Herb of Life: Jiaogulan

February 26, 2019

Jiaogulan, which grows in Southern China and Southeast Asia, is becoming better known in the West for what it’s already well-known for in the East: longevity. Studies are adding fact to what those who drink Jiaogulan tea every day have been saying for centuries: it may support health in multiple ways. An organic herbal tea, it’s easy to relax with a cup of Jiaogulan in your own home.

“The tea of life” gets its name for its correlation with the long life span of those in the region its grown. There, Jiaogulan tea is drunk to soothe upset stomachs, help with constipation, and ease coughs, back pain, and insomnia. Studies have added some veracity to some of the claims, finding that Jiaogulan tea may help control diabetes, support cardiovascular health (promoting healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, and more), and increase immune system activity.

Where does Jiaogulan fit into the Western diet? It’s organic, natural, and pairs well with most healthy eating habits. If you still like a cup of coffee or true tea in the morning, use Jiaogulan in the afternoon or evening. An herbal tea (but delicate, don’t brew at boiling) Jiaogulan tea is caffeine free. It makes a perfect cup for an afternoon break or before bed relaxation. You can get two or three steeps with each batch, and each provides a slightly different rich, earthy flavor.

If you’re familiar with Ginseng, the popular East Asian herb, Jiaogulan may have similar chemical compounds and effects. (Because Jiaogulan is an herb with a measurable effect on the body, be sure to check before using it while taking medications).

Enjoy the health benefits of this well-known herb and start pouring yourself a cup of Jiaogulan tea each day.

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