An Easy Way To Save Brain Function

July 16, 2013

If you’re not aware already, you should know the signs of stroke. If any of the following occur suddenly (the biggest clue), get the person to the ER:

F – Facial Weakness

A – Arm Weakness

S – Speech Difficulty

T – Time To Act

You can also check for stroke by asking the person to lift both arms and watching for one to not cooperate.

You know you need to act quickly, so here’s something you can do while you wait for help—save brain function by gently caressing the affected side of the face while singing in that ear. At the very least, keep talking to them.

Stimulating the brain while you wait for help to arrive can save a person from more severe complications. It works by encouraging the brain to reroute blood to the affected cells.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for a stroke to happen to be proactive. Eating tomatoes, which contain lycopene, has been shown to cut risk of stroke in half. You can also help prevent strokes by taking good care of your heart and cardiovascular system, since they’re the cause of most strokes. As always, it comes down to eating right and exercise

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