The Silver Lining To Adult ADHD

April 6, 2011

Think Outside The Box!

Adult ADHD may make it easier to think creatively.

Although symptoms of ADHD can be difficult to manage, a new study has found a silver lining: many adults with ADHD have enhanced creativity. It seems those with ADHD may be better able to come up with out-of-the-box or new ideas.

The study did not control for medications, but it seems to hold true for those who choose to manage ADHD symptoms with meds.

This information may be very useful for anyone who has ADHD, or who has a child with ADD/ADHD.
Rather than try to shape people with ADD/ADHD into a standard mold, it may be better to work with the symptoms, rather than fight them and endure the side-effects of medication (especially in mild cases of ADD/ADHD). Creative activities during a young age, unstructured learning, and then encouragement toward fields that require movement, interaction with people, or creative problem solving may be beneficial both to parents trying to manage hyperactive children, and teens and adults with ADHD.

Some may still face several problems with ADHD, including difficulty sleeping at night, or trouble concentrating. Colloidal gold is reported to improve concentration, while vitamin and mineral night-time formulas are a great natural choice for coping with these sorts of problems.

Do you know anyone who has channelled their ADD/ADHD into a creative outlet?

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