Jump Into Spring

February 23, 2017

A few warm days and many are ready to be more active. Getting outside into some warm weather is more than just an opportunity for exercise, it’s an opportunity to help clear out some of the cold and flu that’s going around, boost vitamin D levels (helping your immune system), and help improve mood.

Ready to get out and go? Grab a friend. Socializing not only provides it’s own benefit, it helps motivate you to go again and again. But, don’t feel bad if you go it alone. Physical activity like walking and running has been shown to boost creativity, so it might just be the break in your day that helps it go faster.

If you’ve been hiding inside from the cold (after all, it wasn’t consistently cold enough to get used to it!) you might be feeling a little sore and stiff. Naturally alleviate that pain and help relax muscles using Dakota Muscle Relief. Dakota Muscle Relief doesn’t have the medicinal smell of other brands you might be familiar with, it’s a burst of peppermint that quickly dissipates.

Dakota Muscle Relief works by providing hot/cold sensation. You can use it on muscle knots, cramps, aches, tension, and even some types of headache/migraine!

Don’t forget to take water with you, and if you suffer allergies, dress in layers so that you can remove a layer of allergens before going inside. If you live in an area with a lot of ticks or mosquitoes, cover your skin up accordingly.

Break out of winter with a little time in the sun, and get a head-start on that healthy feeling that spring brings.

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