More Than Just The Best Multivitamin

February 13, 2013

Medicine, DrugsIf you’re buying your vitamins and minerals from the grocery store, you’re likely not getting what you paid for…or getting junk you didn’t want.

After examining several multivitamins sold in stores researchers found that ingredients often don’t match labels, containing far more, or hardly any of what the label claims.

They also found that several multivitamins had contaminates and other unwanteds in them.

While it’s illegal to sell something that’s mislabelled, all you have to go on is reputation. While store brands may be well marketed, cheap, or easy to pick up with your groceries, they’re also a lousy deal in terms of quality—even the brands that have more or less what’s advertised tend to have cheaper forms of the vitamins and minerals, as well as several fillers, like sterates (a type of trans fat used in processing pills).

Alternately, there’s high-end brands like Welltrients for Life. No fillers, no sterates, and a high degree of quality control. Ingredients are inspected, and sent back when they don’t meet standards (they often get resold to other companies). Weltrient supplements also make sure that ingredients are in their most bioavailable form, meaning a form ready to use by your body, so less is wasted. (Bioavailability is also important for people taking supplements because of illnesses like Crohn’s, which can inhibit the body’s ability to absorb nutrients).

In other words, if you weren’t already convinced that you can’t get the best multivitamins from the grocery store, there’s research that proves it.

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