Watch For West Nile Virus Symptoms

April 10, 2013

Mosquito BiteThe peak season for West Nile Virus is late summer, nevertheless one case has already been reported. After last year’s record numbers, states and cities who were affected the worst are preparing more for this year, and you should too.

First, avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, which carry West Nile Virus. Ideally, you should avoid being out at peak times: dusk & dawn. If you have to be out, avoid still water sources, which breed mosquitoes. For natural mosquito repellent you can burn a plain candle to lure them away from you, or to repel them from the area use a scented candle—avoid florals, and use one scented like something from your pantry (clove, cinnamon, lavender,  rosemary, peppermint…). And if you want to repel them from yourself, apply the same principal to perfume: spices, not florals.

If you do get bitten, watch for West Nile Virus symptoms. Headaches are the hallmark of West Nile Virus symptoms, but there’s also flu-like symptoms, and possible gastrointestinal upset. In rare cases West Nile Virus symptoms can spread to the brain, and potentially be fatal. A doctor can help diagnose you if you have persistent symptoms.

And don’t just watch for West Nile Virus! Other, similar diseases may soon arrive in America in mosquitoes. If you have any strange symptoms after any insect bite, get it checked out!

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