An Apple a Day Really is Good for Your Health

August 9, 2019

Apples and other raw fruits and veggies are good for your health, and it’s more than just because of nutrients and fiber: raw fruits and veggies, especially organic ones, support gut health with a variety of beneficial bacteria. If you’re building a diet to support your microbiome, build it on the back of fresh fruits and vegetables, support it with Flora MGR, and work in other healthy habits.

Prebiotics are foods that feed and help good bacteria to flourish, like apples, onions, and other produce. It makes sense that these good bacteria supporting foods would naturally carry those bacteria! It’s another reason to add beneficial fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

You should still wash them first! This isn’t about eating dirt. Researchers looked at all the different parts of apples, inside and out, for different bacteria. 

And organic really is better: organic apples had more bacteria, and a wider variety, than conventional apples. Some of the bacteria are responsible for enhancing flavor, too, so you’re getting a tastier snack in addition to supporting gut microbe diversity (which is associated with a stronger immune system and other signs of good health). Fresh picked apples were also associated with a higher count and variety of good bacteria.

So prebiotics are also kind of probiotics! Making the value of eating them greater. Other probiotics include fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, etc.

To make sure you are supporting a healthy and robust microbiome of good bacteria, you can take a high-quality supplement like Flora MGR each day. 

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