Poor Sleep Cause For Memory Loss

January 28, 2013

AsleepOne of the bigger factors in age-related memory loss has been revealed by a new study: poor sleep. With age, the brain shrinks, and stops having the sort of sleep patterns that encourage memory formation. This impairs the ability to make new memories in particular.

The study compared new memory formation between an old group and a young group—first they were tested on nonsense words they were asked to learn, and then tested again after they slept on it. While it might be expected that the young group performed better initially, what was new was that the performance on the second test was correlated with how well the older group slept—the less deep sleep they got, the more their score dropped.

The researchers suggest getting better sleep could help reduce memory loss. While one of those ways could be simulating deep sleep patterns in the brain using electricity, other, everyday ways of improving sleep could also help.

Exercise can help tire the body and encourage healthy sleep in the brain. So can good nutrition, which can be enhanced by a supplement specifically formulated to support the brain during sleep. The Welltrient Sleep Support Pack combines a calcium containing mineral supplement and an herbal supplement that supports sleep.

It’s also important to have the right environment: move electronics with their blinking LED lights to another room, reduce noise, and make sure it’s a comfortable temperature.

What helps you get a good night’s sleep?

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