Ginseng Benefits May Extend To Chronic Fatigue

June 6, 2012

Ginseng could replace stimulants with harsher side-effects for those with chronic fatigue.

In a study that focused on cancer patients, it appears that ginseng may outperform a placebo when it come to relieving chronic fatigue. With fewer side-effects than many stimulants and other treatments for chronic fatigue, more research on ginseng benefits could help more than just cancer patients!

Since patients in the trial were undergoing treatment, being able to feel less tired could also have an impact on the success of their treatment as a whole. Many diseases cause chronic fatigue, and while it’s important to rest, it’s also important to feel like you’re getting better—optimism and strength really do count for a lot!

When should you see a doctor about chronic fatigue? If you feel tired all of the time and can’t easily identify a reason (stress, working late), it may be due to any number of diseases, many of which show only chronic fatigue as an early symptoms. Some of the more serious possibilities include Hepatitis C, West Nile Virus, and cancer. Of course, there are also much less serious possibilities as well, but it’s important to see a doctor for proper diagnosis.

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