Is The Bird Flu Pandemic Here?

February 12, 2013

Bird Two cases of Bird Flu in humans have been found in China, and in Germany poultry from two districts is under a temporary ban after bird flu was detected.

While many are afraid of a Bird Flu pandemic, it’s doubtful that’s the case now—Bird Flu is not airborne between people, it comes from the birds themselves (and parts of the world, like rural parts of Asia, where people live closely with birds) and possibly from contaminated raw poultry. Concerns about Bird Flu mutating to something airborne are mainly focused on areas like Southeast Asia and the Eastern coast of the US where birds carrying Bird Flu are in contact with animals carrying Swine Flu.

Still, care should be taken if you’re travelling to either China or Germany (advice about eating in China I’ve been given: eat the vegetarian meals at temples, higher quality, no meat to take a risk on).

The German outbreak of Bird Flu is being carefully managed, so it is less a cause for concern in terms of current threat, so much as it illustrates the global nature of Bird Flu and how a Bird Flu pandemic could be around the corner with the right conditions (if they hadn’t caught the contaminated meat, or if it had mutated to become airborne).

Stay safe by following food safety: cook meat to the proper temperatures, and clean surfaces that raw meat has touched.

Also, keep your immune system strong, especially when travelling. Get enough sleep, eat right, and use an immune supporting supplement like MesoSilver colloidal silver.

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