All About Protein Powder!

August 17, 2011

Whey Protein PowderYou may have wondered what is protein powder and why do people use it? Maybe not. But many people can benefit from a balanced, lean source of protein, not just vegans, dieters, athletes, and health nuts…

What Is Protein Powder?

Protein powder is a powdered supplement that people can use to add a healthy protein source to their diet.

Most protein powders are made up of whey (something separated out from milk in the cheese making process), although vegan options are available which can be made with hemp, rice, and peas.
What Is Protein Powder Used For?

1) Protein powder is used by body builders and athletes who want to support their body as it builds lean muscle mass.
2) Protein powder can be used as a meal replacement. A good protein powder will leave a feeling of fullness, helping fight hunger cravings.
3) Vegan protein powder is available to help round out vegan diets. Soy, which is often used in place of meat, may have negative health effects. Vegan protein powder is a soy-free option for protein and all essential amino acids vegans need.

When/How Do I Use Protein Powder?

1) Early in the day, very active people like athletes will receive support from protein powder for their muscles and body.
2) Dieters can replace a meal with a protein powder shake to help curb hunger and cut calories to support weight loss. It’s best if dieters are also taking a daily multivitamin to help maintain nutrients even when calories are cut, as even the healthiest protein powder does not contain all of your daily needs. It’s also best if the first meal of the day contains all food groups to signal to your body what enzymes it will need to make, so protein shakes are best at  lunch or as a light dinner for dieters.
3) Vegans can start their day with a protein shake and some fruit, or add it to meals.

What Is Protein Powder Good With?

  • Try mixing it into water or your favorite juice (orange and cherry work great!).
  • Make a shake with milk (cow, almond, coconut…) and your favorite fruit
  • Sprinkle it into food, such as quinoa, or over cut fruit. Don’t cook it, or you could break down the nutrients! Rather, add it as the last step to a dish or meal.

Welltrient Whey: A whey protein powder, it also contains calcium and magnesium to support bone health as well as electrolytes to support the active person. With a touch of sevia (a natural sweetener from plants that supports blood sugar regulation) and vanilla, it’s got a slight flavor.

Vegan Protein Complete: Made of hemp, peas, and rice, it’s a NO SOY vegan protein source. It’s also high in low-glycemic carbohydrates, so it may be the best option for dieters (although be sure to add other nutrients to your diet!). Vegan Protein Complete is also very easy on the stomach, so people with allergies or other concerns will benefit. Like Welltrient Whey, it has the same touches of stevia and vanilla.

How do you use protein powder?

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August 23, 2011 at 6:05 am


Emma Spera August 23, 2011 at 1:13 pm


I agree with you about soy! Not to mention it can have estogen-like effects in the body, which can have an awful impact on some people’s health. (And, these days, it’s genetically modified, amounting to the soy that’s in everything having more pesticides!).

I’d love to hear more of the health tips that helped you make it to 84 in such great health!


Wanda McClenaghan August 17, 2011 at 8:25 am

Soy is in so many things t9oday. I try to avoid it. Soy is a noxious weed. It is cheap to grow, haard to kill and it will grow anywhere so it is a high profit product. In order to get a soybean soft enough to process it must first be soaked in acid. Not something I usually look for to add to my diet. I do use a whey protein powder drink and add it to raw milk. I am 84 have been studying nutrition since 1952 and I have no health issues, do not go to alleopathic drs. and I get healthier every year. Wanda

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