share in the comments!


Jane Martin April 13, 2011 at 8:03 am

On June 14, 2009, 3 nymph ticks attached to my neck while cutting grass around a white pine (the limb touched my neck). 5 minutes later I thought I had sunburn on my neck. I didn’t feel anything when I rubbed the spot (they’re small). This was a Sunday and 9:00pm when I looked in the mirror. I was given doxy the next day. . On July 4th I knew I had lyme. I was given more doxy. I was clinically diagnosed. I ordered several different antibiotics online for the lyme and the other nasties. By Nov. 2010 I got candida . I ordered more carnivora and stayed on that to the present. It’s whole plant venus flytrap. The spirochetes hate it. I can tell because when I take it they stop hurting me. It’s hard to follow carnivora research’s regimen because of the DMSO (yuck). The carnavora can be expensive because you have to keep taking it every day and the dmso might be cumulative in the liver (bad), and the worst breath in the world. I’ll probably will try miracle mineral solution next with the dmso because I am sick to death of those little bastard bitch spirochetes for effing ever. Especially because they’re in my freaking jaw trying to destroy my nerves there and give me bell’s palsy. I know when I first got lyme the little shits went directly into my lmphs on my neck. My nodes ache every day and after 3 years the bite marks still feel lymey. I think the doctor missed one teeny tiny piece of mouth part because they burrowed very deep. And I’m STUPID for trying to pick them out with a needle and bleeding in all three places before I went to the doctor back in ’09.

DON SPAETH March 16, 2011 at 6:07 am

About 6 years ago I noticed a rash on my ankle…but thought nothing of it. I developed flu-like symptoms accompanied by extreme sweating, loss of appetitie, fatigue, and eventually–after losing approx 50 lbs and my sex drive–I found a doctor who knew what he was doing. Prior to this I was dismissed by MDs who seemed to have no interest in my case. This new doctor saved my life. Diagnosed Lyme disease and treated it. But the damage had been done. In the process of diagnosing/treating we discovered I had a birth defect–spina bifida occulta–and the disease had gone into my spine and fried my nerves. I lost 2″ in height as my spine collapsed on itself–with accompanying bone spurs and nerve pain.
I went from vigorous and healthy to a couch-potato wreck with a lovely pain med habit that has truly taken over my life. I’m in chronic pain. If I decide to go for a 30 min walk, I’ll be in crippling pain the next day or so. Mood swings, depression.
Lyme Disease is a terrible illness. It attacks any genetic weak spots and inexorably grinds the sufferer down.

Marsha Powell March 16, 2011 at 6:03 am

I have had Lyme for almost two years. Check out Spiro Stat Technoolgies in Lubbock, TX. A lab that test for more than 20 tick born illnesses. Went for 6 months without symptoms and got sick again in January, back on the silver.

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