Sleep More, Remember More

June 13, 2014

Scientists have been telling us sleep is important for our brain for years, but here’s something new: getting uninterrupted sleep is important for forming neurons, meaning you’ll remember more when you get a good night’s rest.

Mice who were taught a new trick were better able to remember it when they had a full night’s sleep—without interruptions. Researchers saw that the mice who slept were forming more neurons, and they were able to put a mechanism as to how sleep works on memory.

Recent studies have also found that sleep flushes out the brain, helping to restore focus and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Getting good sleep is also correlated with a lower amount of overall pain.

Want to get uninterrupted sleep?

-Exercise in the morning, it will tire you out, but you won’t still be high on endorphins at bedtime.

-Eat well throughout the day—ideally, plan your meals with an upside-down pyramid in mind (big breakfast, medium lunch, small dinner).

-Stop drinking caffeine after 2pm.

-Don’t eat or drink 2 hours before bed.

-Then, set the mood: make sure your bedroom is a good place for sleeping (hint: leave your phone and other devices out of it).

If you need extra help falling and staying asleep, try Sleep Support Pack. It’s a melatonin based natural sleep aid paired with a mineral supplement. And if you just want a memory boost, try MesoGold, which is reported to improve memory.

Here are a few more tricks:

-Listen to your body, being an early bird or night owl is genetic.

-Avoid synthetic sleep aids, which can really mess you up the next day.

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