Do You Have Probiotic Protection?

August 19, 2013

BacteriaIt’s recommended you have a balance of good and bad bacteria—but that’s just a generalization for average people who aren’t proactive about their health. If you’re reading this, that’s not you.

Strengthening your good bacteria colonies can help fight off bad bacteria. For instance, enough good bacteria means there’s no room for bad bacteria to colonize. You don’t actually want a “balance” of good and bad bacteria, you want a strong colony of good bacteria.

So what’s it protecting you from?

Well, there’s lots of things. But here’s something new: a study found that a “bad” bacteria, Fusobacteria, which is found in people with lower probiotic levels, is strongly correlated with colorectal cancer. It triggers a change in the body that leads to inflammation tumors (ones that can become malign), and cancer cells.

As scary as that sounds, it shouldn’t be. It’s really easy to boost your probiotic levels, even if you have a chronic illness or are often prescribed antibiotics. There are lots of probiotic rich foods (you can even treat yourself with frozen yogurt!), or if you want a more regimented approach, try a probiotic supplement.

Hallmarks of a good probiotic supplement has a wide range of probiotic colonies (not just one or two), needs refrigeration, and is free from additives and fillers (try Flora MGR).

Do you eat probiotics daily?

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