Does Coffee Keep You Awake?

August 19, 2019

If you have too much energy to fall asleep, or your brain is too busy to let you drift off, you might be looking for something to blame. Was the last show you watched on Netflix just a little too bingeable? Did you not focus hard enough on your to-do list? Does coffee keep you awake? Maybe that lunch latte was a mistake…

According to new research, it’s not the coffee keeping you awake at night. While caffeine is  known as a stimulant, a large study using sleep sensors and sleep diaries found that participants who had a cup of caffeine before bed did not experience disrupted sleep. Other research suggests that coffee stops us from getting more tired, rather than perks us up (and that a lot of how we experience caffeine and alcohol might be cultural).

So does coffee keep you awake? No, but that’s not helpful when you do find yourself tossing and turning! So here are some ways to help find a good night’s sleep:

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Another study says that taking a warm bath a few hours before bed may help relax you, and trigger all the right bodily responses for bedtime. By changing your core body temperature, you can help get yourself ready for bed—and create a routine that might help mentally cue you for sleep.

Does coffee keep you awake? No, but plenty else does! So make sure you have tools to deal with it like Dakota Muscle Relief.

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